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How to Create Your Own Blog For Bigger, Better, Sexier Results Source: By Drew Doggett

Why create your own blog?

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Firstly, because blogging is the most effective long term strategy that exists, ever, for getting free traffic, leads and sales. It’s that set of the sails of your ship to safely navigate the oceans of the economy. When you blog, you’re putting out content that remains out. It’s out there forever (essentially) with the potential for attracting people and scooping up leads for ever and ever and ever. Blogging builds your business for life. It’s a lifelong business strategy; a skill set that will take you further than you ever dreamed and that you can take to any business. It’s also the smartest business building strategy, in my opinion. It pays long term. Contrast it with the method of getting traffic and leads from paying for advertising… the traffic and leads completely stop coming in when you stop paying, right?

With a blog, your business grows like a tree… it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Which way would you prefer to do business? I thought so. A couple of other reasons why blogging is so darn special…

✔ You have a voice that people can relate to. You differentiate yourself. This is crucial, which you know if you’ve watched my free Enlightened Blogging videos ( I’ll discuss this more below. ✔ It’s an asset you own. Your MLM blog is like your house or your car, only it’s more valuable than those because it continues to appreciate in value, assuming you have consistently produced quality content for at least six months to a year. No one can take it away from you. These are the reasons why YOU hold the key to success in your business, no matter what company/business it is. Blogging will take you there, safely. But, a big question… will you blog every day? At least for the first three to six months? If you’re getting paying customers coming to you day in and day out, my guess is: yes, you will. Now, some of you may be blogging on your Empower Network blog, which is great — that’s what it’s there for. Better to be blogging there than not at all. But, I’m pretty adamant that you own your blog and your blog’s content, rather than a third party “owning” it.

For instance, if — heaven forbid — something happened to Empower Network, you’d lose everything you put there. (Now, I don’t think they’re going anywhere. I wouldn’t have joined them if I did. They’re a solid company.) Plus, by creating and designing your own MLM blog, you differentiate yourself from the thousands upon thousands of other EN blogs out there. (However, see this post on why it’s a good and profitable idea to use your Viral Blogging System.) Also, as the company keeps growing we’ll see more and more identical-looking blogs with the exact same layout. (This applies to any cookie-cutter website or blog.) This “sea of sameness” numbs people to the information you put up. If they’ve seen the design before, they’re more likely to click away because it’s something they’ve already seen. It’s like they’ve been there and there’s no reason for them to stick around or give it the time of day. Much better to differentiate yourself as a “purple cow,” as Seth Godin puts it. (You’d stop and look at a purple cow in a field of regular cows, right?) Make people look twice. Be novel. Differentiate yourself from all the other Empower Network cheerleaders. You can give visitors something different. You can be a brand of your own rather than a company cheerleader. Thus, you’ll stand out. And standing out is good. Now, with your own blog, you have the opportunity to make multiple streams of income by promoting other products and services — even your own if you choose — and then your primary business opportunity on the back end. If you’ve gone through my Facebook Secrets course ( (which I actually don’t recommend until after you’ve been blogging for a while), you know the importance of front end offers… they help fund your business and make you money even when people say “no” to your primary business. See how this stands apart from using only a company blog? Each visitor doesn’t have to join your network marketing company for you to serve and make money from him/her. That’s what I do here on And I do declare: it works wonderfully well. Right on, so now that you know why you should have your own “online real estate,” here’s how to do-it-yourself in about 15 minutes… By the way, if you haven’t done your necessary prep work of picking out your niche, be sure to read and watch these ( as I walk you through how I pick out my target audience who will automatically buy what I’m recommending. This is huge! Whether you’re using a company blog or your own blog, this is a necessary step.

Build Your Own (MLM) Blog Step 1: Buy Domain And Hosting I’ve tried a few hosting companies and over the years have found HostGator to be the best. They’re the easiest and most cost effective way to create and host your network marketing website. I’m especially impressed with their customer support and have always given them a 10 out of 10 for service. You can get on a live chat with a polite, helpful customer service representative for any question or concern 24/7/365. I’ve also noticed that my websites tend to load faster than with others I’ve tried (like GoDaddy and BlueHost). I’ve secured a coupon for you for 25% off your entire order with HostGator. Use this link ( and when prompted to enter a coupon code, use “yourbrainonsavings”. After you click my partner link, HostGator opens in a new window. Click on “View Web Hosting Plans.” You’ll see three plans and they’re all good. I’d recommend going with either “Hatchling” or “Baby”. I have the “Baby” plan which allows you to add and host unlimited new domains. So if there’s any chance that you’ll be creating more websites, you might as well play it safe and go with the “Baby” plan. If you already own the domain name you want to use, just tick the “I already own this domain” and enter the name. If not, tick the button that says “Register a new domain” and enter the name you’ve chosen.

