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Treat the birds in the neighborhood to a charming home to call their own! The Amish Copper Top Hi Roof Wren Birdhouse will add style to your backyard while giving adorable wrens a lovely place to nest. Entirely hand built by Amish craftsmen, the bird house features a body made out of 5/8-inch wood that has been painted snowy white for a classic look. The roof is made out of genuine copper, and a copper band encircles the base for an added touch of color.

Feed the birds by day and light up the yard by night with the Solar Lighthouse Bird Feeder. This beautifully crafted lighthouse is outfitted with a solar light that allows it to light up at night and cast warm illumination across a yard. Constructed out of maintenance free, cellular PVC, the lighthouse is weatherproof and will last for years, even when regularly exposed to the elements.

Give your home the beautiful finishing touch it deserves with the Sundance Franklin Cupola. This beautiful cupola is handmade by talented Amish craftsman from weather-resistant Azek vinyl and steel. The Franklin has a very traditional look with louvers, beautiful molding, and meticulously formed steel. It's crafted to last and add beauty to your property for years to come.

While you may be miles from the Amazon, you can bring some of the color and excitement of the rain forest to life right in your own backyard with the Macaw Whirly Bird Whirligig Wind Spinner. Inspired by the parrots that fly free throughout the Amazon River Basin, this colorful lawn spinner shows off tones of blue, yellow and red with a weather-resistant hand painted finish.

Our replicated wooden lighthouses are offered in authentic paint colors to exactly match the original fortress. These lighthouses are handcrafted from top quality signboard plywood. They are painted with exterior grade paint and will endure all types of weather conditions. All lighthouses come with a standard 25 watt bulb but have multiple lighting options.

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