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One of the fastest growing markets in the entertainment industry is the buying and selling of rap/hip-hop/trance beats. The ease of creation and the fast amount of options given the user to create an original sound is astounding. In this article I will explain the basics of creating a good beat for your own music venture, or to sell to others and make money doing something you love. To make a good beat, you must first acquire some form of beat making software, and many are available. The following instructions will fit any software you choose to use, as these are more musical guidelines than software-specific instructions. This will not be easy money, and will take months of practice to be proficient enough to sell your product to an artist or to use for yourself. But any aspiring rap producer should be more than willing to put the work in to create something original that could one day be used by the next upand-coming rap artist. Step 1: Select which software you want to use. In the early days of the rap industry, many of the sounds used to create beats were produced from analog synthesizers or actual instruments. Advances in technology have now given anyone the tools required to make beats from their personal computer with no additional equipment (synthesizers, midi controllers, drums, etc.) Step 2: Sampling is one of main cornerstones of beat production; because most rap beats you here today heavily rely on sampled instrumentation from previously recorded material. Sampled music will give your song a more 3D sound, and add to the texture which will set your beat apart from the rest. (NOTE: If you are going to sample a song from another artist, make sure you have their permission, as this could lead to harsh fines and unwanted legal trouble!) Step 3: KNOW YOUR SOFTWARE. There is no tip I can give you that will make beat production easier than learning the ins and outs of your software. Any program out there will have a myriad of tutorials available for free. This will make your experience and creativity flow more naturally, as you will not be limited by wondering 'where the reverb control is.' Step 4: There are really no exact guidelines that rap beat must follow, and this is a very liberating fact.

This is music, and you are only limited by your creativity. Find friends who play other instruments and record their playing on your tracks! Study other rappers and producers and find out where they started and where they are now. This will give you inspiration and also a feel for how the industry has evolved to this point. The best advice I can give is to be original, be creative, and don't give up! You will carve your niche after hours of practice, and soon you may be selling your beats for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars!

For more free information on creating rap beats and beat-making software options, check out my website: Introduction to Rap Beat Production!

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==== ==== The Best Beat Program Deal! ==== ====

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