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Want an idea on what goes on inside my head? We'll you're in luck! Open Wide is multiple stories I have heard from family and friends. Each poem in Open Wide is heart touching. Some poems will bring a smile to your face and others will make you cry of anger, joy, and understanding. I have opened my mind and heart to you in this booklet. I hope you appreciate it and continue to support me in all my endeavours.

Rising Artists Publications 2012Š

Jordan Banks

Momma's Mornings Every morning momma wakes me up. “Hey baby, Good morning.” She places a kiss upon my forehead. “Have a blessed day, I love you.” Only if I knew then that love, REAL LOVE, is hard to come by. Every morning momma wakes me up, places a kiss upon my head, and tells me she loves me. Momma, a single mother that would do anything to assure her kids wouldn't go without anything. Momma, who worked two jobs to assure her children got a quality education. Momma, who would cry some nights because she didn't know if she were going to get the bills paid one months, but always made a way. Momma, who at times I hated because she wouldn't let me have my way. She didn't understand who I really was or what I went through. So, I hated her. Momma, who cared for me more than I cared for myself . The woman who gave birth to me, yet didn't understand me. So, I hated her. Every morning momma wakes me up, places a kiss upon my head, and tells me she loves me. Until this one day...she didn't. So I hopped from bed and raced downstairs to find momma face down in the kitchen. “Momma, Momma!” I yelled but no response, no breathing, no pulse, no more momma. Momma who woke me up every morning, kissed me on my forehead, and said, “Baby I love you,” was now gone. No alarm clock, no woman, or her kiss can reunite those mornings I shared with her. Momma I miss you, I need you, and I love you too.

Grief Not for Me Please do not grief for me, Those you love, you must let go. Please believe I have been set free, From all the pain life can bestow. As I begin my world anew, Consider not what used to be, I am sending happy thoughts to you as I enjoy eternity. Lord, bless the home from which I came, Brush each lonely second away. With fond remembrance of my name, And let the sun rise represent a new day. Look to the heavens, know I am there. I have left my love with-in this prayer. I am always watching over you.

Freedom Time (Inspired by Lauryn Hill)

Everybody knows that they're guilty. Everybody knows that they've lied. Everybody knows that they're guilty, resting on their consense eating their insides. It's freedom time. It's freedom time. So there is a war in the mind over territory. Rights versus wrongs, check your morals and thoughts. There are, bad memories kept in captivity. Memories that you don't want anyone to know. Memories you promised only God you would show. Memories you lie saying everything’s alright, but it's not. Memories, eating away at your sanity. See there's a wall you built to keep the others out, solitary. You want nothing to do with the outside world, loneliness. You keep yourself occupied so you won't have time, love. You're alone in your own little world, depression. Where is the self expression? Reciting I love you to yourself doesn't bring any satisfaction, loneliness. No satisfaction, solitary. No satisfaction, depression. No satisfaction. Everybody knows that they're guilty. Everybody knows that they've lied. Everybody knows that they're guilty, resting on their consense eating their insides. It's freedom time. There's a generation of hoodlums and fools, who won't take the time to learn the golden rule. Do unto others as you want them do unto you. Rules, are what they feel they can break. Authority, is what they hate. “You can't tell me what to do! You don't know how I feel!” But the child words are real. A baby, so innocent and cute. As he grows, he needs you. Someone to

watch over and listen to his problems. Someone to guide him through this jungle, life. Sometimes, they can't learn it from their parents. That's when you step in and give a lending hand. You, you, and even me too. It takes a nation to raise a child in a positive way. It's freedom time. We have to join as one. Let our differences aside because we are all in the race. Win or lose, we all have a fate. Just keep pushing and believing in you. Trust God, because he believes in you too. Never give up, because freedom time will arrive very soon.

I Born

Love Always “This one is for you.” -A dedication to Whitney Houston

It gets hard and hard each day. But soon, a change will come. I'm going home to be with my father, home. I'm going home to live with God.

Why? She thought, as an ocean of tears escaped her eyes Why! She screamed, as she slowly rocked herself into insanity. She cried, but not alone. There's a storm outside and they cry, baby and mother.

The world fell in silence when word got out that an angel had died. The flood gates burst and millions of tears fled down the faces of lives she touched through her music. She was more than just a voice. To some, she was family. To some, she was a role model. But she was an inspiration to us all.

