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spokane survival guide

For adventurers, tourists, and escaped convicts

warning Warning, you have purchased the Spokane Survival Guide. This is a guide for daring Adventurers, insane Tourists, and Escaped Convicts. It shall provide basic guidance to all survival and safety needs with assumption of low or minimal monetary spending. If this appears to be information you are interested in, read on, but beware. Spokane, much like any city, has it’s sides. One must carefully navigate a new city like one would navigate an unknown forest or perilous jungle. This guidebook will assist you in navigating this dangerous locale. The first piece of advice to be given is that, if possible, forgo stopping in Spokane and plan any and all trips ahead of time for Seattle. Failing this, follow the included guides to local resteraunts, hotels, and sights to blend in with the locals to avoid arousing suspicion and an event schedule for better trip planning. Also included is a map, revealing areas of interest, locations of easily accessed food and water, and areas of danger to be avoided.


table of contents First Stops Food and Water Shelter Hideouts Downtown Events Lore Guide Transport and Safety Map Comprehensive Calendar Writer’s Haunts Resplendant Section Outro Appendix + Sources

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First Stops Your first stops upon arriving in Spokane should be to find Food, Water and Shelter in the Spokane safe zones. Concerns such as finding spots to lay low, blend in, or to launder any potentially stolen goods should wait until you’ve settled in and insured your living situation. What you need first is generally a matter of circumstance, but we recommend starting with a homebase, so Shelter is your most pressing concern. Many Hotels are present in Spokane, and many of them are cheap. Avoid Hotels in areas listed as unsafe on Pg. 11, and be frugal. The Davenport may be famous, but that is a place best reserved for the Resplendant, detailed on Pg. 18. Most Hotels offer some form of food and water by principle, but if your choice doesn’t come with these ammenities, Food and Water should be your next and most immediate concern. Water is easily acquirable in most corners of the city, though it’s best from safe areas an establishments. Food can be acquired cheap at local groceries, but if you lack the ability to prepare your own food, several cheap establishments are listed on Pg. 4. Now with a roof over your head with proper food and water, next comes blending in. There are several sights, called Hideouts (though normally reffered to as Tourist spots and Local favorites) that can serve the need, detailed on Pg. 5.


Food and Water Food and Water are essentials for survival, and in a captilist society, such things are commodities. Fortunately, Spokane offers many cheap, nutritional options for food in the aforementioned safe areas (see Pg. 11), and are listed below. Addresses can be found in the Apendix Caruso’s Sandwiches and Artisan Pizza

With a Spokane and Valley location, you can get reasonably cheap, free pizzas with great flavor, and get toping heavy pizza for maximum nutrition.

Dick’s Hamburgers

A local favorite, famouse for it’s Burgers and Fries, Fish and Chips, and an incredibly popular tartar sauce.

Satellite Diner & Lounge

A well liked establishment on Spraque, and a good place to both get food and keep up on the news. Also a reasonably cheap location for those tight on their purse

Soulful Soups & Spirits Lounge

Well rated for it’s prices and with many healthy options and great service. The hours are a bit tight, but leftovers can be carried and consumed if you have a thermos.

Blaze Pizza

A classic choose-your-own Pizza Joint, which can not only adapt to your tastes, but your prices. It is also high in quality, and easy to take with you.


Shelter Shelter is by far amongst the most important subject of survival, assuming you are not in immediate danger of starvation. Spokane has many Hotels. Those listed below have their addresses in the Appendix, but are all present in the Safe Zones presented on Pg. 11. Please note these are listed for their cheapness, not their quality. Ramada Downtown Spokane

An affordable Hotel, and comes with with breakfast as part of your stay. Reasonably high quality for it’s price.

Fairbridge Inn Express

Easily accessible off of I-90, easy on the budget, with reasonable service and immeditate access to nearby hospitals in case of an emergency.

Quality Inn Downtown 4th Avenue

Probably the highest quality for the lowest price, and also easily accessed off of I-90. Known for it’s professional staff, and offers free breakfast.

