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History Lesson: The "Hipster Look" July 2012



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July 2012 VOLUME 2 Issue 7

from the editor

"We are all born naked and the rest is drag.", quoted from the famous drag super hero, Ru Paul, himself. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to appearance and BECOMING who you want to be through physical manipulation. Real Talk. If that quote has you thinking this issue is about "drag tips" then close this magazine now. Mister Ru is not referring to the male to female cross dresser, but to any natural born male and female just living day-to-day life. Anything we do to make us who we are is our "drag". We are born naked with an empty canvas just waiting to be filled. Fill you canvas and paint the picture you want others to see. Get ready to perform. Angel G. Laith @wegetDRESSED


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Shay Bares Mijhay Palacios Sajada

Heather Jones

Lisa Aidoo

Spocka + Lex

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Chakayla Taylor page 39 Charlotte, NC John Alston page 9 New York, NY

Cesar Cabezas page 14 Queens, NY.


Shay Bares

"I can wear anything and become anyone I want everyday."

John Alston

"To me, someone is DRESSED when from head to toe everyday, they do it for no one but themselves because they love the way it makes them feel. 7 [dressed] magazine

What do you do for a living? If your not working, what do you WANNA do for a living? I work at a shoe store on the upper east side and also dance professionally with different dance companies around NYC and the country. Also I design and make men and women's clothing and want to pursue that full time starting in the next few months. What school did you go to and what for? I was home schooled through high-school and did a brief semester at Alvin Ailey on the fellowship program. Other than that anything I want to do, I figure out and teach myself through the process of trial and error while doing it :) Age? 23 for now If you had to wear one designer or fashion brand for the rest of your life, who would it be/ where would it be from? McQueen! I don't even care that it's avant garde all day everyday, actually Id prefer it!

What makes you get up in the morning? What are your life goals? My favorite thing in the world that keeps me going all day is laughing, so everyday I get pretty pumped to laugh an joke around with other people. And of course getting DRESSED :) What brought you to NYC since your not from here? Dance! And the pursuit of something larger than what my hometown was capable of giving me. Any routines or rituals to getting dressed for the day? Black mascara in the eyebrows. It's like a splash of cold water on the face, always makes me look and feel awake and on point. What gives you the most confidence when leaving the house? The perfect shoes or the perfect hair-do. Feeling like I look great without too much effort or thought, like I did overwork my clothes but just put something on and made it work wonderfully :)


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Cesar Cabezas

"People say I have been reincarnated from the 70s, which is the time where most of my music idols were living. Â I think I could have thrived in the 70s."

First let me start off by asking about all that hair?! It's so much! How long have you been growing it? I've had my long hair for 11 years since I was 17. Do you feel your hair plays a big part in your style? Yes, it influences my look.  It represents freedom for me to be who i am naturally.   What do you do for a living? I know you mentioned to me you do music and you work with video. I grew up in a musical family and have been a singer, guitarist since a young age.   I have been with bands and on my own recording and song writing in New York since a teenager.  Lately I have really gotten into film and photography and have a company with a close friend who is a photographer.   Called Organic Photo Film  With the company I try to express another form of art through film.   Since your really interested in the arts do you support other artists of all types?  Yes, I am always collaborating with artists on projects and I love working with other artists because I can learn more perspective from everyone I work with.   Are you from New York? I'm originally from Venezuela.  I consider myself as a New Yorker since I grew up here from the age of 12.  

What's one random fact people wouldn't know about you? That I'm a really spiritual person and I always put God first in my life. Since you were chosen as a DRESSED boy this month, what does that mean to you?  To me it means being myself is hopefully effecting others to just be who are they are as an individual and not worry about what anyone thinks.   Do you put much effort into your looks? It looks like you don't, but what do you say to the fact that less is more when it comes to planning a look before you go out?  Actually I don't think about it.  It just comes naturally for me to dress the way i do.  I do appreciate fashion, but I express it in what feels right to me.  Also people say I have been re-incarnated from the 70s, which is a time most of my music idols were living.  I think I could have thrived in the 70s. Your favorite place to get clothes from is_____?  Thrift Stores.  Always find the hidden treasures.   What upcoming projects are you working on?  I'm working in a couple of photo shoots for some fashion designers and a promotional video for a band.  Also I never stop working on my music in the free time I can get.  



Christian Phillips

"I don't like tumblr because I feel people are only dressing the way they are to get internet fame."

Do you think it's much cheaper to save money on making your clothes? Or is it more cost effective to buy them from stores. [factoring in the cost of skill in order to make wearable pieces]? Glasses: I think theyThrift both have an equal value, good Scarf: Urban Outfitters nowadays and so is fabric is very expensive Shirt: buyingValue good Village quality store bought clothing. It Watch: G-Shcck honestly depends on the person views on Jeans: Guess how your money is being spent. Boots: Creative Recreation

How did you learn how to sew? What made you get interested in the art clothing design? In primary school around 3rd grade I took a knitting class after school. Creating scarves and hats branched into sewing and creating my own clothes. my aunt seen my passion and bought me one of those mini sewing machines and my interest grew on its own. 