If someone only could have warned her that sex brings babies than just maybe, she would have stopped. But his sex was so good, like a trip to the candy store. When he reached his climax, she begged him for more. She was addicted to this sex life and love.

February 11, 2012; a date that we shall come not to forget. The day the record stopped spinning and you could hear sighs all over the world. We didn't know you personally but you changed our lives. I can't speak for everyone, but you changed mines. Shall I compare thy voice to that of an angel? Take thy spot in the choir and sing words of inspiration and motivation. Let your voice travel down from the heavens and continue to touch lives of generations to come.

With sex came trouble. Weeks later she discovered, she was pregnant. And like any fool, when she told the baby's daddy he shouted, “It isn't mines.” So she cries.

I'm going home to be with my father, home. I'm going home to live with God. I'm going home, I'm going home to live with my father. Take your spot in heaven. I understand why God would've wanted you in heaven, because you truly were an angel on earth. There are many more things I could say. But all is needed is, Rest In Peace. Love Always,

What is she to do? She promised her mother she would play it safe and the fear of an abortion made her run far, far, far away. So as she sits on a park bench, slowly going insane, she cries and wish she could do it all over again. She wished the baby growing inside of her didn't exist! But soon she will realize it is alive just as she is! So she cries and on January 16, 1994...I BORN.

Color Blind

Silent Killer

“She’s white son.” Those words echoed in my head as I went on a walk to clear my mind. Hard to believe that was my mothers excuse, denying my heart of love. It was even harder to believe that racism still existed today. Some people still see in black and white, while some see in color.

The lies a human will tell to feel loved. The acts they will perform to feel wanted. Nothing is for nothing.

Human beings are not all made one in the same. Some are black and some white. Some are Asian and some Mexican. Some skin is black as coal and some skin so tanned it damn near resembles an orange. Cupid must be color blind because love doesn't have a specific color and doesn't only exist between one race. Regardless of what anyone has to say, love exist between races. And regardless of what people think or say, I am going to love her anyway. I love everything about her. Maybe it's the way she says, “Hey.” Or maybe it's her figure. I'm not sure what it is as long it doesn't go away. She is: smart, kind, beautiful, funny, and her smile brightens up my darkest days. I also admire how we see past our races history and look towards a future where there are no specifications of who you can love. I see her as a shelter for my heart and a diary for all my secrets, hopes, and dreams. Every night I thank God for putting love on earth and joy in my heart. Some may say I am crazy. Others acknowledge me for saying what they're afraid to say. I may be crazy and yes she is white. But I still love her. I am color blind and if loving her is wrong, I don't want to see. Don't judge love by the tone of skin but how you feel within.

The mind speaks out of abundance from the heart. The soul shouts for it, while the illusion suffocate you from the inside. So as tears drip from your eyes and you heart stops, the soul can finally say, "I love you." But you...will never get to hear.

The Truth

Better Soon

Do I love you? Is this a trick question? How can one measure love in a cup that is overflowing with excuses and denial? How can one speak when there is this knot of anger and frustration that has settled in my trachea and simple words such as yes, no, and love never escape my lips?

It's going to get better, you can take my word. Even though it seems as if all is lost, keep pushing on because there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

Do I love you? Do you want the truth? How can you love someone who does not know what it truly means to love? How can you trust someone whose words are so slick that confusion can consume you, and as you're surrounded by darkness the only light you have is in your mind, memories? All you have left is what use to be. The first few dates, that first kiss, and the first time you said it. “I love you.� As your heart felt as if it were going to burst through your chest, as you stared into their eyes, and it seemed as if God had answered your prayers and sent you the love of your life, but soon everything changed. So now as you sit at the edge of your bed contemplating on what to do remember, memories hold the truth. Either stay or leave the memories will always remain within you.

It's going to get better, just pray. God is listening 24/7 and is all ears. He will listen to whatever you have to say and not one will he interrupt or complain. It's going to get better, stop stressing. Stress will not make the problem go away. It will only drive you insane. So, relax. I can't give you an exact time of day, but I can promise you it will get better. Just have faith.

Open Wide  

Want an idea on what goes on inside my head? We'll you're in luck! Open Wide is multiple stories I have heard from family and friends. Each...