Ruby 2

Ruby leans is a bit harsher on the price tag, but it comes with 2 minute walks to bars and shopping, as well as cheap overnight parking.

The Madison Inn

If your looking for a reasonable quality downtown stay for one of the towns events, you could do worse than The Madison Inn.


Hideouts Hideouts, codenamed as “Sights” are popular locations one can blend in with the local populace, and experience what of Spokane is both impressive and inspiring. Beware unusual characters, however, as these areas are frequented by tourists and other unusual characters. Manito Park

Established in April, 1904, and comprising of 5 major gardens, Manito Park is nationally recognized for it’s diverse display of flora.

Riverfront Park

The site of the ‘74 World Fair, Riverfront Park is now a prime site for locals and tourists, complete with rides like the Carousel, an Icerink in the Winter, and a beautiful riverside path.

Centennial Trail

A famous biking and hiking trail in Spokane along the river. A great way to see the town and experience the majesty of the Spokane River.

Spokane Falls

The founding site of Spokane, and a beautiful sight of nature, this waterfall acts as the source of electricity for the city, and best viewed from the bridges in Downtown Spokane.

Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, and the largest cultural organization in the Inland Northwest, this Museum is worth your time if you can find it.


Downtown Downtown is by far the densest part of town, and one of the most densely populated areas in terms of businesses and population. It is also the part of the town with the highest density of Spokane’s unique “character”. Many Hideouts are in this area, but caution is highly advised. This being said, there is a lot to do in Downtown Spokane. Steamplant Square, River Park Square, Fox Theatre, The Bing Crosby Theatre, the Knitting Factory, and many more businesses find their homes here. This is also where you will find most of your services, such as Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, and more. Perhaps the biggest service Downtown Spokane provides is being at the center of the Spokane Transit Authority system. If you’ve opted out of biking or renting a car, this area will become a staple of your visit that you will visit time and time again. Beware, however, as Downtown has danger alongside it’s quirks. Beware entering alleyways, and know that much of the town’s more unusual population, not to be confused with the homeless, border and sometimes stream through the area. Downtown at night, in particular, is quite dangerous, and should be avoided unless you know where your going. In summary, Downtown Spokane will likely be the hub of your time in Spokane, but while it has it’s own charms and wonders, on must always exercise caution.


Events Spokane has many events it celebrates throughout the year. In particular are two events which make travel into town inadvisable unless one wishes to participate in said events, in which case, severe planning is required. Alternatively, one could use such events for cover for evading pursuers, or better accessing parts of town normally too busy during the rest of the year. These events are known as Bloomsday, a massive city-wide run, and Hoopfest, the largest 3-man basketball competition in the nation. These are detailed below.

Bloomsday - May 6th, 2018

The Lilac Bloomsday Run, established in 1974, takes place on the first sunday of May every year. If you wish to participate, an entree fee is required and can be sent in by mail. If you don’t wish to participate, avoid Spokane during the weekend of the first Sunday of May.

Hoopfest - June 30th - July 1st, 2018

Spokane’s Hoopfest is the largest 3-on-3 Outdoor Basketball tournament on Earth. over 6000 teams, 3000 volunteers, and 450 courts spanning 45 city blocks! If you want to participate, great! If you don’t want to participate, AVOID SPOKANE AT ALL COSTS.


Lore Guide Spokane has a robust history, as well as many quirks. To survive beyond the basics in Spokane, a basic understanding of it’s history, what hand it’s played in the country, and the cultural influence it’s had as a whole will go a long way to helping your survival. Spokane was founded upon the site of a Trading Post established by the North West Company’s Columbia Department named the Spokane House in 1810, and was the first enduring European Settlement Washington. 61 years later, the first American settlers in what is now Spokane established a claim at Spokane Falls, and built a Saw Mill near the south bank of the falls. James N. Glover and Jasper Matheney, who were passing through the region in 1873, noticed the potential value of the River and Falls, and purchased these claims. Further, the Northern Pacific Railroad Compandy had recieved a government charter to build a main line across this norhern route. Due to complications, Matheney sold his interest to Glover, but those complications proved unwarranted. Spokane emerged along the railroad, and Glover became the Father of Spokane. The city was soon incorporated on November 29th, 1881. In 1883, Gold, Silver and Lead in the Coeur d’Alene region of northern Idaho brought prospectors, and eventually, miners to the region, causing the area to errupt into mining rush. Mining and smelting ores became lucrative, and Spokane flourished. Unfortunately, Spokane also suffered the Great Fire on August 4th, 1889. This would prove to be the source of Roman-Revival architecture which remains in downtown today. Spokane would proceed to grow apace until the 1910’s, when it’s economy began to slow down. Corporations had begun to take over mines and resources, which diverted captial away from Spokane. Spokane also suffered from a higher crimerate, and played it’s part in fighting for free speech, in the form of the “Workers of the World”, or “Wobblies”.


