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10 On the cover: Ryan Nickulas talks to DRESSED about Beauty, Hair trends and of course fashion tips! Type to enter text




Editor In Chief Angel Noel Phillips Contributors Andrew Werner Engie Hassan Lexington Dash Jerome Shaw Patricia Nriaka

November 2012 The Men's Issue VOLUME 2 Issue 11

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THE MEN'S ISSUE Don't forget about the men. We couldn't do a POWER WOMEN's Issue without one for the men. No discrimination here #teamwegetDRESSED. The NOV Men's issues is filled with nonetheless of the hottest upand-coming 'artists'. We are really thankful for the the fabulous Ryan Nickulas and his team on the collaboration to make this cover feature a success. It was a pleasure working with photographer Andrew Werner and stylist Engie Hassan to pull out looks for the best issue yet! Oh and I can't forget Phillip Salem and his team at OWEN boutique for providing the great looks shot on Ryan. You guys may not all know, but this is our last issue of 2012. Why? We are gearing up for big Dec/Jan 2013 Styling Issue for the new year? Excited yet?

We want to make sure at DRESSED that we keep the true vision in the forefront. "Supporting the unsupported". The up and coming from all areas of art. In the coming months we want to know If you have a suggestion for feature or any suggestions all, make sure you are contacting us. We'd love to hear from you.


Andrew Werner

Cover / page 10 New York, NY Photographer

Engie Hassan Cover / page 10 New York, NY Wardrobe Stylist Personal Shopper

Lexington Dash page 16 Melbourne, FL Journalist

Patricia Nriaka page 27

New York, NY Stylist

Jerome Shaw page 27

New York, NY Photographer



Styling Session: Do's + Don'ts for US by Lexington Dash

Missed BK Fashion Weekend this past September? We didn't. Get some visuals from the best male lines.


Need a new place to shop? Owen maybe?





Ryan Nickulas "Sorry I don't have on an Abercrombie and Fitch, masculine outfit or a fitted and some Jordan's, but I could do that too. It's really easy to butch it up. That's the truth." PHOTOS: ANDREW WERNER STYLED: ENGIE HASSAN + ASHLEY CROSSMAN OF ENGIE STYLE

Jacket: Sir New York Pants: Herik Vibskov Bag: Sophie Hulme

Coat: Bod & Christensen Pants: Balmain Shoes: Alexander McQueen Ryan Interview How long have you been doing hair? I've been doing hair for 11 years. Oh my gosh, I'm lying; 12. I forget I'm 32 now. This October would make the 4 year Anniversary of the launch Ryan Darius Salon. Did you work any other salons prior to opening your own? When I moved to New York, I didn't want to be an assistant after doing hair for quite sometime. Â In the mean time, I was a kitchen beautician in New York. I got an agent, started doing editorial, commercial, and catalogue work and I kind of developed clientele pretty quickly on my own. I was doing CVS commercials and fashion week, I just wasn't at a salon. I was making pretty sick money on the side so I decided to open up Ryan Darius Salon once I had a basic book of business.

While I'm on the subject of the salon and the name, can you tell me why you picked the name? So Darius is my middle name and growing up my father called me Ryan Darius when I got into trouble or when I got an achievement. My father named the salon. Basically with the memory of him calling me that. Do you have a speciality? I'm known for hair extensions and transforming. I'm known for the white girl weave. Is that the little plugs or what not? Nooo, I work with a company called platinum seamless. I've worked with them well over 6 years now. It gets a little shady when I tell people I only do white girls. That's what I've been trained in. The hair is different and the hair system that I use

Jacket: Bod & Christensen Shirt: Maison Margela Pans: Balmain Shoes: Rick Owens

Jacket: Bod & Christensen


and worked with for many years wouldn't work with ethnic hair.

have the sickest lip tars in the business. So don't sleep on OCC.

What made you do hair? It's always what I've been drawn to from a young age. I loved to do my moms hair. When I was little young gay toddler I taught myself how to braid on dolls. My dolls all had up-dos. As far back as I can remember I've always played with and enjoyed doing hair.

