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Who Jesus Is God's Righteousness

In the last letter we talked a little about the first path to heaven...your own righteousness. We also talked about how your own righteousness will never be good enough to get you in. Today, we're gonna look at the second path...God's righteousness, freely given to us through Jesus. This, of course, is the only path that will take you Home! "But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe." (Rom. 3:21,22) The problem is, there are a lot of Christians that get hung up on the law... or the ten commandments. They believe that following those commandments are the way to earn God's love and forgiveness. But there are problems with that way of thinking. First of all, as we saw in the last post, we can't keep the commandments the way God intended for us to keep them. Secondly, that would mean that our salvation depends on our own works, rather than on God's mercy and grace. Thirdly, God knew when he gave us the law that we wouldn't be able to keep it...that's why he chose Jesus before the creation of the world to be our redeemer...our salvation. Fourthly, if you read back through the Old Testament, you'll find that the law consists of a lot more than just ten commandments. There are actually about six hundred of them! The ten get the most attention because those are the ones carved in stone that Moses brought back from the mountain... but there are many others. For example: "The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “When anyone has a swelling or a rash or a shiny spot on their skin that may be a defiling skin disease, they must be brought to Aaron the priest or to one of his sons who is a priest. The priest is to examine the sore on the skin, and if the hair in the sore has turned white and the sore appears to be more than skin deep, it is a defiling skin disease. When the priest examines that person, he shall pronounce them ceremonially unclean." (Lev. 13:1-3) Read the rest of the chapter and you'll learn how we're supposed to deal with mold, for instance. At least, according to the law. Skip over to chapter 15, and read what the law says about a woman's monthly "visitor". All that is a part of the law. Among other things, on the eighth day, she's supposed

to take two doves or pigeons to the priest as a sacrifice for her uncleanness... even though it's a natural cycle that she has no control over! When is the last time you sacrificed ANYTHING for ANY reason? It's a part of the law! What most folks fail to realize, is that the law was given for an entirely different reason. And we'll look at that in the next letter...

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Who Jesus Is - God's Righteousness  

Who Jesus Is In the last letter we talked a little about the first path to heaven...your own righteousness. We also talked about how your ow...