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Blog Username Tips When you're creating a blog, you sometimes don't know what username to pick. Or you want to focus on your audience but you don't to come off as someone selling anything. What do you do in order to get a good username when creating a blog? The answer will include taking these factors into your decision making process: 1) Is the username easy to spell? Having a username that you can't spell makes it hard for people to remember to type it in because they don't want to be sent to the wrong site or waste their time. 2) Does the username call to a certain crowd? Does the subdomain make people think about a certain subject, for example, solarpanelsforsale? If you are just a regular blogger who wants to share their insights into solar panel pricing this might be good. Others might think you are trying to sell them something, even if you were, people for some reason don't like it. It's far easy to do what you love and those who see and hear you message will want to come to your blog. However if you an internet marketer who wants to provide reviews on solar panels, then having solarpanelsforsale isn't a bad idea. 3)Is the name easy to remember? Some usernames are hard to remember because it is a uncommon way of saying it or it's not commonly spoken. Having is catchy, easy to spell and memorable to my audience. My audience being those who want to create a blog at 4)Does your username interfere with your other marketing strategy? As some people think this might not happen even the best online enabled people who create and develop things in it, will create usernames at blog platforms to help them in the search engines but also in their quest for domination in the domain world even if its a blog platform. Most people wouldn't share this with you because it is something like taboo, but actually, it's what a lot of internet marketers do when they get a domain name that is keyword rich, they simply want to own everything about that domain so then others can't infringe on their quest to dominate. 5)Does your username belong to other private information in your life? Having this as your username is not a good idea when using any blog or website platform, there are too many issues in security flaws for doing this. Just remember that online is suppose to be fun as well as educational and profitable and putting up your private information is not always the smartest idea especially if it belongs to your private personal information and other logins.

In Review: Keep it short Make it memorable Focus it to the right audience Use different names that your other login information

Creating Blog Usernames  
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