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DreamBee Theatre System introduced at next CEDIA USA 2007 A new DreamBee package will be demonstrated at the coming CEDIA EXPO in Denver, USA. After the successful DreamBee Pro package, we are proud to introduce our new DreamVision Theater System : the ultimate all-in-one solution for the uncomprimising cinephiles who want to watch Cinemascope movies on a real 2.35:1 screen. No more unpleasant black bars. No more loss of brightness and no more waste of pixels. Just sit comfortably, relax and enjoy the show, in pure Cinemascope format. DreamVision will bring you a perfect system, starring the acclaimed full-HD DreamBee projector, featuring the optimized Dreamscaler 3 external video-processor/hub and an intelligent bracket pre-equipped with a motorized slider and an optically ďŹ rst-class anamorphic lens. The DreamBee Theatre system is user-friendly. It is installer-friendly. It makes your creaziest dreams come true. Brochure coming soon.

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In June and July, the DreamBee Pro package stood for more than 30% of the total DreamBee sales. It seems that the DreamVision customers like those exclusive packages. More to come soon... But, by the way, what is the DreamBee Pro ? Small reminder below :

DreamBee PRO pack contains a limited edition DreamBee with honey ring and a customized version of our DreamScaler 3 external video-processor, which has been speciďŹ cally reprogrammed for the DreamBee, thanks to the collaboration of our engineers with the talented Anchor Bay development team. the exclusive Honey Ring

the Limited Edition


Apart from the promotional price, main beneďŹ ts are : Exceptional video performance thanks to the VRSTM technology by Anchor Bay

Professional colour management tools Optimized out-of-the-box settings

Richer connectivity : 4 HDMI inputs Extended plug-and-play capability Advanced video source management 2.35:1 aspect ratio preset Advanced video game mode and D-sub15 compatibility (cable D-sub15 to RGBVH needed) Total control of the overscan


Increased upgradeability (optional SDI input, optional 12v trigger, future software applications...)

Many reviews and press articles for the DreamBee. A few interesting examples below. marketing feature GUILTY PLEASURES

All photos: The DreamBee video projector

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UK : Hi-Fi news magazine

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Singapore : Tatler magazine

Varför ödsla din tid på att stå i kö vid biografen, när du istället kan investera i en DreamVision projektor i absolut toppklass. Att titta på film med denna projektor designad av Le Porcher är som en fullvärdig biograf i ditt eget hem. DreamBee kan beställas i valfri kulör (varför inte matcha ex. bilen, soffan) till ett litet extra pristillägg. - Det är bara att plocka fram popcornen, luta sig tillbaka och njuta av den bästa bild som går att uppbringa. DreamBee är en high-End 3-chip D-ILA 1920x1080 projektor med 20.000:1 kontrast, 1000 ansi. Som tillbehör kan du köpa en Scalerbox för att ta emot flera källor ex. 4 HDMI. DreamBee finns också i en Pro-version med en extern scaler som är optimerad för denna projektor.

DreamBee: 70.000kr DreamScaler2: 24.000kr BreamBee Pro inkl. DreamScaler3: 99.000kr

distributör - - tel. 0470-469 90 - fax. 0470-469 93

Sweden : advertisement for DreamBee

Italy : Digital Video magazine


The A/V Hong-Kong and Guanzhou shows were starring DreamBee this Summer in China

Have you noticed it ? These two advertising banners have been present on several famous websites like or all Summer long. Resulting into a great number of visitors.


DV News August 2007  
DV News August 2007  

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