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Why Purchase Solar Generator - Powersource 1800 Generator Well after hearing about the threats and the news about North Korea using nuclear warfare against U.S. soil on April 3, 2013. I realized that I should recommend folks to purchase a backup solar generator for this kind of preparedness. We all know there has been things boiling for the past 30+ years and all the talks about, people are now realized they should be somewhat prepared if they are not leaving the country. The leader Kim Jung Un or the mass media news corporations is doing the Kansas City Shuffle. It is one story one day and then another story a day later. I see micro and macro testing and that is probably the reason for the many different news stories across different mediums. So I hope not to scare you, but to encourage you to either leave the USA now or get preparedness with emergency solar power so that you have a way to keep your lights on during possible blackouts. Now I know that recently the Kim Jung had some news about how he changed subjects to economy and such, regardless, what would be the purpose of saying what he said before hand? So with that, let's just not let anyone hold us down and that we take preparation steps like having backup supplies of things while also making decisions to leave or at least pass the contracts and such over the public servants so that they can't keep on plundering ALL of our estates in the public. It's a long story folks, but you just might want to put down your own prejudices about anyone who is offering you some ideas about being prepared when you constantly hear about these kinds of issues. The goal nowadays for folks like you are to provide a quality service or product that you can use as a means of exchange until people realize they can just share everything. I think that it is a huge paradigm shift, what do you think? You can watch this if you want to learn more about this event that happened recently. Also now that I think about, you might as well stock up on drinking water supply because anything to do with nuclear and biological weaponary, it spreads like wild fire and depending on how or if even this happens, you will want to have some distant between you and the local water supply. I might even dare to say that you want to have a way of pumping water in your backyard. And don't tell anyone that you plan on adding a water pumping system because until something happens and even then you might want to walk steadily with people until you know more about them. Don't be afraid, remember they didn't do the attack if that happens, they are bystanders and for the most part, completely stressed out and looking for refuge. The solar generator that I am recommending is called the Powersource 1800. It is quite powerful as well as portable. What I really enjoy about this particular unit is that the company behind has been testing this product for over 5 years and they are constantly the winner of the solar generator market.

It can power up lamps, microwaves, computers, hotplates, coffee maker and much. The way it works is there is a built in powerful deep cell battery that has smart technology built in to keep appliances from overcharging. Additionally, there is a 90 solar panel and a power cord so you have two ways of charging up the generator. It takes anywhere from 3-8 hours to charge your solar battery from the sun and about 5 hours max on a dead battery being charged from the wall outlet. The part which is portable is the wheels that are on the solar panel. If you wanted to move the generator itself, it weighs about 65 lbs so be sure that you have two people help you move it unless you can carry it by yourself. The cost for this unit varies from retailer to retailer, but the average price point is $1600 dollars. You can easily order them online and the manufacturer is located in the USA, so you know that you aren't just giving your cash to some big public company whose purpose is more driven by profits than your safety. Another thing that I want to mention is that we should be prepared while still maintaining a sense of calmness and cleverness. There is no use in getting upset and stressed, just get prepared, be smart, build relationships and pray and meditate. When you purchase the solar generator, you might as well go shopping for backup supplies like water and food. There are some companies that offer backup survival food bins for 30 days and even up to 6 months and a year. They usually cost about $100 to $1000 dollars, but food that is organic and can last more than a month is totally worth the cost.

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