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WFN's Free ADASL Weekly March 3, 2013

In This Issue: Week In Review Match Gallery 2013 ADASL So Far Fixtures And Results

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Division One Review

The Enemy of the ADASL: Rain and Rugby Poles??? A combination of rain soaked pitches and equipment failure all added up to destroy a promising weekend of football action in the ADASL. Each team in the ADASL is responsible for their own home ground and giving proper notice if field conditions are threatened by weather or otherwise. This past weekend was a perfect storm of sorts regarding these types of problems. First were the field closures at Southern Poly State University which canceled the WFN Marquee Focus Match between G Tech FC and Melchester Wings. Torrential rains the previous day caused stadium officials to prevent potential damage to the soaked pitch by closing the field on Sunday match day. That game will need to be made up at a later date. The same was true at Georgia Soccer Park in East Point.

The game affected by that closure was the and FC Brookhaven match. Again, Inkhead will have to wait to start making up the games in hand they have that could mean the league for them if they are able to get the desired results.

Relegation Parameters Clarified

But nothing could prepare us for the reason for game postponements at Atlanta’s Silverback Park which was to host 2 games on the day; WFN has learned of a clarification regarding promotion and relegation between Division 1 and Division 2 of the ADASL. It will officially be 1 team down from D1 and 1 team up from D2 with an off­season review on any amendments to that rule. In the volatile world of amateur football, there are no guarantees as Sting Gold vs Majestic at 11am then Nuesoft FC vs FC Ljiljan at to the teams that will register from 1pm. Both Games were canceled year to year so the decision (as has due to the inability of Silverbacks always been) is to go basically stadium grounds crew to extricate with a single team up and down for now. a Rugby goalpost column from the field of play. There may in fact be a change off­ season this year because of rumors Attempts were made for over 2 of a desire to move to 10 total hours but neither game could be teams in D1 (now at only 9 teams) saved and had to be abandoned. But a wait for registration must be With the idle AC Majestic also out of play, there was no action at made to determine if this is possible for the 2013­14 season. all in division 1 of the ADASL this week. A very disappointing and avoidable situation but we will have to wait for later rescheduled games after the current league schedule is complete.

Match Gallery

The much anticipated match that would mean so much in the relegation battle, disappointingly was abandoned due to a unusual problem at Silverbacks Park (Renegades Pitch). A left over Rugby upright pole was stuck in the ground in an area of the penalty box at the south end of the pitch. 2 hours of effort to remove it proved futile and the match abandoned.

Match Gallery

FC Ljiljan gaffer, Kabir Muhic , makes the most out of a match day debacle by turning the abandoned game into a chance at training and player trials.

Match Gallery Match Gallery

Not a lot of action to bring you this week due to the D1 match cancellations, but we did catch the essence of the weekend's events with the cancellations and full on scrimmage between Nuesoft FC and FC Ljiljan.

The ADASL D1 Season So Far!

The 2012足13 season started with the usual suspects as favorites for honors. Melchester Wings, always in the mix for a title, won the previous league title and look this campaign to repeat as league champions. The challengers to Melchester have turned out to be both and Georgia Tech FC who at this point in the season are locked in a 3 horse race together for the league title. Majestic's (League champions 2 seasons ago) challenge faded early in the season with the team hit heavily by key player injuries and players moving away which has hurt the depth of the team and lead to an early exit in the Perrin Cup as well as mid table existence at this stage. Though only 4 points behind who is in 3rd, the form of the top 3 teams seems to rule out Majestic from any last minute charges for a league title for them this season. Now, it will be a good practice for Majestic to prepare for an eventful next season in all competitions.

Another struggler this year that did so well last year has been FC LJiljan who currently are a little closer to the drop zone that is probably comfortable. Ljiljan were last year's Perrin Cup winners and finished the season in 3rd place. This year has been as different as night and day. As the case with Majestic, Ljiljan have been plagued by injuries and player exits which have left them with a serious lack of depth and pressure on stand out players like former B&H stars, Emsad Zahirovic and Damir Torlak. Ljiljan do appear to be safe from the drop especially considering the clarification that only 1 team will be relegated this year from D1 with the hope of 2 teams promoted from division 2 for the 2013足14 season, though this will be a debated issue in the off足season. The reason for this rule is the desire for D1 to go to 10 teams for next season. Much will depend on the teams that return and any new teams that enter the league. The roller足coaster ride of this team that lost it's derby rival B&H Inter last season could end up the season on a hight going into next season.

