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South Indian Weddings are full of rituals and colors

Indian weddings are famous in the world for its magnum opus setting, the hugeness in interior, the variety in color and richness in rituals and customs. Hindu weddings are full of traditions and rituals, right from the time the marriage is announced till the wedding day there are end number of rituals celebrated. These rituals are different from sect to sect of Hinduism, leaving few things which are same in every Hindu Wedding, First is the seven circumambulations and second is the wedding card. All Hindu wedding cards are more or less the same, Hinduism is a religion full of deities and Gods, different sects of the culture worships different Gods. Hinduism is very mystical and sacred culture, Hindus are very religious, and their wedding cards have the name or pictures of their Gods and Goddesses. The south wedding invitations cards have pictures and names of their Gods.

The South India wedding is also very famous for its various customs and rituals. The south Indians are extremely down to earth and warm people, they give their rituals utmost importance. Right from their Nadaswaram, the South Indian musical instrument (Shehnai) to Kolam (Rangoli) they are very peculiar and perfectionists. The marriage ceremony is hosted by the bride’s family where the Jana vasam or the groom’s family is welcomed in very beautiful manner with flowers and sweets. The celebration starts with Nandi Devata Puja, Kasi Yatra, Oonchal, and Kanya Dhaanam are few important events; in many weddings people mention the whole events in south wedding invitations cards.

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South Indian Weddings are full of rituals and colors  

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