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OCT 2012




Saloan Rochelle

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On the cover: Saloan Rochelle gets DRESSED with us and discusses QUEEN hat line and Queen City's Queen website.

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Featured Guests Zewiditu 22 Saloan Rochelle 10 Zabeth Chang 16 Janae Roubleau 19

Editor In Chief Angel Noel Laith Photo Jehangir N. Irani Greg Buylaos Graham Morrison

October 2012 Power Women VOLUME 2 Issue 10


Joy Randall Graham Morrison Lexington Dash Jerami Robin ShanJor Billie Monroe Londyn Pe Joy Randall

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This issue is dedicated to the DRESSED women who are out here doing their thing making changes in theirs and other lives around them for the good.

As you read this issue, keep in mind that these are not the ONLY power women in the world. Not everyone can be DRESSED now can they.

With that being said the name of the game is still to keep it DRESSED. Fashion is the motive. The ladies featured this month are all girls I know personally and had no problem with picking them to be featured.

If you feel you're a "power woman", make sure you keep doing your thing in the community. Word to the wise, don't do anything you're not passionate about; because it will show.

I'm glad to also feature two ladies that are from my hometown, Charlotte, NC. I'm hoping the market back home stays well connected with DRESSED as we take over NYC.

CONTRIBUTORS Joy Randall Page 9 Charlotte, NC Make-up Artist

Graham Morrison page 9 / Cover Charlotte, NC Photographer

Londyn Pe page 9 Charlotte, NC Stylist

Jehangir N. Irani page 27 New York, NY Photographer

Billie Monroe page 27 Winston-Salem, NC Journalist

Lexington Dash page 16 Melbourne, FL Journalist


Saloan Rochelle  "I believe that fashion is the ultimate form of self expression therefore it really depends on my mood. - Nicole Richie" PHOTO: Graham Morrison

To those not from Charlotte, What do the QUEEN hats stand for? Honestly the QUEEN hat isn't necessarily a representation of Charlotte. It stands for the woman who takes pride in   herself and everything that she is. It's about being bold with confidence and demanding respect. It takes a lot of self esteem to walk around with the word "QUEEN" on your head. People automatically refer to you as such and quietly observe you to see why you think so highly of yourself. Every time I wear my Queen hat, people just refer to me as "QUEEN", and I think that is kind of hot.   

Who is Saloan? Is she "different" from Loany? Saloan is my government name, Loany is just a shorter version of what the kids use to call me in grade school, "Saloany Balogna', and it just kind of took it's own form by the time I got to college and I just added the "G" from my last name. Saloan is definitely the same person as Loany. The only thing I'd change are my wigs and my underwear, no alter ego over here. Tell us about the look you are wearing with the train/cape: The all black fit with the train was what I imagine a modern day QUEEN to look like. Black is bold and the train, what people are calling a cape now, (which I find so hilarious)

Fur: Urban Outfitter Train: JoAnnes Fabric Store Chain Necklace: Bakers Other Accessories: Personal

gives people a sense of power, sort of like super woman I guess you could say. I added accents of gold because I always correlate "royalty" with purple and gold. The colorful jacket was really used for the details in the jacket to play off the purple & gold hat. Nothing too deep. What is the purpose of ""? Queen City's Queen was created to bring awareness to the artist & art culture in Charlotte of all art fields. The site is responsible for opening the idea to the Queen hats. To bring more attention to the site, however the hats got more attention than I imagined, eventually turning into my main project. The site is currently being revamped to better accommodate everything under my brand  as well as showcasing local artists.  Is Loany the photographer still a pursuant? Absolutely, though I find myself taking more breaks from it to concentrate on other things. Photography is my passion, it's my   artistry and sometimes when you turn your passion into business, people can suck the life out of what you love. So I like to pace myself when it comes to doing shoots.   I'm currently just shooting once a month to keep the love for photography alive. So if anyone wants to shoot, you have to book within the dates I give out. A DRESSED black Charlotte woman is____? Londyn Pe.   You will never catch me in____. A name brand for the sake of the "name" of the brand.  