For the first half of the 20th Century, Spokane transitioned to a Lumber based economy, and would stagnate for decades until the early 1960’s, which saw a boom with the founding of Spokane Unlimited, eventually resulting in Spokane hosting the World’s Fair in Expo ‘74 on May 4th, also being the first environmentally themed world’s fair. The fairgrounds would eventually become Riverfront Park. Unfortunately, the 1981 Recession cut silver, timber, and farm prices, resulting in a period of decline lasting into the 90s. As of the 21st century to the current day, Spokane is transitioning to a service-oriented economy, with most of it’s succesful development being found in health and medicine, resulting in two medical school branches emerging in the University District. Now, River Park Square Mall, and the downtown rebirth it sparked, resulted in the construction of the Spokane Arena and the Spokane Convention Center. Further, The Big Easy concert house, now the Knitting Factory, Montvale Hotel, and the Fox Theatre were renovated, and new constructions such as the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences building, the Davenport Grand Hotel, Ridpath Hotel, and the ongoing renovation of Riverfront Park has brought about new life and vigor to the City.


Transportation Spokane is a reasonably large city, and as such can be navigated in many ways. The cheapest means of travel at a reasonable pace would be through the Spokane Transit Authority, a bus-based transportation system with routes going from Cheney, WA all the way to Deer Park in the north and Liberty Lake in the south. Their routes are all viewable on their website, and a trip can be planned using the bus via Google Maps, so long as you have the address of where you wish to go, and when you would like to arrive or plan to depart. Alternatively, Car Rentals are available near the Airport, allowing for more controlled, though more expensive travel, which is recommended along I-90. For those with the cheapest inclination, the city has also greatly expanded it’s Bicycle Infrastructure, making safe travel via Bicycle viable. However, one should take heed of the dangers of Spokane. There are various areas which are considered to be dangerous by the general populous, especially at Night, and thus urge caution when setting out in these areas - Riverfront Park is a lovely place, but don’t visit at night - The Sprague Redlight District should be avoided. - Hillyard, Chief Gary Park, and West Central should be avoided - Caution is strongly advised at the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza All areas marked in Orange on the map should be avoided at night, and stopping in these areas during the day should be at locations you intend to visit. Insure your safety by locking your vehicles and storing valuables out of sight for your safety. More information on this map can be found on Pg. 13-14




Spokane Map To the immediate right is a map of Spokane. This map is not entirely accurate, and a true map, such as one purchased at an appropriate vendor, or through some form of Online Map, should be used for navigation. However, this map displays all aforementioned areas of interest, Hideouts, Restaurants, Hotels, and Interesting sights mentioned on previous pages, as well as a few mentioned in later pages. The Key below will act as your guide, giving you a general location for any of these locations near you. Again, we stress using an actual map of some form for actual navigation of the city.

















Writer’s Haunts The Writer of this book is, by his own confession, and local of Spokane, and as such has his own recommendations for a change of pace in the city. He has also admited to being a hermit, and that his opinions might be incredibly offbase compared to popular opinion. Either way, his haunts are as follows. Laser Quest

A semi-expensive romp in a 80-90’s era laser battle in dark room with geometric walls and a smoke machine generated haze leads to a surprisingly fun experience, with included arcade

Roller Valley

Technically not in Spokane proper, but rather Spokane Valley to the East, this little place is a nice roller rink, and a fun place for the kids. Just beware, it’s as safe as an ice rink.

