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dressed Volume 2 Issue 1 2011

Dressed To Impress.


Art Issue Son of Ellis

dressed Dressed to Impress

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2011 VOLUME 2 April


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Letter from the Editor

Art is a therapeutic thing; both doing and viewing. People who don't understand this fact look down on those who pursue Art as an education track. Art careers can be very prosperous, it just may require a little more work. Make sure your making art for the right purpose. Don't create art because you just think it's cool. With any career venture, hobby


or interest, you can't be successful in it if you don't love or are not passionate about what you are doing. If your a struggling artist trying to make a name for yourself, figure out why you are struggling. Are you taking your work seriously? Do you use each day to better yourself? You can't become a better painter if your not painting everyday.

On your road to success your going to hear naysayers trying to deter you; they will always be there. The best retaliation you can give to them is to prove them wrong.

Let us know what you think about the new issue. Is there something you don't like? We are happy to hear what you think. Send us an email at today. 2011 is our year and the moment to shine.





D features [dressed] men + women !


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Victor Lohr

Andre Jarrid

Alexis Mitchell

Angel Valladares

Graham Morrison Monja Rimani

Christian Phillips Anziar


Paris Pullen

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Victor Lohr

Age: 21 Location: Charlotte, NC School: UNCC Major: International Business

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Sweater: J. Crew vintage fleece marled Jeans: J. Crew 484 Boots: Ralph Lauren Hat: St. James

7 [dressed] magazine

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Andre Jarrid

Age: 21 Location: Charlotte, NC Occupation: Personal Stylist

9 [dressed] magazine

Glasses: Thrift Scarf: Urban Outfitters Shirt: Value Village Watch: G-Shcck Jeans: Guess Boots: Creative Recreation

Alexis Mitchell

Age: 21 Location: Charlotte, NC School: UNCC Major: Communications

Dress: Forever 21 Jewelry: Forever 21 Stockings: Nordstroms Boots: Vintage

13 [dressed] magazine

Angel Valladares

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Age: 25 Location: Charlotte, NC School: UNCC


Glasses: Thrift Scarf: Urban Outfitters Shirt: Value Village Watch: G-Shcck Jeans: Guess Boots: Creative Recreation

Graham Morrison

Age: 21 Location: Charlotte, NC Occupation: Photographer

1. Do you have a album/song you a currently listening to right now? I'm currently listening to S&M by Rihanna. (The video is incredible) 2. What does being DRESSED mean to you? Being DRESSED to me means representing your unique style in whatever way you choose to. 3. What was your most expensive purchase you ever made on clothes Navy Peacoat from Urban Outfitters. 4. Do you want to live in any other city besides Charlotte? New York, LA, some city in the mid-west. Maybe somewhere in Iowa. 5. What are you wearing right now? Black American Apparel pants, vintage cowboy boots, Members Only Jackets, plain t-shirts

19 [dressed] magazine

Rand y Monja Firm Rimani

Jacket: WhiteHouse Black Market Scarf: Arden B

Age: 25 Location: New Orleans Occupation: Student

Vest: Lee Shirt: Target Jeans: Social Collision Jewelry: Thrift Shoes: Sperry Topsider

21[dressed] magazine

Christian Phillips

Age: 21 Location: Charlotte, NC School: UNCC Major: Art


Age: 21 Location: Charlotte, NC School: CPCC Occupation: Designer


Age: 22 Location: Charlotte, NC Occupation: Designer

Paris Pullen

Age: 22 Location: Charlotte, NC Occupation:


The Issue 2011

25 [dressed] magazine




Artist Bobby Jones Tennessee [dressed] magazine 26

1. How long have you been drawing? Since the age of three. My grandmother was my childhood art teacher. 2. What is your medium of choice when you draw? I usually draw everything with pen or pencil and then use Photoshop to edit the sketch and add color. I also paint, mostly acrylics. 3. Do you enjoy drawing people of color more than anything? I see images of all types of people everyday. I wanted to add my mix to it, by primarily focusing on people of color, I think it exposes our creativity and individuality. 4. Where do you want to see your designs go in the future? I try to focus on the here an now these days. I don't know where I'd like to go in the future. I would like to continue to grow and inspired others. 5. As of right now how many pieces have you done to date?  I don't have an exact count. I would estimate it close to 1,000. 6. Did you graduate from a university? If so which one? What are you feelings ? about artists going to school? I did attend art school. I hated every minute of it. No one should tell you how to create. I didn't finish [laugh out loud].



"The End"

Artist Jerrad Stone Charlotte, NC Self-portrait

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Artist Luis Marrero New Jersey

White paper, black visions, red blood, blue ink Seem to be the only fours colors I need to paint an image with my words to make you think That I am this poet Black marble book in my little white hand Blue blood exposed to life that reads red but you hear blues, understand? Thoughts transition through my veins to send signals to my nerves to exploit these emotions Screaming to the top of my lungs to force your closed minds to just open & I am hoping you donʼt believe I am a poet based off poetic motions It takes more then a few hand gestures, a raised voiced & closed eyes to see Their is a reason I was blessed by God & given the name Poetically Free It isnʼt always plain to see after I give you my all what remains for me So all I ask is that you listen with your heart as I allow mines to abandon me Candidly, I donʼt believe I am a poet myself & these words wont transition My thought process to believe foolish accusations simply because they are handwritten With blood left dried on my skin, allowing silent words to stain like Braille Giving even the blind purpose to feel my poetry unsaid painting a vivid unfinished fairytale I understand this very well but I donʼt think you all hear the silent explanation Poetry is a form of art behind a soul of a dying generation Found by individuals who speak on noise claiming this beauty with such desperation No explanation but to exploit the explicit unrealistic statements Followed by an applaud to those who remain confused by spoken words so blatant Delivered by a simple minded person erasing that fine line between crazy & genius Separating the syllables from its words, the stories from its books, the strength from its weakness Taking this puzzle we call history & Iʼll break it down into pieces Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost leave this kid you find as a poet speechless  Specifically speaking about the letters they put side by side, read between the lines of their teaches No matter how far I stretch my arm towards their legacy, metaphorically speaking, it never reaches Cant forget the great Edgar Alan Poe, William Shakespeare, Sylvia Plath Setting the stepping stones on this poetic walkway with words lighting our paths Injecting this needle disguised as a ball point pen into my system simply stimulating my mind So every time I jot down a thought on this sheet you label silence, remember it isnʼt always mine But a dash of the past & the present leading towards a poetic victory I am a victim to words, an addict to great minds, a student of synergy I have an obsession with opinions, I value my voice & I vibe off liberty I am a collector of thoughts, merely a fan in the audience until I become A Poem of History

31 [dressed] magazine


D Artist Montinique Charlotte, NC





Art Issue 2011  
Art Issue 2011  

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