Graham Morrison

Based on your style do you get DRESSED for attention or do you get DRESSED for yourself? When people approach you and compliment you on your style does it make you feel good about yourself? I've always gotten DRESSED for myself. years ago when being different wasn't very much accepted. I've still DRESSED the way I wanted to. I honestly didn't care. I'm very confident and outspoken so I wasn't going to not express the way I wanted to because others didn't approve.

What does being a DRESSED girl mean to you? A person may not agree on the style choice but they can not disagree that you are put together; thats what being DRESSED means to me. How long have you been growing your hair? Have you always been natural? I've had very long hair most of life but experimenting with different styles and products lead me to stop with perming maybe 7 years ago. But I've shave the back off a year ago so I'm left with a half fro but since my hair is so thick you cant tell at first.


What are the staple stores you shop at when your not in the mood for sewing? I do mostly online shopping from up & coming designers such as from 'Bigcartels' or 'Etsy' shops. Im into supporting up and coming designers.  What is your take on all the start up graphic "tshirt clothing lines" or even at that "celebrity clothing lines"? How do you think it's effecting real design?  Im indifferent about the situation because it makes fashion design a trend or a hobby when its actually a life long passion and career. But yet again if you good at what you do you don't have to worry about all the "t-shirt clothing lines".   You mentioned that you don't like the tumblr and pop-up fashion blogs saturating the streetstyle industry? Do you feel people should leave these mediums alone?  I don't like tumblr because i feel people are only dressing the way they are to get internet fame.

Tumblr created an easy way for your face to get noticed by you achieving tons of reblogs. Its become more of a game or sport and before i could walk down the streets of soho and be inspired but now the real fashion icons are scared they are going to bombarded with cameras flashing.


Christian Phillips

21[dressed] magazine


Heather Jones


Enrique Ortiz

"Fake leather, I just hate it! A Heather staple trend has and will always be animal prints, and color blocking!"

What made you want to open your own boutique? Taking on such a big venture in NYC let alone the economy must have a but scary for you. I decided to open my own boutique because as cliche as this may sound, "I've always had a passion for fashion." Throughout my life I took on several occupations within the fashion arena varying from a junior model booker and marketing coordinator to an assistant stylist and wardrobe coordinator. In addition to my extensive fashion background, I've always considered myself to be a bit of a "maverick", for lack of a better word. I was just over the typical 9-5 concept. Although some people are quite content with the idea, I hated it. I hate boundaries, I hate restrictions. There were instances where I found myself thinking that I could run my boss's business better than he/she could if I were given the opportunity. Ha, they'd kill me if they knew this! I mean, I  basically just took all this misused ambition and drive and used it as an instrument to build my own empire.

transitional. I can always swap my heels for a pair of chucks and feel just as stunning and feminine. Look 3, I'd probably wear this for a night out of partying. It's provocative yet very tasteful. If you can remember, who was your ultimate fashion influence growing up? My mom. Everyone's style changes as we mature, how did you used to dress back in the day? My style has pretty much been the same all of my life. I've always been designer conscious. I've always paid close attention to silhouettes and fabrics. Although I can say I've become much more adventurous and "feminine" with my style choices these days.

What you going to school for? I am attending school for Fashion Marketing & Merchandising Describe your style in three words or less. Nonconformist, yet still classic and simple.

Where do you like to shop? It varies, I'm not exactly a label "whore." So I don't need to shop at Barneys, Bergdorfs, or Saks everyday to feel "relevant." Although, those places are great and I frequent them quite often, I occasionally find really cute pieces at H&M, or TopShop. However, my favorite designer and store would have to be hands down Alexander Wang!

Tell us where you'd be headed in the three different outfits we shot you in: Look 1, I'd definitely be headed to a really special event or occasion. The hat is a bit eccentric, but that's me! I love to be overthe-top when the occasion asks for it.

Your favorite fashion quote? Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.- Coco Chanel.

