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Graphics Designs and Printing – Secrets Revealed for Trade Show Display Booths Trade show display or booth is a printing and graphic design innovation today; it is more than the basic printed signs and graphics you see every day and is a fantastic idea to promote your business. When a company participates in a trade show, it is undoubtedly to promote the company business and to attract new customers. In other words, it is your first and foremost goal to let your company be known at a trade show. Secondly, it is important for you to gather a fresh pool of potential customers. Thirdly, you can check out current trends among your fellow exhibitors. Now, let’s talk about what steps need to be taken in order for you to have a fantastic trade show experience! 1. Plan ahead: Although you are going to purchase a display booth, it is important that you have a blueprint of how your booth will look like. It does not have to be a detailed idea – don’t worry! What is important is that you have a general idea at least; from there, you can discuss details with the professionals in Austin printing companies. Set up a plan for your booth graphic designs as well as budget. You see, your show booth, graphic designs, prints and budget are inseparable from each other; your booth design will affect your budget and vice versa. When you have a discussion with a professional, it will be important for you to keep in mind what design you are going for as well as how much you are willing to spend. Once these two elements are set, you and your booth design company can go into more details about material types, display types, the time and labor for set-up and so on. One must remember that your trade show display booth must be well-designed and built, your display should exude confidence so that anybody at the show can see you mean business; by being professional, your creditability gains higher ground to many passers-by. It is your primary goal to attract as many people as possible; at the same time, it is important that you leave them positive impressions of your company.

2. Be BIG: Your company name should be BIG and noticeable to the largest number of people possible. Hey, you are at the exhibition! It is your golden chance to market your company! Remember, no matter what type of display you choose, make sure your company name and logo is very noticeable. If possible, include other types of contact information such as the URL of the company website, e-mail address and telephone number. There are various types of display you can consider to maximize the chance of being known, you can ask Austin printing companies on the availability of sizes and designs. Before anything, let’s consider big types of display. Size does matter; pop up stand or wall sized designs can provide large visibility range for people walking about your booth. Besides the frames and walls, there are other options as well: hanging graphic

bars can catch eyes because they gain heights. Eyes can reach your signage from a long distance away. Hanging or stand up design is a good fit – they are structurally perfect for large graphic materials. Moreover, this equipment is reusable; helps out your budget! In order to maximize the chance of gathering attention, it is definitely worth it to consider using more than just one type of display material. For example, if you mix in the display of hanging bars along with pop-up frames, your visibility range is covered both in height and length.

3. Do allure: It is a good idea to give away free promotional products or food. However, it is better when you do it in a way that people remembers you after receiving your gift. For example, you can do a raffle; give away free raffle tickets to people once they register for the raffle, leaving their name and telephone number. Another way is to do a sweepstake. People will be asked to fill out a postcard with their own name, address and telephone number, and put it in a box. A winner will be notified via the very postcard. Or people can register their email address for free coupons. By utilizing such methods, your pool of potential customer can be expanded much. Remember, there are many ways to achieve your goal at a trade show and that you can, and will figure things out. With a plan and sufficient preparation, there is no reason why your trade show shouldn’t be successful. Just be ready and open! The rest will follow suit. Seek professional advices from CC West Printing for trade show display booths.


2. Be BIG: Your company name should be BIG and noticeable to the largest number of people possible. Hey, you are at the exhibition! It is yo...