This latter option is easier since you don’t have to point your domain to HostGator and wait for it to “propagate.” Choose your billing cycle for to the plan you’ve selected. The more you buy in advance, the more you save! Choose your username and password. Be sure to record them somewhere so you can easily access them. I keep mine in a text file that I codename. You could also write this information down somewhere. Fill out the required personal info and deselect the Addons, since they’re not necessary.

Be sure to enter the coupon code yourbrainonsavings to get 25% off. Then review your order and click “Create Account.”

Step 2: Install WordPress You’ll receive a welcome email from HostGator. Be sure to save it or star it! From within that email, navigate to your cPanel login and log in with your username and password. Even though it may look a little overwhelming inside your cPanel, you probably won’t ever have to do anything in here after this step. So feel relieved! Keep in mind that towards the top of your cPanel is one-click access to live support, billing, email accounts and password change. :-) Aside from this simple step, those are the only other things that you may need to use in cPanel… so that’s cool! You should set up an email for your new blog, so click on “Email Accounts” and fill in the boxes like so:

In place of “support” you can put anything you like, like “hello” or your name or “admin.” Whatever floats your boat. Then just click “Create Account.” It’ll appear below, so go ahead and hover over “More” and click “Access Webmail.” Keep in mind, this URL to your Webmail is different from the URL to you cPanel, so be sure to bookmark it so you know exactly where to go to check your email. Or, follow this tutorial to forever import all your blog’s email to your Gmail account. Efficiency! Now click the “Home” button in the upper left corner to get back to cPanel. Then scroll down to “Software/Services” and click on “QuickInstall.”

Once on that screen, you’ll see a menu on the left. Under “Blog Software” click on “WordPress” and then click on “Continue.” Then fill out the fields like so:

Leave the box in the top right blank. List that email address you just created. And keep in mind that your Blog Title can be changed anytime from inside WordPress, so it doesn’t really matter what you put. Click “Install Now!” Then on the next screen click “Finish Installation.” It’ll do it’s thing and Boom! You’ve got your very own self-hosted MLM blog live on the internet… and YOU own

it! You’ll see the link where you access your blog’s login: You may want to bookmark this, as well. From here on out, everything you do can be taken care of from right within your blog’s WordPress dashboard. So you can graciously, gratefully close cPanel. That’s a wrap. That wasn’t so bad, eh? :-) Step 3: Optimize and Customize WordPress For this part, I thought it would be easiest to just make a video for you to follow. I’ll show you how to optimize your blog, add some plugins, and install a sleek, industry standard theme. The theme is optional, but if you want to rank high in Google, attract more leads and convert them to sales, it’s highly recommended. I use the Genesis framework with the Prose child theme. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is :-) I gotcha covered. Plus, the Prose theme is specifically crafted for utmost specialization without the use or knowledge of code. Download Genesis and Prose here and get my customization bonuses free. ( When you purchase Prose through my partner link above, I receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. As a thank you, I’ll send you access to all the customization videos I make for Prose to stylize your blog to your heart’s content. Plus, if you have any requests of something I didn’t cover, I’ll figure it out and get it to you. This’ll help save you a bunch of time and money, plus help you make more money from your blog. Just be sure to leave a comment below after you click the link above and download the Prose/Genesis package, so I can give you instant access. Alrighty, here’s the video for step 3:

I’m pretty sure I covered everything, but if there’s anything you need, just let me know in the comments below. So what’s next? Now all you need is an email management service so that your new blog can attract leads, prospects and sales hands-free This crucial part of your MLM business allows you to experience true passive income. I use AWeber and am as happy as a clam at high tide with them. Great service. I’ve arranged a $1 trial for one month: Click my partner link here to try AWeber for only $1… ( After you sign up it’s super easy (and necessary!) to create capture forms that you can place on your blog’s sidebar, in the content or on a squeeze page. (Check out those videos here (You’re almost done, trust me… Your machine will be set up and ready to propel you steadily forward, after this. And then we add the fuel and make you go go go ($5K)!) And that’s about it. You now oughtta have a shiny network marketing blog capable of pulling in six figures. To review, you just… 1. Bought your domain name and hosting 2. Installed WordPress 3. Got an automated email service to capture leads Now it comes down to blogging every day.

(But don’t worry about that. Be happy. Check out these videos right here for a beginner’s guide to WordPress.) Cool, right? And simple… Click here if you’re confused ( Click here if you want me to do it all for you ( You now have no excuses. You can absolutely do this. Turn off your Facebook. Turn off everything and focus… for one minute at a time. Get it done. Your business depends on it, right? What are you going to do instead… wait? Launch YOUR business. Now is the time. Go over this tutorial again, if you need to. I often look at things I wish to understand multiple times. Repeat exposure is a helpful practice. So, what are you promoting on your blog? Because you can promote anything! See what I’m promoting that earns me HUGE commissions. ( Click through here to team-up with me. ( Big Blog Builder ready to help YOU, Drew Doggett

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