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Summer 2010, Project Osmosis Express Yourself Self-Portrait Program

Osmosis Education and Mentoring InitiativeTM (also known as Project Osmosis) was established as a not-for-profit organization to further “design education for underserved minority youth.” Today, Project Osmosis is devoted to preserving and promoting the enduring achievements of both professional designers and mentoring the talents of our youth. The Project Osmosis philosophical principles are expressed in three words: dreams, self-expression and community. Project Osmosis believes that dreams come true, self-expression matters and our communities will benefit from our youth’s creativity.Osmosis Education and Mentoring InitiativeTM provides a unique understanding and appreciation of visual arts. Areas of focus include: graphic design, multimedia, urban design, Industrial design, architecture, fashion design, and interior design.

Osmosis Education and Mentoring InitiativeTM was an initiative of the Organization of Black Designers Chicago (OBD Chicago). OBD Chicago previously functioned as a professional support network, yet from its inception, the heart of the chapter has been in creating opportunities for minority youth. “Helping the next ones get there” was the mantra of OBD Chicago. Currently, Osmosis Education and Mentoring InitiativeTM host design professionals from various design disciplines that work tirelessly to ignite interest in mentoring and embolden the hearts of youth that they can have viable careers and design the next iMac sensation, and influencing world commerce. Project Osmosis volunteers have built there credibility as the pied pipers of Chicago’s diverse design community.

Osmosis Education and Mentoring InitiativeTM 1740 West 99th Street Chicago, IL. 60643 Phone: 773.779.1352 Fax: 773.305.2581

The mission of Project Osmosis is to create programs and initiatives that identify, develop, and support young people from minority communities with demonstrated abilities and skills, in the applied arts. Through these efforts, our intention is to increase the influence and presence, of art/design professionals from minority communities, while expanding the reach of artistic expression for all people. Our ultimate goal is to develop an interdependent exchange of artist/cultural expression that includes and values the contributions of artist from all communities, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status. For art/design, in its highest and purest form, must be without barriers, borders or boundaries. Our formula for achieving this mission remains simple and innovative: Educate our young people about the possibilities and realities of art/design careers; Expose young people to art/design professionals; Engage them in a series of activities, that demonstrate and develop their innate abilities, skills and talents; and provide them with Self-expression, through opportunities to showcase what they have learned, and are capable of producing. Project Osmosis has tenaciously pursued its mission of exposing Chicago youth to art and design projects that develop their creativity. We provide innovative solutions to the most critical economic and social concerns facing the under sourced, while developing positive alternatives and outlets, from negative and self-destructive activities and behaviors, present in many urban communities. The greatest testimony of the effectiveness of our art education programs, come from former program participants, who now lead workshops, judge competitions, serve on our Board of Directors, and most importantly, have careers as art/design professionals.

Executive Director Vernon Lockhart

Gwen Williams

Director of Programs Lisa C. Moran

Vernon Lockhart

Director of Finances Racquel Stallworth

Lisa C. Moran

Director of Education Kim Lovely

Milea Robinson

Director of Marketing Lindrea Ross Director of Creativity Marti Parham Director of Mentoring Craig Stevenson

Dave L. Walker Corey Stevenson Gloria Taylor Williams Rhonda Jackson Ollie Drezek Jamal Cornelious Charles Harrison Eric Bailey

Tia Dennis Devin Parker

Project Osmosis desires to further fulfill its mission by expanding its programs by providing design awareness to our youth and design professionals through: • Youth-based design programs • Professional design-based forums and workshops • Providing Design toolkits such as coloring books, art supplies, and sketchbooks • High school and College level internships and apprenticeships • High school design competitions • College scholarships for youth pursuing design as a career

DONATE: Financial support from individuals, corporations and foundations has a direct connection to the number of youth impacted by Project Osmosis. Your donations of time, money, and art supplies provide the resources that support our design awareness and educational efforts. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, providing a gift or discussing a planned giving program please contact:

Vernon Lockhart President & Executive Director Osmosis Edcation and Mentoring InitiativeTM o: 773.779.1352

VOLUNTEER: Do you enjoy working with the youth? Maybe you are a design professional who loves to mentor. Perhaps you want to help paint with a child at our next Self-Expression Event? Our volunteers’ generous donation of their time is what makes Project Osmosis a success. Volunteers serve as mentors, workshop facilitators, and offer general assistance during special events. To join in contact:

RECOMMEND: Maybe at this time, you can’t find the time or resources to assist Project Osmosis in meeting the community’s creative needs, but you know someone who can help. Refer Project Osmosis to colleagues or family members who may know youth who have interest in design. Bring a child to our Self-Expression Program or Design Youth Forum. Tell your local school or organization about our programs and how we can partner to continue to engage our youth in exploring their creativity.