Look 2, This would be typical me on my way to dinner or drinks with friends. The look is very weekend appropriate and


REBELLION By: Lauren Curry


ids these days. Which days are these? And which kids? And what is the fuss about? When a group that was used to being seen and not heard is issued a newly minted identity and given the keys to a culture, it will, without doubt, be a riotous occasion. Which kids are these? The newly minted, freshly printed kids of the 1950s. The first Kids. This, my friends, is where hipster culture began. Ever since then, hipster style has been a sartorial snowball rolling through time gathering baubles and duds from the decades that came before until hipsters could wear whatever they wanted as long as they were pissing someone off.

like Athena from Zeus’ brow. Until the 50s no one had ever heard of Youth Culture. Until the 50s you went very quickly from being a child to being engaged or working a job or both. The Ad Executives invented an identity for 18 and under in order to sell them things. Those shiny new IDs with Teenager stamped across the top looked an awful lot like credit cards. That is the first, foremost, and most pin-downable element of Youth Culture: buying shit. Think about it, when you describe a hipster, what you come up with is a series of things that can be bought; the right haircut, the right music, the right laptop, the right liberal arts

In 1948, President Truman declared an end to the extremely bad trip that was World War II. The soldiers came home to a new America. The American economy was growing up and out in all directions due to the necessity of mobilizing for the most epic conflict in human history. Not only that, but the returning GIs had been promised a piece of the action‌on paper. And boy howdy did they go to town; attending college, building houses, making money, having babies. Little did these men know those babies would grow into the first Kids. With so much more money floating around, the Ad Executives had to figure out a way of getting to it. Out of the minds of mad men sprang the Teenager


Source: Who What Wear

degree, the right clothes. Its not about what you do or what you think or even where you live. What do you have? So these Kids started buying jeans. Jeans. Today that’s no big thing. In the 50s jeans were a statement of independence. Especially for the girls getting handed down generation after generation of crenelated skirt, jeans set you firmly apart from your mother. The cuff, even that ubiquitous cuff has historical roots. In the 50s, it took longer than a week for trends to be “so over.” Also, more thought was given to the value of things. You bought your jeans long so you could grow into them and/or hand them down to your little siblings. Hipsters these days are too old to be expecting growth spurts, but they still roll those cuffs with the same prepubescent anticipation. For girls the rolled cuff also gave shape to the silhouette and allowed other girls to peep your ballet flats. Boys in keeping with

the workman-like aura jeans lent, wore engineer boots or Converse. Now, you may have seen hipsters dressed in Rockabilly today, but not all hipsters look like cast members from Stand By Me. As Youth Culture gained a foothold, rebelling against your parents became old hat. Now there were other teenagers to rebel against! By this time, it was difficult to tell whether the Ad Executives were taking notes from the Kids or if the suits were deciding what was cool. In any event, the rebel uniform was available in every store. It didn’t seem quite as risky. As the 50s gave way to the psychedelic 60s, hip-kids bought things from decades of which they had no memory. Trolling antique shops or just rooting through grandma’s boudoir, the hipster look began to be defined by wild juxtapositions. Outfits were accented by pieces not readily available at Penny’s. Long strings of beads, a hit with Flappers in

Source: American Hipster TV: YouTube

the 1920s, were recycled by the Love Generation. Mary Quant’s shift dresses, so synonymous with the 60s, could be seen as a reinterpretation of the straight up and down silhouette of the Roaring 20's. And now we have come to the crux of the matter. The contrarian impulse is what drives and fragments hipster style to this day. Hipsters have always been interested in doing whatever everyone else was not doing…not yet, anyway. Before the 50s, youth style consisted mostly of smaller facsimiles of adult clothes. With the invention of Youth Culture, Kids tore at the styles of their forefathers. Once that was done, they began to tear each other to shreds. There began to be more and more types of Kids. This was in part because every time something got popular, hipsters rebelled against it. This created a

growing number of youth categories, blossoming into the taxonomic orgy we see today. This is why pinning down hipster style is so difficult. It usually contains elements not only from other decades, but also whatever group the Kid in questions used to be part of. For example, a rebellious skater may emerge one day wearing a suit jacket and ascot over his graphic T and boot cut, baggy jeans.. The important thing to note is that this is always rebellion through consumption. Not ideas or actions. That’s the way the Ad Executives set it up, and that’s that game we play to this day. Skaters, Hipsters, Scenesters, Preps, Bohemians, Goths, Nerds, Punks, Crusties. I could go on, but I don’t want to.

Lisa Aidoo

Christian Phillips

What moment in your life made you know you wanted to work in fashion? After winning 'Miss. Best Dressed' in 8th grade, I started to consider pursuing fashion. But it didn't hit me until I volunteered for NY's Fall Fashion Week 2011. It was the fast pace, beautiful garments, and influential people that confirmed it for me. I had a, "I'm home!" moment backstage. What school are you attending and what are you for? I am currently attending The Fashion Institute of Technology as a full time student. I major in Fashion Merchandising Management and minor in Psychology.