Let's talk a little bit about fashion. I've seen your look, I've seen your style on TV. Is there a brand or store that carries a brand that you always go to? So right now I love Balmain and Lanvin. In my opinion you can't beat those two. Unfortunately I had a really bad shopping experience with Lanvin and left with nothing because the staff pissed me off [they hate Americans]. Laugh. I think my style is very schizophrenic. I have a professional and personal style. Sometimes I'm in a studded Louobutin with a Bottega bag, a skinny jean and a long coat and other times I'm in a Tom Ford suit on a red carpet. I still wanna have fun with clothes. I'm in my 30s now, I'm no longer the twink, I'm no longer the queeny hair-dresser, well I think I'll always be that but as I mature and become a father I really want to move more towards Tom Ford, Etro and my new favorite, Moods of Norway.

Since this is a men's issue, we'd like to know if you do hair for men? Yes, I do have men's clients. I do my husbands hair every two weeks. Laugh. Hair is hair at the end of the day. Whether you color, cut, add more to it etc. Men's trend in hair? OmbrĂŠ trend is not going anywhere and the reason why is because it's the recessionistashair-do. A girl can do her hair once and not touch it again for a year. But for men, taking it back to the 40s with "Mad Men" guys are molding their hair, it's short on the sides. Having came from Paris this past month, all the fashion boys have the shaved sides and the long top-knot. It's a versatile look that allows you to still have a masculine and feminine twist. The show is discontinued correct? Are there any other projects coming up to that stature? Yes, I had an opportunity to spin-off from the Alist New York and I chose not to. Reality TV is amazing but I'm just starting my family. My husband and I are starting surrogacy and I just don't think I want to showcase that [reality tv] or subject my kids that aren't even born yet to being a topic of conversation. I chose myself to be on reality TV my unborn child doesn't really get that choice. In my hair career, I just did an amazing piece with Pantene for the style awards; I'm still a brand ambassador for them. I'm a brand ambassador for the hair extension company. Also for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics which just launched in Sephora and we did the ad campaign for their launch. It's a complete vegan line which is animal cruelty-free and they

I love to do trendy on a budget and I love to spend money on classic. Trendy on a budget is if you love that slouchy pant or that chunky boot that you know is not going to be cute next year, than you should go to Top Shop or H&M or that consignment shop. You will see me at Topshop in SoHo. If you are going to invest though make sure your buttons and zippers, your trim don't pop off. It's important as a consumer that you are buying the best product for your money. I definitely enjoy putting a look together even though I work with a stylist. She's a friend of mind, she's a colleague, Engie Hasan. We have very similar tastes. She walks me off the plank when I need to be walked off the plank. Sometimes we are the worst enemies when we don't see the true reflection in the mirror. I have some absolute victim red carpet moments. Thats why I love and trust that Engie wouldn't let me make the same mistakes I would have on my own. At your stature, yes you have a stylist, but do you make sure that look is still you? My decision is the final decision. I don't work with a stylist everyday. I work with her on big events and big on camera opportunities. It's important,

you go to a stylist that does your hair, you go to a professional that does your make up, and you hire a professional to paint your home. Beauty secrets for men? I think for men the three key things are hair, teeth and skin. Whether we have ten extra pounds and didn't make it to the gym, you have to take care of those three things for the long run. When we all see a good looking older man, his hair is on point, his teeth is perfect and his skin is great. There is a wrinkle, theres a beard. Can you talk about any of the male clients you do? Isaac Mizrahi, I did him the other day. I love him. It's such an honor to be in the presence of a brilliant man. He comes in to get his hair lightly relaxed, It's on youtube so he doesn't care that I share this. How has your style changed? I have definitely gone through many transitions myself with personal style. I've worn clip-in bangs and top pieces and fake eye-lashes, I've done it all. I inspire people to do whatever the hell the want to do. I don't live my life on what other people think. Sorry I don't have on an Abercrombie and Fitch, masculine outfit on or a fitted and some Jordan's, but I could do that too. it's real easy to butch it up. That's the truth. The hard thing is to rock an androgynous look and get "10's". Anyone of us can pretend to be butch but it takes a true individual to be themselves.


