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Despite their arguments, Olivia helps Erin get ready for sports days and like most siblings, one is tidy and the other is, well, not so tidy.

Mum said when we were younger, we could feel each other’s emotions. Olivia Mohi

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Twins Olivia and Erin Mohi not only share a birthday, but also have a similar taste in music.

Like many twins, Olivia and Erin have developed a special bond, and they often know how the other twin is feeling. “Mum said when we were younger, we could feel each other’s emotions,” Olivia said.

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Shepparton with Mum, and Mum said I was really unsettled between 11 and 11.30,” she said. Caroline Mohi, the twins’ mother, later learned from the neo-natal nurses on the plane that Erin was also unsettled at the exact same time as Olivia. Olivia and Erin have often been indicators of whether the other twin is okay and how they are feeling at specific moments in time. When Erin had surgery for a problem with her feet, the family knew the operation had gone well since Olivia was feeling fine.

At four weeks old, Erin was flown to Melbourne to undergo surgery for a perforated bowel, and even at that young age Olivia seemed to know something was wrong.

Caroline said watching the twins grow up was beautiful and mind-blowing.

“Erin was being flown to Melbourne and I was in

“The older they get, the stronger the bond gets.” n

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“It’s been a real adventure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said.


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