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More Things about School Shooting By Giuliana Guttilla

School shooting is an event in which students in an educational center shoots/injures/kills at least one school member. It´s characterized by multiple deaths and the shooter typically doesn´t have a target person. USA has been the country with most attacks since the 20th century. The shootings at Columbine High School, in Colorado, brought a particular urgency to the problem. Two friends, Harris and Klebold, killed thirteen people before took their own lives. This called the media attention. In addition, some school started to have more precautions. Despite the effort, the attacks continued to happen. In 2007, there was an outstanding shooting at Virginia Tech. Thirty-two people were killed before Cho Seung- Ho took this own life. Later, in Newton, Connecticut, Adam Lanza killed twenty-seven people. Before the attack, he had killed his own mother in their home. Twenty of the victims were children of six or seven years old. Scientists are identifying the major risk factors for becoming a school shooter. Most studies revealed extreme social rejection and bullying as key risk factors. Also, it was noted that some of the shooters suffered from psychological problems. In the case of Newtown’s Lanza, medical experts had diagnosed him with a lot of psychiatric disorders, but they had been untreated. Cho also had a history of mental illness, and in 2005, two years before his attack at Virginia Tech, a court had found him to be a danger to himself.


The majority of school shootings are committed by white middle-class males living in suburban or rural areas.

Reasons for killing

Shall I pull the trigger? We collected ten reports of shutters justifying their actions; here are the most interesting points By Agustina Confalonieri

When we talk about shooting the first thing that comes to our mind is: Why do they do that? What’s going on in their heads that makes them kill others? Especially when they happen at schools and kids are the ones who pull the trigger. Some of the shooters need to explain themselves, justifying their acts. That’s why they write their reasons before executing their plan. Most of them have to do with a feeling of dissatisfaction with society. Some claim that there is bullying and nothing is being done. Others want to teach a lesson. For example, one said that violence is something natural and we are not taking it as such; and another one wanted to prove karma: making others suffer will be returned as suffering. In the cases of more serious mental illnesses, there is a different way of thinking and understanding the world. Really unexpected and illogical reasons -for our way of thinking-were given. For instance a boy wrote that death was a way of being free of pain, so killing was a way of giving love; one girl said after wounding eight children and an officer and killing two adults “I don’t like Mondays”, so she did it to entertain herself and one boy wanted to kill himself, but he didn’t like the idea to go to the other life on his own, so he took his friends with him. To sum up, in general, shooter-kids are not mentally healthy. There is no acceptable justification to end up with somebody’s life, not even to make a point or to change something that we don’t like. There are ways to make thing work and being all alive at the same time. Having a gun, means a great responsibility, we have to be extremely careful, one bullet equals one death.


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Letters to the editor Aaliyah Eastman, 15 years old, Columbine, Colorado Hello. I wanted to share my experience with you in a school massacre. I was in Holocaust History, room 1214. There was high security because students were smoking in the restrooms that day, but nobody thought anything of it. It was like a regular class period and then around 2.15 we heard the first shot. As we didn´t know what it was, we took cover but unfortunately my side of the classroom couldn´t get to the side we supposed to be out of view of the window. We were out in the open. We couldn´t make it to the other side, it happened so fast within five seconds. At first I thought it was a paintball gun because of Valentine´s Day. I saw red at the floor, it was blood. He shoots six people but two were killed.

Jason Adams, 17 years old, Dayton, Ohio Hi! I find your magazine really interesting. In my school a shooting took place a lot of years ago. The authorities created a special program to create consciousness about gun violence. Once a week we do activities with all the students and teachers to create an environment of trust and respect. Also there is a security system that detects weapons, and that makes the school a place free of guns. I find that really cool. Helen Harris, 43 years old, Chicago, Illinois


My daughter showed me your magazine. I’m amazed that kids your age are analyzing such a topic. However, it seems that you believe the right to bear arms shouldn’t be. And there you are wrongs. Arms were created to protect the humans, and if we can’t freely have them, what’s the point of their existence? I do think that school shooting is a problem, but it’s a problem of the educative community, the rest of the society shouldn’t be punished because of their bad work.

Videos and songs Pumped up kicks-Foster the people https://youtu be/_oLzX0RPquk

The homecoming queen’s got a gun-Julie Brown


Student shot in the head describes Texas school shooting qarAJW-pis&t=93s

Dress to kill The idiom “dress to kill� reflects somebody who is wearing really fashionable clothes and causes a great impression in people who see him/her, and this is what teenagers try to reflect. But also, in a literal meaning we can that school shutters prepare themselves to kill others.




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Dress to Kill  

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