Leather Cap, & "Pure White" Varsity By: influentialNY, Paisley Jeans: OAK Distressed Denim, Shoes: Y-3   Scarf: Marc Jacobs.


Varsity Sample By influentialNY Hoody: OAK Jeans: OAK Denim (self distressed), Shoe: John Varvatos Converse All Stars,

"Everyone wants to be somewhere in fashion. So I think the next trend is going to be art."


Age, sign, location? 27 / Capricorn / Harlem NYC What coined your stage name: Nice In Harlem? What about the name for your clothing line? Originally as teen and as a one of the stars of my pop warner football league, I was given the nick- name  'Mo-Nice'. As I became older and part of New York's underground music and fashion scene the word 'Nice' has been synonymous in describing my movements and contributions to the underground scene. Being a product of Harlem, it is and was only right i put on for my town so hence forth the name and title  "NiceInHarlem". "Influential" was culminated at first as design project that turned into a grand opportunity. It started as a cap concept, In light of the popularity of snap back caps and being one of the people and brands (Champion Square) to be at the forefront of the re-emerged snap cap craze that was sparked a year or so ago. I needed to find a word that directly reflected my position in the scene and simply influential is the best adjective to used in describing my placement in the whole underground fashion scene. So designer wasn't your first project? Prior to being a designer, my experience for the last 7 plus years has been Marketing, Retail/Brand Management, Fashion/ Business Consulting, Buying, small design work for independent and established street wear brands, as well as Artist Development/ Management. You'd consider yourself a renaissance man? I would consider myself a renaissance man as well as a Mogul, I've been working hard to create a firm foundation for me and mine

to prosper for generations to come. I Put on for Harlem! How important is fashion to you? Fashion is my Passion and my Life. Fashion Opens Doors and it's how I pay my bills. Fashion s everything to Me. If you could do one thing over in life what would you do differently? I regret nothing in life, my experiences have built the man that I am. What can we expect from your upcoming clothing line? You can expect to see, slowly but surely influentialNY bringing back some of the integrity that has been lost in the fashion world. Underground and Mainstream. A DRESSED man is___? A Dressed man is one whose understands fit - as well as A man who understands the importance of presentation.

Ask Billie

Q: Hey Billie! The "manscaping" thing can't be escaped in the man's life. What are some pointers when it comes to a guy who doesn't want to look completely shaved? --Samuel A: You are right Sam, you can't escape being "manscaped" one way or another. All the ladies want a well coifed male in some shape or form. Whether it's a clean brow or shaved back and etc. The amount of hair you remove is up to you and what you like. Some men take all of their body hair off and wax their brows religious. While some stick with key problem areas. Brows are the easiest to tackle and very popular to do for men. With this being said they are also easiest to be done incorrectly. No one likes a guy with too skinny of an eye-brow. A males brows CAN be trim and cleaned up, but don't remove so much hair that causes you to have thinner brows than your girl friend. If you are scared of having an esthetician remove any body hair based on pain, cost or even just pride, take to YouTube to get all the tutorials and tips for your needs.

