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Wow is Basically the only word I have for Richard Chai in his collection that he intended to describe as "light". His outfits were more then just fabric touching the human skin, it was architecturally perfect.  The models screamed art while the patterns

tricked your eyes into seeing only what your eyes wanted to see and what your brain can imagine.  The color  scheme started in a pastel blue and transformed into the dark realms of the grays and blacks. Chai's high  waist  skirts paired with skimpy classy tops can make almost any woman feel confident with her outer beauty as much as her inner beauty also. The boys were a bit opposite with over sized coats and baggy bottoms. The chemistry the colors worked together with tons that were just about similar to each other. I can say that this show is on my top two picks from this years New York fashion week.


Volume 2 - Issue 10 OCT 2012  

The Power Women Issue

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