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The MAPP Network Packages

Corporate Package

Professional Package •

400,000 Web Banner Ads

Three Million Web Banner Ads

15 Events / Two Audio Ads per broadcast

30 Events @ 4 Audio Ads and 2 Video Ads per broadcast with official sponsorship status of CAHL Game of the Week or Club MYX (your choice)

One dasher advertisement at Northland Ice Center for one year

Total Value > $5,000

For only $2,750! $2,500!!!

Two dasher advertisements printed and hung at the location or rink and venue (or venues) of your choice for five years!

One banner printed and hung at Mid America Ballyard for one year.

Professional Video Production with Chroma Key (Green Screen) for a full 30 second commercial, shot on location by NRCW TV!

Total Value > $32,500

Only $25,450! $19,750!!!


Small Business Package •

One Million Web Banner Ads

30 Events @ 3 Audio Ads per broadcast

One dasher ad at The Sphere or Northland Ice Center with two full years of advertising included!

Total Value > $9,500

Only $7,500! $6,300!!!

The date of your time-based advertising starts the day it is hung and not the day of purchase. We will take a photo of the completed work and we will email it to you.

“Places to Stay” or “Places to Eat” Northland Ice Center = $500 / yr The Sphere = $750 / yr Mid America Ballyard = $500 / yr

Additional Terms: Advertising is guaranteed by The MAPP to meet or exceed your needs. If there is ever a concern or an issue with your advertising we will go to great lengths to make sure you are satisfied. Our own statistics and vendor statistics very from year to year and cannot guarantee that a minimum amount of people will see or respond to your advertisement but we do our best to grab their attention! If for some reason we cannot fulfill a certain advertising location or type of advertising we will offer the current value of the remaining ads for the particular location to be used in a different location, venue or media broadcast. Advertising at this time is refundable only as NRCW credit that can be used for a very broad variety of media services to better your company. The reason we have this policy is that funds raised by The MAPP are immediately invested into the company for growth and our own advertising in the region. We are here to work for you and go above and beyond to stand out as a new customer-focused enterprise. As mentioned before we look at every partner as a professional member of our family. Graphic design is not included by default because most advertisers have their own resources, printing company or marketing department, but we will work with you whenever possible at no extra charge if you do not have the resources available to you! PRINTING AND HANGING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICING! Maintenance on normal wear and tear of printed banners over longer periods is covered in most venue contracts with The MAPP but we personally do not hold a responsibility to cover the costs of replacements that may not be fully insured. Particular situations include damage from the ice resurfacer, puck marks, weather (for outdoor venues) and normal wear. Contracts over 5 years will be guaranteed reprint replacements by The MAPP at least once if deemed necessary.

The MAPP Cincinnati, OH The Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Professionals

What We Offer Your Business The MAPP is a new and technologically innovative internal advertising agency focused on marketing and return on investment rather than simply selling you advertising. When it comes to online advertising, we focus on what's working and what we can do to improve efficiency. Because we own greater than 50% of the media market we sell advertising for, we are able to offer incredible prices on advertising that no other competitor can match. The MAPP is a part of the larger NRCW Companies and we offer everything from live commercial sports broadcasting and website advertising, to on-location entertainment, professional photography, and everything in between. Our clients are like our family, and every single thing in our network is a part of the greater NRCW Network. In addition to selling advertising, we also offer video production and professional photography as a part of the complete marketing packages!

Audio Advertising Club MYX offers live mixmaster DJ entertainment to local venues in the Cincinnati area. This summer we are bringing the “DJ Service” to both Northland Ice Center and The Sphere public skating sessions. This is a volunteer effort by Drew to increase attendance for his clients. Expected audience (both web listeners and on location) is 75 to 1,200 per show.

✔ 10 Audio Ads = $20 ea. $10 ea. ✔ 50 Audio Ads = $15 ea. $7 ea. ✔ 100 Audio Ads = $10 ea. $5 ea. Pricing also applies to CAHL Game of the Week video broadcasts as “audio mentions”. All vocal or prerecorded ads are a maximum of 15 seconds (30 second ads are billed as two audio ads).

Video Advertising NRCW TV has broadcast ice hockey now for two years in Cincinnati including preseason Cincinnati Cyclones and professional Queen City Storm with many followers and relatively large audiences for the media we broadcast from across the nation, due in no small part to our professional take on sports broadcasting! Right now we focus on the internet broadcast market but have close ties to local TV stations for larger events. Expected audience (web viewers) is 1,200 to 7,000 per broadcast.

✔ 15 Video Ad = $49 ea. $45 ea. ✔ 50 Video Ads = $36 ea. $32 ea.

Web Advertising

The Sphere

The MAPP has our very own click-track advertising server (with geo targeting technology to focus your ads by region). We also offer static advertising on our clients websites in a unique way! The entire network shows about 2 million banners annually!

The old Sports Plus is now under brand new management and has partnered with the NRCW family of companies in many fashions. Between The Sphere and Northland Ice Center, the two rinks have merged into a concept of working together versus being in competition. A lot of the Northland family now shows face helping run the adult hockey leagues and Northland Pro Shop at The Sphere and much more.

Network – Wide Advertising CPM = Cost per 1,000 web banner views

✔ 500,000 Views = $4.19 CPM $4.00 CPM ✔ 1 Million Views = $3.74 CPM $3.60 CPM ✔ 2 Million Views = $3.49 CPM $3.25 CPM For example: 1 million views @ $3.74 CPM would cost ($3.74/1,000 x 1,000,000) = $3,740.00

Northland Ice Center

One Year / Two Rinks = $2,600

Northland is Cincinnati’s first indoor, year-round ice skating rink, opening its doors in the summer of 1973. An average of 150,000 to 225,000 people pass through the rink every year. The MAPP has full authorization to sell a plethora of advertising locations from hanging banners to Zamboni advertising. Here is the dasher boards pricing for Northland Ice Center.

One Year / 2 Rinks + Inline = $7,200

One Year / One Dasher = $1,200

One Year / Two Dashers = $2,000

Five Years / One Dasher = $5,000


Zamboni Advertising Wrap = $8,500 (Good for the lifetime of the Zamboni and is the most viewed ad available)!

Zamboni Ad (Simple Text / Logo) = $1,400 / yr

Hanging Banners = $500 - $3,500 / yr

Many other opportunities!

✔ 100 Video Ads = $20 ea. $18 ea. 30 Second Duration – Special offer if you buy 100! 10% of profits go to CincyAHL non-profit hockey!

We are, from a marketing standpoint, starting from the ground up to bring back a very powerful and high-capacity sports complex as the “premier sports complex” of Cincinnati! If you know the facility, you may be aware of its large size, with 6 basketball courts, baseball tunnels, an inline rink, two ice rinks and a ton of family entertainment.

✔ Set up a tour for larger orders! Drew will treat you to mini golf or any entertainment they have for free!* *Public skating or a game of HORSE (basketball) may be limited to facility availability. Yes, The MAPP encourages clients to come out and have some fun (and you can call it a business meeting!) with no purchase necessary! Also, The MAPP offices are located in the balcony of The Sphere.

Thousands of advertising possibilities here!

The MAPP™ April 2011 Sales Brochure  

Pricing and special offers for The MAPP - April 2011