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Who Jesus Is Guilty As Charged

I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to read your Bible. Even if it's just a page or two a day! I can send you my letters every single day of the week... you can go to church seven days a week, or listen to sermons on the radio, read all the latest books...but the truth is, we're all still human beings. We are all still flawed creatures. Do you really want to base your entire eternal future on an email you receive every few days? Or on a radio broadcast from someone you've never even met? Or on a preacher that, despite his intentions, still has as many weaknesses as you do? Or would you rather base it on the truth from the Source, itself? I would never intentionally mislead you. Nor, I'm sure, would your pastor. But we are still imperfect creatures. your Bible, will ya? Listen to what we have to say, but then compare it to what God says...after all, it IS his Word! With that said, let's move along.... :) The sad fact is, if you are reading this, someday, in some way, you will leave this earth. When you do, you will arrive in one of two destinations. There are countless ways to get to hell, but only two ways to get to heaven. Let's look at the first way...your own righteousness. The bad news is, that if you're counting on your own righteousness, offense, but it ain't gonna happen! "All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags..." (Isaiah 64:6) All of your righteous acts put together...piled up on top of each other and squished together...amount to one thing. Filthy rags. Trash. Nothing. No matter what you do or how hard you try. Filthy rags... You will never be righteous enough to enter heaven. Don't get mad at me for saying it, cuz I didn't make the rules. I'm just sharing them with you! You will never, no matter how long you may live, be able to live up to the standards God requires in order for you to walk through those pearly gates. You would have to PERFECTLY keep the ENTIRE Law of Moses every single day of your life...without even ONE mistake. "For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it." (James 2:10)

Have you ever stopped to think about what this verse is saying? Let me help you out a little. If you've ever stumbled at just one point...ANY one point...then you are a liar, whether you've ever lied or not. You're a murderer, whether you've ever murdered or adulterer...a homosexual...a gossip, a cheat, a slanderer, a name it, you're guilty. That's why: "As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one..." (Rom. 3:10) You see, guilty person, we're ALL guilty...and in the next letter, we'll look at why!

Who Jesus Is - Guilty As Charged  

Who Jesus Is I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to read your Bible. Even if it's just a page or two a day! I can send you my letters...

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