What would be your dream job? This is difficult for me to answer because, in the future, I wish to be apart of many different projects. In regards to fashion, I would love to open my own online retail store housing unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Who is counting? Lol. The more the merrier! What's your most expensive prized possession in your wardrobe? What's the least? The most expensive prized possession in my wardrobe is my Christian Louboutin Bianca Jazz Platform Pumps from his Spring Collection. The least would probably be my new Report Signature Tyler Oxfords that at from $185, but I was able to

purchase them for $50! That was a great day. If you had to wear one designer or fashion brand for the rest of your life who/what would it be? If I had to, I would commit to the NastyGal wardrobe until the death of me. There prices are affordable, keeping me grounded mentally. They do a great job of taking vintage pieces and combining it with whats new today. Besides, that's what fashion is really all aboutreinventing the already invented. They are really trendy and fashion forward, therefore I know, no matter what year it is, if I'm wearing NastyGal, I'm up to date. What is your opinion on "bum" days. Do you allow it in your book or do you wish people DRSSED in sweats and hoodies should get shot at? I honestly believe that everybody has their bum days, myself included. Sometimes, things happen, and time is against you- but you will never catch me in sweatpants unless I'm headed to the gym or bed. On my bum days, I am most likely wearing leggings. What I might consider "bum", others may consider cute. It never fails to shock me when I think I look a mess, and someone compliments me.

What is your definition of someone being DRESSED? My definition would be someone who has there own style and exploits it effortlessly. Someone DRESSED is someone who is aware of fashion, music, and anything artsy, but doesn't let it dictate their choices. They think beyond the box, combining their interests in ways that feels natural to them. Are you a thrifter? NYC has molded me into a thrifter. There are people in the city who wear things once, and give it away! I thrift because there are people out there who rid away garments that are perfectly fine, but for some reason, they find no use in them. Knowing this, I take full advantage. Finish this sentence: "A woman should always own a_____. " ...pair of sexy heels! But not just any pair, a pair that makes her feel taller, thinner, sexy, and confident. Confidence is always in style.


BK Style Presents BKFW Press/Media: Colleen Gwen

BKFW “Design grows  in  Brooklyn,  grow  with  us”

SPRING /SUMMER 2013 COLLECTIONS September 27th – 30th, 2012

Venue: Industry City @Bush Terminal 241 37th Street @ 3rd Ave Sunset Park, Brooklyn 11232 General info: BKFW B.A.G Expo (Beauty & Accessories Goodies) September 15 & 16, 2012 Time: 12PM- 7PM Venue: Expo for beauty products and showcase of accessories The B.A.G Expo admission is FREE and open to the general public BEAUTY & ACCESSORY VENDORS Contact Us: Models Casting –

Ask Billie Your fashion questions answered

Q: "Hello Billie, I love the Boho trend this is reappearing this summer season!  I want to rock this trend without being so literal and exaggerated, how can I revamp this timeless trend to make it my own?" A: Well Hello Ms. Stacey, The Bohemian trend is a gift that keeps on giving if you ask me!  Sparking great designers like Yves Saint Laurent to power a generation full of kick ass women, this Bohemian trend is most notable for it's flowy, lace silhouettes and chunky stacked bangles. In order to make this trend your very own, I suggest picking out key pieces and accessories from the trend your would like to add to your summer wardrobe. Like 70s inspired floppy hats, you can take this simple, yet mysterious piece, and pair it with a mint cigarette jeans, a nice relaxed spiked loafer, and an Aztec print bustier, this will be a look that is effortlessly chic and Bohemian all at the same time. One thing to keep in mind when trying to revamp this

Bohemian look, or another other trend for that matter, it is all about keeping it simple and true to your personal preferences, but there will be times when you want to push the barriers of your comfort level. For instance, if you are a bit turned off with the pattern clash trend within the Bohemian take things slow on this here fashion train. Try wearing a chunky, tribal print bracelet with lace printed top, this is a simple way to dip your toes into the wide pool of fashion, and in no time you will be rocking Solange inspired tribal printed suits and tops!  Got a fashion question for Billie? Want to see it answered in the next issue of DRESSED? If so, email them to


Spocka& Lex

Christian Phillips

In one word how would you describe your look/style? Carefree. What does being DRESSED mean to you? The drive to more. Flip trends and inspire people through fashion. From the clothes you create, what kind of message do you want to get across to the people who will wear them? Everyone can be a winner, if you truly believe in yourself. Have fun while getting dressed, play with fashion. What's one thing people wouldn't know from looking at you. We rarely "go shopping". School? Both Graduates of University of Rhode Island 2010. Studied Communications and Marketing. How long does it take you to get DRESSED on a normal basis? Some people think too much about getting DRESSED, We usual wait until the last minute and then rush to pull something together. What's one fashion pet peeve that bothers you the most? Jordan's !! In todays fashion world people are saturated in hype beast brands/items that they follow like robots without their own creative input. Has your style changed since growing up? We incorporate our youthful, playful and colorful style blending with a splash of maturity.

Volume 2 Issue 7 July 2012  

Heather Jones - Summer Issue

Volume 2 Issue 7 July 2012  

Heather Jones - Summer Issue