Since we all create our futures, what's in store for yours? That's hard to say, I don't necessarily believe that we fully create our futures, because we never know what's next. I could plan to drop another hat in 3 months and walk outside and get hit by a bus, which is something I didn't plan or create. So I honestly can't tell you what's in store. But what's expected is something bigger than just material items. And I'll just leave it at that. Do you feel your style has changed any over the past 2-3 years? If so, how? Definitely. I'm a little more open to showing my creativity within what I put on these days. Growing up in Charlotte, you tend to get a very conservative outlook on "fashion". It wasn't until I started frequenting NYC a few years ago and met so many unique people that opened my mind to putting MY personality into what I wear. Now I'm finding myself mixing the two. I like to keep it clean and simple but add that one piece, shoe, or accessory to make it stand out a little more.  When shopping what does a piece have to do for you to make that purchase? It has to be something timeless that isn't going to narrow the time I can wear it to just one year. And it has to be something that I can look at and say to myself " If I get tired of wearing it like this, can I cut it up and change it to this". I guess it has to be recyclable.   

Zabeth Chang

PHOTO: Jehangir N. Irani

"A DRESSED woman is a chameleon. She's adaptable, versatile, and entertaining."Â

Tell us more about the magazine you want to start: Ultimately one of my goals in life is to start a magazine catered to exposing young and emerging fashion stylist. I find it so difficult to even step foot into this small market. This industry is all about who you know and who you are. It can become overwhelming at times. With these thoughts in mind I really want to create opportunities for the future tastemakers of the world. What are you wearing? For the first look I'm wearing a black ruffled bikini top, floor-length skirt [which I tied into a knot to create a little texture], a DKNY blazer, and Cheap Monday wedges. The other look I'm wearing is a black romper, Creme de Silk blouse, and Aldo wedges.  Graphic designer or stylist? I consider myself an artist. The only reason I feel obligated to give myself a title is due to society's needs to label an individual. If I went around telling people I was an artist the first thing they would assume is that I paint, which I don't. I create.  You'll never catch me in___? You will never catch me in UGGS. I don't care about the comfort level of these boots. They look uglier than a dead rat.   When shopping, what does a piece have to do for you to make that purchase? When I shop I usually gravitate to one-of-a-kind items that have character. Most of the time I'm constantly challenging my wardrobe. I love reinventing looks with what I already have. New York has really taught me to think outside of the box because I came here with such a limited amount of clothes. I don't shop much but when I do it's usually pieces that I will never find anywhere else.


Ask Billie

Q: Hey Billie! Any recommendations on what I should do in regards to going to fashion school or not to pursue my dreams in clothing design? --Theo A: Theo, the fashion industry is getting more tough every season. Trying to get your foot in the fashion door is extremely difficult unless you have good connections. To answer bluntly, you don't need to go to a school to learn design. However, the old-fashioned route through school and building connections that way is good. Nothing beats a hard earned degree in any field. Any type of accreditation behind your name looks good to anyone. At the same time you can learn the same things, faster in the real world. Hope this helps make a good decision for you!

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Janรกe Roubleau

Mijo Mija samples Who are you? I'm a mother first; of just one. I'm still young. I'm based out of Los Angeles. I'm an artist. My major focus in life right now is my son. My son is a sickle cell patient. He has the worst type and he's been hospitalized several times, in which I have absolutely no problem admitting to. He is my world. He is my biggest inspiration I could ever ask God for. Tell us about the project you're working on: Kids are our future and my unisex kids clothing brand [Mijo Mija] caters to that. The brands drive is from shopping for my son and seeing the lack in styles for boys compared to girls.

Why is it unisex? A lot of guys I grew up with felt they couldn't wear or do certain things because it was considered "gay". I don't want our children growing up with this closed-minded concept. "I can't wear that color". Whose to say thats not for a boy or for a girl? When will it be available and where? Online, website in the works. In the mean time, send all inquiries to

"Anybody who loves to make a statement through their clothes and like to take extreme fashion risks should definitely look into my collection. I would say every garment in my line is a statement piece, it would be something you wear with a simple look and still have that edge or pop you're looking for like the fur vest, or the fringe pant, etc."


NYC Outtakes PHOTO: Angel Noel

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PHOTO: Angel Noel

"I'm 5'1", but my spirit is 7 feet tall. I never feel short, ever." - Zewiditu A little while ago I was first introduced to you via Tumblr and Swagger New York, so I've seen your buzz. How has the exposure affected you? I think what's important when presenting yourself online, it's still important to acknowledge that you, yourself are growing as an individual. Three years ago when I first began Nynelyves, It was just me blogging about my life experiences with me making jewelry for myself. My fans liked what I was doing and got interested in the brand so I started selling pieces. I want people to know that Nynelyves is all about supporting change, having different interests, and even just being okay with not being sure.

Whats your educational background? I always had the love of theatre arts and children in regards to educational reform so I majored in arts and contexts in school which is self-designed major. When it comes to me teaching I go into a classroom with the mindset of creativity and comfortably. I believe the classroom is a place for children to come alive.

