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How To Launch Your Own Online Business (Mind Meld Party) Source: By Drew Doggett

How does launching your own online business feel? Like a party! Butterflies in your stomach, familiar excitement that you felt when you first went to college. Or maybe that cutie you like is here. Whatever it is, you’re filled with anticipation. At least that’s how I felt… Excited… that life was changing for me. That I was doing the changing. That I was finally immersed in all the freedom I could afford.

together.) It’s a great endeavor, starting your new business and blog. Especially with me by your side. I like climbing mountains and taking on challenges with other people. Doing it alone is fine and all, but man, I love company. It’s just a little more real this way. OK, let’s grab a cup o’ joe and let the good times flow, ’cause here we go… This is really how simple and awesome it’s gonna be. Because I’m invested in you. And I like to have fun. Intention and fun; great combination.

Step 1 - Login Go to Have a look around. In the upper right hand corner you’ll see a drop-down menu. That has everything you need. Very simple. Just get familiar with this back office. Easy peasy.

Step 2 - eWallet (optional) Maybe your mind and heart are swarming with the possibilities of how much money you’ve decided to make ( … and you’re super enthusiastic about following the exact science of online blogging success, cranking it out, and being rich, living rich from now on. Is it real? It is. A whole new exciting world awaits you. And I’m here personally by your side, everyday. Walking the path, showing the path. (Step 6, the final step, is where it gets really magical and all comes

This is only for those who want to resell Empower Network products and is totally optional. From the top-right menu click on My Business. A new screen comes up and on the left, you’ll click on Affiliate Status. Then click the green button to activate your affiliate account. You’ll receive an email that asks you to confirm. Follow

the instructions in that email and the resulting page and once inside eWallet, you’ll set your payment preferences.

Step 3 - Join our Facebook group This is the central location where we interact, support and share news. I’m live here throughout each day. Click here to join our private Cream Team Facebook group… Once you click on “Join Group” I’ll make sure you signed up under me and then accept you. Don’t get lost! This step is imperative for you to keep head on straight.

Step 4 - Go through your Fast Start Training In the upper right menu in your Empower Network back office, click on “My Products.”

your leads and automatically follow up with them. So… If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend AWeber. Flat out fantastic. Click my partner link to try AWeber for just $1… ( You don’t need to do anything but sign up right now. Takes one minute. I’ll show you what to do in the next step.

Step 6 – Mind-Meld Prosperity Webinar This is where everything comes together. This is where harmony enters your life… You + Me. 1-on-1. Your own live 1-hour webinar. We mind meld. I’ll show you how to live long and prosper. Here’s what we’ll go over together:

On the top left of the main screen you’ll see “Fast Start Training.” Click the little arrow in that box and it will open up all of your lessons. Watch each lesson. Take notes. Write down questions that come up. Don’t move to the next step until you’ve watched each video. If you don’t learn, I can’t help you earn. Just like college. Simple as that. Keep in mind that this is A LOT faster than college, but doesn’t necessarily require more work. In fact, less work. Just a different, perhaps “stronger” mindset.

First, I’ll answer any questions you have from the Fast Start Training. Then, I’ll help you set up up your AWeber account and load the Team Aha! autoresponder messages. This is how you make sales automatically and hands-free. Then, we’ll go over your goals and set smart, attainable goals together. Then we’ll select your niche. The one you’ll dominate. After that I’ll show you how to use your blog and affiliate links to And lastly, we’ll create a specific 30 day action plan for you. And all you gotta do is follow it.

Step 5 - Email Now you need an email management system to store

Sound easier than college? Quicker?

Yeah. It’s awesome.

From tutoring math to tutoring business…

Six easy steps.

By the way, my math students’ success rates were 99%. Can you imagine a 100% success rate for YOUR business?

To summarize I want to be a more effective leader. A better tutor. I want my students’ success rates to soar. I want YOU to succeed and realize this truly empowering and very real dot com lifestyle for yourself. Because your success and happiness makes the world a better a place. So to do that, I’m investing this one-on-one time in you. I know it’ll have a great impact. It’s much more effective than me creating a one-sizefits-all quick start guide and expecting everybody who joins me to succeed. Everyone’s different and learns differently. Everyone has different needs. So I’m giving you my personal touch and time. By the end of your Prosperity Webinar you’ll know exactly where you stand. You’ll be confident, clear and certain, knowing exactly what to do next. We won’t end our webinar until you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Sound good? Great. I’m excited to be working with you. Let’s make it happen. Click through here and join the party for just $25… (

Of course this is different from school. This is life. This isn’t an A through F grade on some paper test. This is LIFE. Life’s testing you. But I’m here to help you pass the test. I can’t guarantee anything. Ultimately, your success rests on your mindset and action you take. That’s why we do the Mind Meld Prosperity Webinar… so you can have the certain path to success. No guesswork. Just follow it. I’ve got the skills that pay the bills and I’m teaching you those. But I’ll also do my best to help you with strength of character. Much love, Your Empower Network Partner, Drew Doggett

Yboy 13 launching your online business  
Yboy 13 launching your online business