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Men & women fashion accessories of Angelos-Frentzos For the last decade, Angelos Frentzos has been producing amazing collections. He is the most prominent Greek designer, with his silk and voile creations, modern yet feminine, loved by celebrities for their stylish and elegantly bold look . His creations are entirely produced in Italy, combining a modern look with extreme quality and attention to detail, in the pursuit of refined and unique luxury. A boy of fashion, he follows his course with consistency and maturity. A talented stylist: the music, the new wave, and are the creative starting point for his fashion lines. Â

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shirt, Jackets, Pants, and Fashion Accessories all are available. There are certain sites on the Internet, which offer several clothing lines of the different brands. One such brand has been the The various brands that are associated with the particular online shopping outlet are Angelos-Frentzos, Rick Owens, Nicolo Ceschi Berini, James 0706 and many more.

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Thank you  Contact Address  Via A. Novella 3/5  47922 - Rimini (RN) Italia  E.mail:  Phone: +39 0541 732652  Fax: +39 0541 732652

Men & women fashion accessories of angelos frentzos  

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