Metamorphosis: Designing Your Future 2011 Design Youth Forum, UIC College of Architecture and the Arts


THE METAMORPHOSIS CAMPAIGN: THE PROBLEM According to an AIGA study on six design trends, by 2015 designers of the future must be able to understand social sciences and humanities, to mention a few. Although these trends are quite complex, we believe that our youth should be introduced to them now. Project Osmosis has woven these trends into our workshops and curriculum. In 2011, Project Osmosis introduced Metamorphosis: Designing your Future as the theme of our annual youth forum where students worked in one design workshop of their choice. Butterflies are one of the most unique and beautiful creatures on this planet. They are so delicate, yet so free. This is a comparison that can also be made to our children. We used our program to take high school. students through the process of metamorphosis and how it is applied to design and their own lives. Students were enlightened and informed us of how their skills have transformed and how they were intrigued by the design evolution and transformation over time. Upon leaving the workshops, only two students per workshop are left with books in their design field. Teens are limited to one workshop and often not exposed to the other disciplines. Often times we have to turn teens away because of low funding of supplies and space. THE SOLUTION: Last year the United States government sponsored a competition to inspire our youth to merge science, math and technologies, Project Osmosis has served as a creative cocoon for youths for over ten years. We know that by contuining our successful programs as well as continually introducing students to the idea of applying the biological process of metamorphosis to their own lives, it will crosspollinate the education of the creative arts and sciences and spark a level of confidence and awareness in our youth in impoverished communities across the Chicagoland area and eventually globally. Metamorphosis is a campaign that will increase design relevance and exposure in underserved communities that are so impacted by violence and creative desolution. It will also increase the number of our youths served by just givig them opportunity to have free access to educational and inspirational tools such as a sketchbook or a coloring book to freely express themselves. This access will no longer be limited to our scheduled programming, but because we are a “mobile” organization, we can travel and expose creativiity to many more youth. Even if we just an encounter a child for a brief moment, they are sparked with a idea and left with something tangible to begin shaping their creative future . Every ”butterfly” should have the right to learn, creatively express themselves, and make their dreams a reality.

DESIGN YOUTH FORUM: Project Osmosis Design Youth Forum is an all-day showcase of the design fields for high school students city-wide that places students in their selected disciplines by assigning projects — the best of which are awarded with prizes. Students take home materials of the chosen discipline, and certificates for participation. Goals • To support pre-professional career discovery in design disciplines among minority youth. • To identify mentors and role models. • To harvest participants for candidacy in the mentoring program the following year. Along with immersing students in a college learning environment, the Design Youth Forum’s curriculum entails instruction in the following:

“Design Hope” 2010 Design Youth Forum, UIniversity of Illinois in Chicago

• Basic principles of design • Definitions of design disciplines • A design project and critique • Career opportunities within a particular design discipline • Preparing and applying for design school • Applying for design jobs • Building a design portfolio • Design resource guide (schools, organizations, publications, libraries, databases etc.) DESIGN EXPLORERS: ASM APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM Within the Project Osmosis Mission, Project Osmosis Design Explorers ASM Apprenticeship Program will focus on teens exploring several areas of concentration in design: Architecture, Graphic, Industrial, Interior, Fashion and Multimedia. With a project culminating one or more of the disciplines students individual interests. The new currency is creativity. Educating students on opportunities in design careers while making connections with their everyday life and the classes they take in school such as math, science, language and technology. An Apprenticeship program is a program that focuses on job readiness skills, career exploration and/or school engagement. Participants should be able to recognize and articulate the job readiness skills they develop such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and decision-making. Students will explore variety of careers within a field and be supplemented with lectures and demonstrations from visiting professionals and trips to local industry leaders.

EXPRESS YOURSELF SELF-PORTRAIT: The Osmosis Education Mentoring Initiative™ Express YourSelfPortrait is designed to encourage young people to follow positive career paths in art and design. The Express YourSelf-Portrait program creates self-esteem by having youth paint a portrait of themselves with the assistance of a professional designer or artist. Project Osmosis design and art professionals will work one-onone with youth to help each of them use the basic principles of design, such as color, line and shape, to create a large-scale self-portrait. We use the facilities of the Chicago Public Library to encourage reading as well as artistic expression. The children, parents and volunteers read positive, affirming literature before and during the portrait painting. Youth are able to use this art medium to learn more about themselves. It’s an opportunity for them to explore their self concepts in a unique and expressive way. For each of them, the artwork is a reflection of his or her own self-image. This introduces youth to creative people of color while reinforcing the possibility of them having a career in the arts. Youth are encouraged to give the portraits titles and to take the portraits home when complete or have them displayed at the library in the communities in which they live.

