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Why become a MAPP™ affiliate?


MAPP™ Affiliates

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No Cold Calling

Talk about what we offer to friends, family and your social media connections

Getting Started takes motivation & passion First, unlike most programs similar to this one, there is zero cost or obligation for you to participate! With a ton of fundraising opportunities on The MAPP™, you can just focus on promoting those nonprofit organizations if you want to. You don’t have to start from scratch. You don’t have to cold call to earn money.

If you’re a go-getter or an experienced account executive, then the big-ticket items might be where you want to start. One single sale could earn you over $3,000 in commissions! Unlike selling products, we’re selling sponsorships and advertising opportunities to the public.

Follow the Founder’s Passion

What does it take to Succeed? Dedication and Motivation. You can help local nonprofits or be motivated by the big ticket items we offer. How much you earn or what you achieve is completely dependent on what you find of value to yourself.

More than 25% of people who sign up for The MAPP™ affiliate program will drop out in the first three months. We’re here to help you (and we offer incentives too)!

LEADERS WANTED! All affiliates start at 15% commissions on all sales generated from your affiliate URL. New & modern technology provided by our parent company NRCW LLC allows you to monitor your effectiveness in real time, 24/7. Getting on board early gives you a huge advantage of building your own market for sales and creating relationships with local businesses. Leaders are those who can go the extra mile, enjoy the work they do and best of all, eventually earn a really good living from their work.

Becoming Your Own Boss

So how exactly does this work?

The Affiliate Program Approach

• There’s no risk, no cost and no commitment • You can take a part-time or a full-time approach with The MAPP™ • This is only the starting point if you succeed • Full time sales & management opportunities are available to qualified individuals • Let’s take a look…

Affiliate Program Process

The MAPP™ Affiliate Program Benefits • Our program is FREE to join • You get 10% on every purchase from your customers • We have timely payouts - receive a check every month for your sales with only a three-week waiting period • You will have access to detailed stats which track your impressions, clicks, and sales in you MAPP™ Control Panel • We have expert representatives to help you make the most out of being an affiliate and is willing to work with you in person • There are an increasing number of premade MAPP™ ad banners and text links for you to choose from • You have an opportunity to sell our products through your own website with certification opportunities

How It Works Earn 10% on each purchase from the customers you refer and 10% on their future purchases. We automatically track your commissions and send your payments monthly. You just sit back and collect checks - what could be easier? Example #1 • Imagine the following situation... You bring a visitor to our website and he purchases one of our products... Your Affiliate ID will be stored in our database together with the customer's information... • This customer will return to our website to make a new purchase in a month or in a year. You will earn 10% on this purchase again because this customer is marked as "yours"! • It's simple, because the customer has your Affiliate ID.

Just imagine... You bring us only 100 customers and stop working with our Affiliate Program because of lack of time… Each of your customers spends in average about $1000 a year on purchasing our services. You will get 1000*100 - 10% = That’s $10,000 yearly income! But Wait! It gets even better…

Since we now live in the internet age, it’s all about online [EVERYTHING]. It’s time for


How to Get Started

• Visit and select “Become a Partner” • Agree to the terms of service • Confirm your account by email

• Drew will personally review your information and approve your account. • Once approved you will be able to access your affiliate link from your control panel. • You can bookmark your control panel at

Simplicity & Opportunity make a cool combination

you’re set to go and you can start sharing

Then your URL instantly!

That’s it!

The MAPP™ is a proud division of NRCW Companies For more information, visit

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MAPP™ Affiliate Program 2013  

Help Cincinnati organizations and venues by selling for The MAPP™

MAPP™ Affiliate Program 2013  

Help Cincinnati organizations and venues by selling for The MAPP™