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Gaius Nasa + Michelle Roh

Why was Gaius Nasa started? GN: Michi and I have been working on this brand for a year; we had wanted to work with each other even before we started dating. We wanted to combine both of our design styles into one creative project. What makes Gaius Nasa NYC special or set apart from other clothing lines? Michi is a big fan of sportswear and I've indulged in Thai boxing (Muay Thai) since I was a child. It made sense for the both of us to make clothing that is comfortable and performance-related. We think about our materials; nothing we make restricts movement. Skinny jeans are "in" right now, but typically you can't really move around in them. Our weightless trousers have a skinny/slim fit, but they are extremely comfortable, flexible and incredibly light. There specifically made to feel like a second layer of skin. Some of our jackets have thin sheets of Kevlar in them, and we line our pockets with waterproof materials; essentially our clothes are made with the coolest materials we can find. I think this is the future of clothing-- looking good, feeling free and being able to move. I've seen you rock your own pieces before all the time. Are the clothes you make stuff you'd wear before Gaius Nasa, or are you wearing it to promote your brand? We make things because we like them. The purpose of Gaius Nasa is not only for my customers but for myself to have a medium where clothing that is aesthetically innovative, physically comfortable, and of high quality, is available. Before Gaius Nasa, there were very few outlets that provided clothing that I liked and agreed with. Most clothing in America are made in sweatshops by small children or extremely

A DRESSED man is_____? MR: confident. Is Gaius Nasa going to just be for men?  MR: People don't seem to know this, but most of our tops are unisex! We do tend to lean towards menswear when we design initially, but Gaius and I have been talking more and more about taking what we have and spinning them off into womenswear, which is an exciting process. How is working/collaborating with the one you're in love with?  MR: A lot of people assume or expect situations like this to be "messy" or some sort of a nightmare. But I can honestly say that Gaius has been the easiest person to work with in my experience; he's been the best teammate, support and friend, who's also really talented. And because our design aesthetics aren't exactly alike, it makes things a lot more interesting together.

Gaius Nasa wearing all Gaius Nasa Shoes: Raf Simmons

miserable foreigners; also most the formfitting clothing available is either uncomfortable. I think people appreciate convenience and comfort, and that's why Michi and I created Gaius Nasa.   Age, location and sign? I'm 20 years old, was born and raised in Brooklyn, and am a gemini. What's a good universal fashion tip you can give our readers? Have fun with it, and just do what you like. If you spend your time thinking about what people like, what people think and what people say, you're never going to be happy; you'll drive yourself insane. Just do what makes you happy. Are sneakers in the works at Gaius Nasa possibly? If not those, anything else in particular in production? Yes, you can expect some sneakers from us in the future. We've been working on some concept sketches and ideas over the last few months. For us, it's all about good timing and making sure that everything is done right. We want to make sure that when they're ready, they're as cool and comfortable as they can be. You mentioned before that you'd like your brand to be a high-end street wear line? Is attention to quality important to you? Why? Attention to quality is extremely important. All of our products are pricey, but they're solid products. Their specifically made to last a lifetime.

Trendy or timeless? I'd have to go with timeless. I have a great deal of respect for clothing, art or projects that exceed the life of their creators. For example, Batman was created by Bob Kane who died in the 90's, yet the Batman character, still lives on today. Would you classify "street-wear" as a label to your personal style? Personally, I'd prefer to not label things; it sometimes hinders the creative process when things are restricted by labels, but If I had to label it, I would say it's more eclectic. I like to have fun with it and wear comfortable clothes.  



What formed the name for the band? My artist name is WordSpit The ILLest! so I thought would be cool to play off of that. How long have you been making music? I've been rapper all my life but I've been making music about four or five years. What type of genre would you consider your sound?   My core sound is hip-hop which can infuses other genres creating a sub genre I like to call back pack pop culture arena rap.  How much does style affect your look when it comes to performances? Style doesn't affect my performance on stage because I'm normally naked before the shows ends. it does play a big role in my life. I like to take something, add my own spin on it and make it new.

All up and coming artists have to go through struggles to make names for themselves. What are some of yours that you've had to face? In the past years I've face heart break, band members and people dropping out of my life because they felt ice changed. I've faced my friends getting murder, people hitting me up for money not knowing I'm still struggling. Promoters not trying to pay me what I'm worth. Music is my equivalent of chasing a high because it becomes an addiction. You get addicted to people showing up to shows or leaving comments on you Facebook telling you how great you are. A lot of the stress is psychological and will take toll on you if you aren't strong minded. Any particular fashion house or brand that would be go to staples for you? I'm a huge fan of Brian Wood he is awesome. I also like 

