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The origins Vulpinari is an historic Italian company founded in 1930, originally as a tailor’s shop, It was run until the 60’s by its founder Giuseppe Vulpinari, with the support of his wife Brigida Santoni and the rest of the family, particularly the two daughters Maria Gabriella and Paola , assisted by a host of highly skilled employees. By 1969, the new generations’ innovative approach brought a significant shift in terms of the product and a more specialized production process

which resulted in the manufacture of coor dinated knitwear.

The painstaking approach and level of craftsmanship going into each garment, supported by a

rigorous research process and a sharp eye for new trends represent the main defining elements

of the product range.

Sartorial creations of the highest quality have been made possible by the care, accuracy and attention to detail. This are defined by the constant use of the finest fabrics such as silks, wools and lace skillfully combined with the use of accessories the likes of pearls and embroideries. In reality, what really make Vulpinari special are their professionalism and dedication, the passion and love for their work shown by everyone involved in the production process. They cooperate in a synergistic way, conversing all their energies into the creation of a product which embodies the very idea of the “Made in Italy�.

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Alberto Incanuti

Delphine Wilson

Capannolo Clare Tough Cristian Luppi

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Vic-Torian Address Via A. Novella 3/5 47922 - Rimini (RN) Italia E.mail: Phone: +39 0541 732732 Fax: +39 0541 732652 VAT: 749610408

Dressspace’s women’s clothing online shopping designer clothes and accessories for women’s  
Dressspace’s women’s clothing online shopping designer clothes and accessories for women’s  

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