The Spaghetti Factory

My favorite restaurant in town. Though not necessarily local, or cheap, it is a nice retro experience that’ll rarely do you wrong.

Riverpark Square

My favorite place to hangout downtown. Two floors of shops, a third dedicated to food, and the rest for movies. A great place to just chill if you’re waiting for your bus.


The Splurge Section This section is definitely not for the majority of those who would pick this book. If, however, you have spare dough to blow, or more cynically, need to spend some laundered goods, you’d do worse than some of these more expensive attractions. The Historic Davenport Hotel

The most expensive Hotel in town, aside from the modern equivalent downtown. It’s high class, professional staff, and amazing grandeur will leave you speechless.

Spokane Food and Wine Tours

An amazing tour both of the delicious food and wine scene of Spokane, and you will be introduced to the historical vibe of the city. A Spokane Crash Course with Food and Drink.

Mica Moon Zip Tours

Are you a dare devil with a death wish? Too bad, these are quite safe, but the adrenaline will help. But you’ll get a taste of prohibition era Spokane and see it in a way few have!

Northtown Mall

The biggest mall after River Park Square, the Northtown mall is home to many businesses, even more out of the common way, that you will likely find something to your tastes.

Escape Entertainment

Room escape games have been appearing all across the nation, and Spokane has joined the fun. Work together, or practice cooperation to escape these puzzles before time expires.


Outro At this point, you have been informed, both of the dangers, and the wonders, of the City of Spokane. Much like any dangerous location, it has it’s sights, it’s beauties, and it’s wonders. It’s people has their charms, their quirks, and their problems. At this point, you can make an educated attempt at staying and enjoying Spokane, or, as you might now prefer, blast through Spokane on your way to more civil, or perhaps more dangerous locales, such as Seattle, Portland, or the Tri-Cities. Beyond surviving Spokane, we hope this guides has granted you insight into one of the more peculiar stops on your way to other locations. If your here maybe as an end destination, either for a business meeting, or attending Bloomsday or Hoopfest, that this guide leads you to Food, Water and Shelter.


Appendix B------------------------------------------------------Blaze Pizza 926 N Division St Bloomsday C------------------------------------------------------Caruso’s Sandwiches & Artisan Pizza 1120 N Division St Centennial Trail Spokane, WA 99201 D-----------------------------------------------------Dicks Hamburgers 10 E 3rd Ave E------------------------------------------------------Escape Entertainment 7456 N Division St F------------------------------------------------------Fairbridge Inn Express 211 S Division St H-----------------------------------------------------The Historic Davenport Hotel 10 S Post St Hoopfest L------------------------------------------------------Laser Quest 202 W 2nd Ave Suite 4 M-----------------------------------------------------The Madison Inn 15 West Rockwood Boulevard Manito Park 1702 S Grand Blvd Mica Moon Zip Trips 23403 E Mission Ave #111, N-----------------------------------------------------Northtown Mall 4750 N Division St Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture 2316 W 1st Ave Q-----------------------------------------------------Quality Inn Downtown 4th Avenue 110 E 4th Ave R-----------------------------------------------------Ramada Downtown Spokane 923 E 3rd Ave Riverfront Park 507 N Howard St Riverpark Square 808 W Main Ave Roller Valley 9415 E 4th Ave Ruby 2 123 S Post St S-----------------------------------------------------The Spaghetti Factory 152 S Monroe St The Satellite Diner and Lounge 425 W Sprague Ave Soulful Soups & Spirits 117 N Howard St Spokane Falls Spokane, WA 99201 Spokane Food and Wine Tour


Caution This is a guidebook for the Adventurous, The Insane, or for those with No Options. This is a Frugal Guide for a TEMPORARY stay in Spokane. If your intent is to enjoy the fullest extent to which Spokane can offer, please decline this book, and find another more suiting to your needs. Otherwise, read on. You have been Warned.


Spokane Survival Guide Final Edition  
Spokane Survival Guide Final Edition