Privlege life, Dan Cruz, Creep's snap-backs, and Nike but I normally wear what looks good on me. We are all influenced by those around us, who are iconic in the creation of your brand and your style? I'm influenced by icons such as Kanye, Jay'z, Curt Kobain, Rakim, Pink Floyd and more. My upbringing was very diverse so I'm always drawing from a plethora of creative forces. A DRESSED man is_______? The ILLest! What is coming up in 2013 for Wordspit? I have tons of music about to drop with my band and I. I think I'm finally ready to hit the road and r travel with my show. 2013 is going to be all about connecting the fans to the ILLest experience. If you had to share a song/video to a stranger who has never heard your music, which song would it be that would be describe and showcase your work? I would suggest people to listen to "R.I.P" a song that I made for my cousin. I think that's me at my most vulnerable so people could really relate to the story and emotion behind the track.


The LA based underwear and apparel company, BR4SS were kind enough to send DRESSED some samples from their latest collection to review for the guys this issue.

Black Label

As with any pair of underwear you wear men, comfortability is and should be the number one aspect when purchasing. Who wants constriction or chaffing? If you're used to a cheap box store brand of underwear you will automatically notice and appreciate the durable composition including 58% cotton, 37% poly and 5% spandex for a great wear. Since this will be your first time purchasing from the brand, make sure you get a size smaller than what you are normally used to for a comfortable fit. If you normally get a large, try for a medium. How to get yours?

Heather Baby



with Lexington Dash

Fashion has become what we call "extra" within the past few centuries and getting dramatic while Father Time continues to tick our clocks. Most people tend to over think while getting ready with putting to much clothes on or maybe not enough of anything on. I can say that I much rather be in the nude most of the time but fashion is life in my eyes and I live by it religiously. I'll share some simple tips to make your outfit selection less of a headache and give you more time to pre-game before the party. Step 1 is fairly easy all you have to do is select your focal piece. Make sure this item is a stand alone object that will catch someones attention and have them tell you how nice this item is. This stand alone piece can be a verity of things ranging from a bold print to studded shoes, remember it has to be fierce. Try not to take away from this bad ass stand alone item. Step 2 We all love to accessories with costume jewelry, hats, bags, scarves, and in the winter a pair of leather gloves. If your going to wear some light clothing for the night then why not go big with a few bulky rings. You never want to wear to much bulk though so take it down a notch with studded earrings and maybe a thin bracelet on the opposite hand. I also


adore bulky chains they always make an outfit come together. Step 3 Who can't resist a funky print that will make heads break when you enter the room. Floral's have become very popular this season along with face prints. Make sure you don't mix prints often it can make or break your outfit. A fierce print with  paired with another fierce print can easily dub you best dressed right away, so make sure the night is worth looking overly dramatic for. These are only a few tips I use to help me get ready for a troubled eventful night out. Not everyone is suited to be a fashion icon but everyone deserves to look good no matter what.



GENTLEMEN LOOKS The Berchell Collection by Berchell Egerton and Monsieur Belange by Patrick Nwosu both presented their collections on Sunday, September 30th. The 14th season of Brooklyn Fashion Weekend this year began September 27-30, 2012 at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.


Monsieur Belange

The Berchell Collection



OWEN BOUTIQUE "OWEN is an innovative mens' and womens' boutique located at 809 Washington Street in the Meat Packing District neighborhood of New York City. OWEN showcases emerging designers grounded in a selective roster of established brands." Check out one of our newest shopping spots downtown that probably has one of the coolest shopping vibes in the area. Men, can come here if a statement piece is what you're looking for. Naked and Famous Polked Dot Shirt $125 Henrik Vibskov Color Block Sweater: $300




Icy Twain Fashion Blogger at

18 Prada over coat Jeffrey Campbell Studded Steel Toe Boots Vintage Indian neck piece Prada Shades

Vol. 2 - Issue 11 NOV  

Ryan Nickulas | The Men's Issue

Vol. 2 - Issue 11 NOV  

Ryan Nickulas | The Men's Issue