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CONTENTS The normals

1.Editors Letter 2. Inbox 3-6 News 7-8. Black & Yellow Movement 11-13. Entertainment 14-15. About To Blow: RD 16-17. Barbie Dominantion 18-19 Minaj Fans 24-28. 2011 WatchList : T-TEE, Yelawolf, Diggy Simmons, Sneakbo,Chipmunk 40. Advertisements

Fashion Forward

29. 2011 Guide To Fashion 30-31. Addidas and Nike Hook Up 35-36. London Fashion Week 37. Winter Still - Pts vs Vans 38. Spring 2011 - Air Max Year

exclusives 9-10. Wiz Khalifa: Uprising 20-23. Nicki Minaj: Head Barbie 32- 34. T-TEE 39. J.woodsz 41- Tyga Interview Live at Birmingham’s HMV Institute WWW.NICHE’MAGAZINE.COM


o what do you think makes your music appeal to a whole range of different audience? Well I just wanted to make music that was different to what was already out there so I had that influence and began doing what I love being different and making music with that extra kick (Winks) and I ain’t even started yet. So T-Tee tell us a lil about yourself and where all this started? LOL where to start, erm…well I basically have been drawn to music ever since I was young, my mom use to say I kicked a lot when she was pregnant but I say I was just making beats. I don’t know I have loved music since birth but I wasn’t drawn to pop or all the stuff a girl should be drawn too, I listened to hardcore rap but I was gifted with a voice that doesn’t match my body so I never fitted in especially with the sound that was out when younger, but at the age of 13 I started writing little songs with school friends and it was a way of life for me and then I got noticed in the city centre at 16 when I was with my friends and asked to come to a studio to feature on track and flew out to America to sing back up for the artist.Long story short and along came X Factor.

t-T EE

But you only started getting real recognition after deciding to come from the uk just to audition for Xfactor US, but why didn’t you audition for the uk’s version? Basically yeah, and I knew about the UK version of the X Factor anyway so when in was in America I thought maybe I should just try it out.



What was it like not getting through but becoming a overnight inspiration? It’s different but im blessed

Now you are working on a project for dr.dre’s detox album, what he like then?

Also you have recognition for your talents as a song writer, with a following for your most recognised song you co-wrote with rihanna ‘What’s my name’ Yooooo my tune der! (Giggling) With my songs I make them edgy and flavourful but there for that certain performer that certain person so with me being born in Jamaica and her Barbados it was a natural click, we could jam! ls is werid to have people sing you songs?

One word LEGEND, I am blessed I swear it. Just know that when we jam together you know there’s that new sound being created. With the controversy of your album still looming, how did you come down to completing the deluxe edition? Which is now double platinum right?


Not really, ok im lying! Yeah its weird but its dope man and best part is they know who I am and request to work with me and when I hear it on the radio (screams) its f**kin amazing.

Yessir im double platinum babyyyy (Smiles) I’m still in shock, but yeah I don’t know why there is controversy I’m just trying to express me myself and what others like me want, the right to be a individual in society plus I make banging music and I don’t care to be honest if its to explicit or to sexual, my fans love it, I love so who really gives one so all this controversy (Laughs) wont ever effect my sound because if my life wasn’t ott I would have a boring album enit.

Nev e mus r thoug i h gue c woul t my d ss i was be lik ed, wro ng

People seem to keep forgetting your only 17 so how do you kick back and relax?

YEAH!!! I know enit, but soon turn 18 soon, woop! (Laughs) Well I just call up some of my homies, I try and find the nearest thing that tastes like nandos and we start acting foolish, so the fun Ok lastly if you could wish for anything by the end of 2011 what would it be? To get a couple more number ones, touch wood and to let all individuals like myself know that its ok to be different and to live life enit, cos I am.




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Wiz Khalifa Nicki Minaj Tyga Dirty Money The Muse Chase + Status Chipmunk Kanye West Giggs £2.00 Every Issue INTERVIEW PHOTOSHOOT “My Album...

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