What made you pick the name Nyne for your brand? The number nine by itself is a magical number. It's the number of creative ideas and birth in regards to the human life cycle. I do however present myself under my government name which is Zewiditu. Nyne will however always be apart of who I am.

What does it mean to be DRESSED? Someone who is essentially confident on the inside. An outfit is 90% confidence and 10% clothing. Comfortable within and illuminates out.

I know you get asked all the time, but how would you describe your style? My style is non-descriptive. I get asked all the time, what is my style like and I'm going to not answer that question anymore because if I could describe it, then it's not my style.



with Lexington Dash

Wow is Basically the only word I have for Richard Chai in his collection that he intended to describe as "light". His outfits were more then just fabric touching the human skin, it was architecturally perfect.  The models screamed art while the patterns

tricked your eyes into seeing only what your eyes wanted to see and what your brain can imagine.  The color  scheme started in a pastel blue and transformed into the dark realms of the grays and blacks. Chai's high  waist  skirts paired with skimpy classy tops can make almost any woman feel confident with her outer beauty as much as her inner beauty also. The boys were a bit opposite with over sized coats and baggy bottoms. The chemistry the colors worked together with tons that were just about similar to each other. I can say that this show is on my top two picks from this years New York fashion week.


Bespoken. Each piece was so sophisticated and pure at each glance that you couldn't take your eyes away from all of the detail. Polka dotted pants paired with a vintage shoe that would most likely be worn in the late 1800's made you feel almost a bit rustic with a nomadic demeanor. I feel as if this line presented itself more as a collegiate school boy very casual but catty in front of the naked eye kinda look. Their blazers were tailored to fit a real man. The male models that were used were holding such "good boy gone bad persona's", but yet you couldn't resist such charming characteristics. I personally think I would look a bit chic out on the block with these classic male gypsy costumes.

Anna Sui This year she did a little bit of both matching elegant ready to wear pieces with crazy funky prints. Her models rocked the runway with pastel pink and metallic blue wigs. Each piece was paired with a some sort of legging or pant. Her prints were somewhat in the simple category, having floral patterns of all kinds, elegant lace, and punk rock leathers. Anna turned her line into the classy girl with edge. Each of the models wore there outfit totally wrong but it was all right at the same time. I personally loved this show I think Sui couldn't have done a better job with the prints she mixed with a chic punk exterior, and her head pieces were to die for.

Dramatic isn't even a word that describes art in Jeremy Scott's collection. Crazy snake skin prints with cat eye shades hits his runway and made fashion buyers sweat with anticipation to who will be the first to own a piece from his line. I honestly can't get enough of his Egyptian flair with head veils and biker jackets. Pairing metallic zebra prints with leopard shoes and hats were simply genius. Im assuming that all designers can say sheer is in and Jeremy used this to his advantage with models walking almost nude down his runway, Just about every piece each model was wearing made me cringe at the thought that I don't own any of this just yet. The classy models with "thug" like exteriors defiantly turned this show into the hard knock life of the rich.

Who can resist Charlotte Ronson's ocean inspired creations worn on a sheer tee and short shorts. Charlotte designed pieces where the waist was either brought in tight or completely revealing for the world to see. The way her sporty like attire meets sexy and sleek. Ronson made feminist jaws drop at the sight of these stylish monsters that walk the runway. Her inform and sexier silhouettes laid perfectly in sink on the models bodies. At least we know you will be able to turn heads anywhere you go with her bold colored prints and transparent jackets. Neutral colors combined with florescent dark's will bring out the confident from any women. Sassy is all the crave in every women's life and Ronson proved her line fits in any fashionably forward feline's closet.


7th Avenue Massacre Ready to wear costumes any day of the week.

Stylist:ShanJor Photographer: Greg Buylaos Make-up: Beauty by Shaleria

cleopatra Model: Reese Wright Headpiece + Necklace: CVLTTivate Snake Chain: Psycho Sick Shirt: Pearl Dazzle

Model:Irena Jacket: Eileen Fischer Necklace: Psycho Sick Leggings + Ring: CVLTTivate Bracelet: Pearl




storm Model: Reese Wright Earrings: Psycho Sick Top: ShanJor Accessories: Plus Bracelet: Psycho Sick Leggings + Shoes: CVLTTivate

russian spy Model: Irena Necklace + Belt: CVLTTivate Dress: Urban Hearts Hand Piece: Psycho Sick Shoes: ShanJor

Volume 2 - Issue 10 OCT 2012  

The Power Women Issue

Volume 2 - Issue 10 OCT 2012  

The Power Women Issue