Sting Gold have taken their traditional space square in the mid足table which is typically where they start and end their seasons of late. Always an entertaining team to watch, Sting seems to drop critical points at critical times that prevents them from challenging for the league title thought they have been in a recent Perrin Cup Final losing to the now defunct B&H International. Another mid足table team that is showing real promise and progress is FC Brookhaven. Brookhaven currently take up 5th place just ahead of Sting Gold which is the same position they finished last season. WFN has yet to cover a game with FC Brookhaven this season but look forward to featuring them at some point before the end of the season. Pretty much safe from any relegation thoughts, Brookhaven's main goals will be similar to Sting in finishing strong and prepping for a challenge for next season. WFN hopes to have some news of an additional competition that the top teams in the ADASL can participate in which will give additional incentives to teams that are in the position that Sting Gold and FC Brookhaven populate at the moment. Bringing up the rear at the bottom of the D1 table are Nuesoft FC in 8th place on 5 points and AC Majestic on 4 points both having played 13 matches. These 2 promoted teams from last season

have found life in the top flight very difficult as they struggle for points against the more well established first tier teams. The good news for both clubs is that at currently there is only one space that will actually fall within the relegation zone this year which has instantly made the relegation battle more intriguing. With only 1 point separating these clubs and 3 games remaining for each this is a battle that could go to the last day of the season. This week's cancellations only turn up the pressure as anything can happen in the last few games. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the offseason as far as the goal of adding another top flight team to bring the total of teams in division one to 10 teams. This will add an additional 2 games to the D1 schedule which is great for the fan of the league. Keep an eye out too for a return to a competition similar to the old Amateur Champion's League that will pit the top teams of the ADASL against the top teams of another Amateur league yet to be named. This is something that WFN will be working in cooperation with local business sponsors and the 2 leagues to provide additional playing incentives for all teams in the division.

Perrin Cup Another competition most of these teams are included in is called the ADASL Perrin Cup. For those not familiar, the Perrin Cup competition is named for Chris Perrin who was a former player, manager and officer of the League who died of cancer in the late 80's. The Perrin Cup is an intra足league knockout style tournament which can provide a team anywhere from one to six additional games of play. The Cup is played throughout the length of the season and is a single足elimination format. For those familiar with the NCAA March Madness of their yearly college basketball tournament. Others can compare to F.A. Cup in England or Copa del Rey in Spain will be similar in concept to the ADASL Perrin Cup. 26 Teams started this tournament with a total of 6 "bye" spots for selected teams. (Typically, there are 32 spaces to start the tournament depending on the number of teams that register). Last year's winner, FC Ljiljan were sensationally knocked out in the 2nd round by the unfancied AC Majestic who are currently still alive in the competition in the final 8. They will face Terminus FC another lower league club.

Two other notable lower league teams still in the mix are Atlanta Red Star from Division Two and Pelicans Blue FC from division three. Odds are long for either of these but as we all know (Especially after Bradford City's exploits in England) anything can happen in a one足off competition like the Perrin Cup. Along with Sting Gold, the favorites of the remaining 8 teams in the Cup are and Georgia Tech FC. Tech previously won the Perrin Cup while in the same year they won 2nd division title earning them a rare league and cup double. Now they are in a position to win another double but this time from a first division

perspective. It would be the 2nd double performed in 3 years counting the fact that Majestic did the same thing back in the 2010­11 season when they won the league and the Perrin Cup in the same season as a division 1 team. Though any final we would have will be a compelling match up, there is the possibility of a mouth­watering finale that would include Georgia Tech FC and which are 2 teams in that tight 3 horse race for the title we mentioned earlier. Depending on what happens in the league, we could experience and unbelievable 3rd year in 4 of a double winner from division 1!

Next Perrin Cup Games:

AC Majestic (d1) vs Terminus FC (d2) Atlanta Red Star (d2) vs G Tech FC (d1) Pelicans Blue FC (d3) vs FC Brookhaven (d1) Sting Gold (d1) vs (d1) For more on the Perrin Cup History:

Recent Perrin Cup Winners

2011­12 FC Ljiljan (1 div) 2010­11 Majestic (1 div) 2009­10 G Tech FC (2 div) 2008­09 B&H International (1 div) 2007­08 Atlanta Silverbacks Reserves (1 div) 2006­07 Atlanta Silverbacks Reserves (1 div) 2005­06 Atlanta Silverbacks Reserves (1 div) 2004­05 Atlanta Silverbacks Reserves (1 div) For more on the Perrin Cup History:

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