“2011 High School Competition Winners”

HIGH SCHOOL DESIGN COMPETITION: Project Osmosis Annual All High School Design Competition COCOON: Your Design Journal school students to be creative thinkers and encourages high innovators by expressing their natural talents. A multi-disciplinary project with a theme, students inspired by architecture, fashion, interior, industrial, graphic, and multi-media design are welcome to enter to win an Apple Laptop, ipad or Scholar Award. The Awards Ceremony is held in the Art Institute of Chicago Modern Wing. ANNUAL BENEFIT {PUPA} The Project Osmosis Benefit is anTransforming annualYoung event. The purpose of Creatives the benefit is to raise funds and awareness about Project Osmosis. Volunteers and board members pay homage to “design community Child Coloring Book pioneers”. The benefit also gives special publicity to our sponsors and volunteers. It has been hosted at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center. Project Osmosis designs a program book, which also displays ads from our sponsors, and provides information about board members and Project Osmosis programs.

“The Project Osmosis mentors were able to provide tips and strategies as to how to solve difficult problems in the simplest ways, that being by observing materials and what is needed for the product and the client. At one point, I was given an one-on-one session with a licensed architect from Harrington College, who introduced me to the foundations of architecture, that being planning and early concepts. And then the strategy of combining similar designs and coming to a conclusion on a working, comfortable final design concept. I am positive that these professional tips would assist me in my career choice in architecture, as they are already helping me in my college courses. Project Osmosis prepared me for college and helped me get into the college of my choice, the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, on a full scholarship. I am grateful for the many programs, inspirational mentors, and successful role models Project Osmosis and staff has introduced me to. It was truly an experience I will never forget.”

“My experience with Project Osmosis has been amazing and inspiring! Fortunately I did have a wonderful creative support system at home and with my creative mentor. Project Osmosis, though was that extra layer that gave me not only the creative outlet but also the motivation I needed to work towards my goal of becoming a graphic designer. They really follow up with their students to make sure they follow their dreams. It has been a great feeling to go from being one of the students learning in the graphic design classroom of the Design Youth Forum to being the Instructor of the classroom! Thanks to Project Osmosis I am now working as a Graphic Designer at Art on the Loose, Inc. and helping other students as I was helped.”

• On January 16, 2012, Project Osmosis in partnership with Christ Universal Temple hosted the first Chicago “Peace Through Pie” Social Fundraiser • 2011, Project Osmosis receives the Illinois Art Council Award for a fourth Sentence • Project Osmosis was the recipient of the 2011 Chicago Public Schools Work Based Learning Program Career and technical Education Award. • Project Osmosis was awarded 2011-2013 After School Matters “Design Explorers” Contract • 2009. Project Osmosis recognition of service Youth Self Portrait WorkShop at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis TN. • Osmosis Creative Education Mentoring Kit 2009 “Created By Kim Lovely” Project Osmosis Director of Education, was “2009 Self-Portrait Workshop” Civil Rights Museum Memphis, TN

inducted into the school of The Art Institute Research archives. • Project Osmosis Executive Director, Vernon Lockhart is the recipient of the AIGA National Board Young People Design Inclusion Award • Project Osmosis Advisory Board Member Charles Harrision recipient of the 2008 Design Life Time Achievement Award • In 2008, Project Osmosis, in partnership with Chicago Park District, presented the 1st Chicago International Poster Biennial.


For Immediate Release Wednesday July 25, 2011 Media Contact: Tia Dennis Office: 773-239-5333

Project Osmosis Presents

The 6th Annual Osmosis Education and Mentoring Initiative Benefit: On Saturday, September 17th Project Osmosis invites you to join us for Metamorphosis 2011, the Osmosis Education and Mentoring Initiative annual benefit where for one night only, attendees get an opportunity to network with some of Chicago’s most talented artists and designers while enjoying an energetic evening of fun, good music and tantalizing food. Project Osmosis is a gathering place for minority artists and design professionals who are committed to their craft and are willing to develop and share their talents with others. The craft and art of design is relevant to the larger community, to not only design objects of beauty but to also enhance their practicality. Your contribution, whether in presence or monetarily, will assist Project Osmosis in continuing its mission to create programs and initiatives in the United States and internationally, which creatively develop and support minority youth by demonstrating the abilities and skills needed to pursue careers in the art and design fields. Mark your calendars and tell a friend or two about Metamorphosis 2011 , taking place on Saturday, September 17th at Darryl Petty’s Lifestyle Luxury Membership Club, located at 600 W. Cermak Chicago IL 60605. The event begins at 6:00PM and ends at 11:00PM. Admission is $50 in advance and $60 at the door. You must be 21 to attend. To purchase tickets in advance and learn information about Project Osmosis visit our website at

Project Osmosis, Executive Director


presskit for project osmosis


presskit for project osmosis