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Design Brief

The ending goal of is to: increase adoption awareness, elevate adoption frequency and make the issue of homeless animals more addressed on American society. Utilizing a variety of media’s to inform the nation, it is intended that the general public be educated in the problems that the organization wishes to convey. Like any non-profit organization there will be free materials provided to the “unwashed masses.� These advertising items include: Posters, mugs, advertisement pop-ups, desktop accessories and wallpaper, bumper stickers and T-shirts. Eventually it is planned to make TV commercials and public education ads.

Geographic Scope

The primary focus of this campaign will be America and perhaps room to expand to the rest of North America if it is successful. Areas most receptive to the propaganda will be targeted first. As the message gets out and begins to spread we will spread to other northern nations, such as Canada.

Target Audience

The aimed viewers would be the general populaces that do not have pets. I feel that pet owners would be more likely to know benefits of pets and would also be less likely to want to adopt another pet. People without pets would have more room to adopt a pet than a family that already had one.


Using sources like PETA , OVMA and ASPCA, a large variety of facts, positive and negative, were collected that best represented the campaign. These are the facts: The cost of spaying or neutering a cat or dog is less than raising a kitten or puppy for one year. 25% of all dogs that enter a shelter are purebred. 2-20% of pets are returned to owners if the animal gets lost. Many strays are just pets who had no identification on them. 9.6 Million animals are euthanized each year. 54% of black dogs are not adopted just because they have darker fur. On average, most dogs understand up to 150 words. 80% of people feel their pet senses their mood and 75% of pet owners feel their animal’s tries to cheer them up. People who have pets live longer; have lower cholesterol, prescription drugs, blood pressure and heart attacks on average than those who don’t. Children who grew up with a pet had higher self-esteem, lower blood pressure and less emotional distress than those who did not have pets.

Posters for Organization



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Booth Design

The Helping Paw  

An organization built on informing the public on the advantages of adoption.

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