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The women of today are starkly different from their counterparts of yesteryears. Earlier, women used to mostly stay at home and just play the role of the doting mother or the doting housewife. But now, they are fiercely competitive, workaholic and can match the men in almost every sphere of corporate life. It won’t be wrong to say that women have become the men they always wanted to be. So, the fashion too has metamorphosed on similar lines. Elegance is still there, but grunginess has got a look-in. Latest womens clothing fashion pivots a lot around this theme which is floated around by star designers like Rick Owens. Grungy dresses have a manly quality to them and they are rougher and edgier, perfect for women with a fiery reputation.

These outfits can range from the grungy jackets to the androgynous shirts to some accessories which help the female class to bring a balance between looking like a woman and carrying an attitude of a man.

Grungy themes have been finding a voice since the early part of the decade. In fact, they got an introduction somewhere towards the 90s though the absence of mass internet delayed its onset. Now its popularity is on the rise and over the past few years, more and more women have adapted to this theme. With a dash of glamour, grunginess adds sheer magic. Women in need of looking charismatic can just ditch the purely feminine look and they will find that they can easily relate to this latest womens clothing fashion trend.

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Latest womens clothing fashion why grungy is in ?  

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