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BOOM January 31, 2018 Volume 1 Number 1 WINTER, 2018

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2 January 31, 2018

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What on earth is this? Welcome to theWelcome premiere to isthe sue premiere of BOOM,is-the sue of BOOM, the magazine for who magazine for who you are, if you you are, if someyou were born were born sometime between the timeofbetween the end World War end of World War II and the midII and the midPHOTO BY 1960s, making PHOTO BY 1960s, making CINDY GOFF you of CINDY GOFF you aa member member the “baby boom generation.” Just of as the boomers “baby boom generation.” Just as we began our life journey weyoungsters boomers began our life journey as with small bookbags, as youngsters with small bookbags, so BOOM begins pint-sized but so BOOM begins pint-sized but ready to grow. ready to grow. The baby boom generation has The baby boom generation has witnessed or directly participated witnessed or directly participated in events that reshaped this nation in events that reshaped this nation from left, right and center. We didn’t from left, right and center. We didn’t invent having fun but we sure did invent having fun but we sure did make a name for ourselves having make a name for ourselves having it! We fought for and won personal it! We fought for and won personal freedoms unknown to previous freedoms unknown to previous generations and used them to build generations and used them to build new institutions of social change new institutions of social change that still affect everyone alive today. that still affect everyone alive today.

Our lives have crossed a bridge from Our lives have crossed a bridge from long-distance operators to instantly long-distance operators to instantly accessing almost anything we need accessing almost anything we need to know on a palm-sized computer to know on a palm-sized computer exponentially more powerful than exponentially more powerful than the ones that put U.S. astronauts on the ones that put U.S. astronauts on the Moon. In the crossing, we have the Moon. In the crossing, we have embraced the values of the past and embraced the values of the past and exciting promises of the future with exciting promises of the future with (mostly!) equal ease. (mostly!) equal ease. In this new magazine, we celIn this new magazine, we celebrate — and sometimes side-eye ebrate — and sometimes side-eye — the traits that set baby boomers — the traits that set baby boomers apart from other generations while apart from other generations while being mirrored by them in surprisbeing mirrored by them in surprising ways. That means you’re a ing ways. That means you’re a “boomer” no matter what your age. “boomer” no matter what your age. Welcome! Let us hear from you Welcome! Let us hear from you about what you’d like to read in the about what you’d like to read in the pages of BOOM, the magazine for pages of BOOM, the magazine for who you are. who you are.

Mara Seaforest, Editor Mara Seaforest, Editor Cover Design: Cindy Goff Cover Design: Cindy Goff

And Now For Something Completely Different and now For Something Completely diFFerent

CONTRIBUTORS CONTRIBUTORS Christopher Burns is a former Washington Post executive and editor Christopher Burns is a service. former Washington Postproject executive and New editor of UPI, the worldwide news His latest book is “The of UPI, the worldwide news service. His latest book project is “The New Old Age: Exercise, Fall in Love and Leave a Light on in the Bathroom.” Old Age: Exercise, Fall in Love and Leave a Light on in the Bathroom.” Nathaniel Cerf is a frequent contributor to the blog at ThePenMarNathaniel Cerf is a author frequent to theVictories.” blog at He also is the of contributor the novel “Little He also is the author of the novel “Little Victories.” Musician David Charvonia is a champion of vinyl LP and 78 recordMusician David Charvonia is a champion of the vinyl LP and 78 recordings. His personal collection numbers well into thousands. ings. His personal collection numbers well into the thousands. Terri Lynn Erwin has been published in journalistic and academic Terri LynnShe Erwin has been published in journalistic and academic publications. is a former teacher of literature and theatre. publications. She is a former teacher of literature and theatre. John Hagarty is a passionate hiker and backpacker as well as a home John Hagarty is a passionate hiker and backpacker as well as a home winemaker, homebrewer and writer. winemaker, homebrewer and writer. Patty Hardee is a writer, consultant, actor, director, recovering standPatty Hardee is a Medicare writer, consultant, actor, director, recovering standup comic, and proud card carrier. up comic, and proud Medicare card carrier. Janet Heisrath-Evans enjoys writing, reading, gardening, hiking Janet Heisrath-Evans enjoys writing, reading, gardening, and working on that novel. She plans to pick up the clarinet andhiking retire and working on that novel. She plans to pick up the clarinet and retire her old saxophone for good. her old saxophone for good. Alissa J. Jones is a freelance writer, published author and leads writAlissa J. Jones is a freelance ing groups in Northern Virginia.writer, published author and leads writing groups in Northern Virginia. Yaron Linett was born in Jerusalem, Israel. He and his CanadianYaron Linett in Jerusalem, Israel. He interior and his design Canadianborn wife Laura was run aborn commercial and residential firm. born wife Laura run a commercial and residential interior design firm. Laura Lyster-Mensh is the founder and original host of Our Better Laura Lyster-Mensh is the founderasand host of Our Better Half podcast, about sex and sexuality we original age. Half podcast, about sex and sexuality as we age. Skylar Swain is a professional graphic designer and photographer Skylar Swain isexplores a professional who occasionally creativegraphic writing.designer and photographer who occasionally explores creative writing. Karen Hopper Usher is a reporter who, in a prior life, worked with Karen retirees. HopperShe Usher a reporter who, Holyoke in a priorCollege life, worked with boomer has aisBA from Mount and an MA boomer retirees. She has a BA from Mount Holyoke College and an MA from Michigan State University. from Michigan State University.


And Now For Something Completely Different and now For Something Completely diFFerent

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And n Now For Something Completely d DiFFerent ifferent

Pets for life

A home for all generations Safety features you might need someday can benefit you right now

Senior animals for senior humans by Terri Lynn Erwin Choosing a pet can be hard, especially when trying to find the right pet to fit into your lifestyle. Many people are opting for senior animals since there are so many benefits to adding a pet into our lives when we already know their personality. Many are turning to rescue organizations who save dogs from euthanasia at shelters and normally work with foster parents until the animals can be adopted out to permanent homes. Debbie and Jim Gretz started Gray Face Acres 15 years ago. Debbie, who is 60, says they have had enormous success placing adult dogs with people who are settled into their lives. She says adult animals are less likely to need 24/7 care, as a puppy would. Paws for Seniors, managed by Brenda Scamordella, is a similar rescue. She says many adult animals

Debbie Gretz of Gray Face Acres. are given up because people sometimes want younger animals. She says that adult animals make great companion pets because they often do not need attention and activity all day. Animals from rescue organizations have often been seen by a veterinarian, have had their vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. To find out more about Gray Face Acres or to adopt or donate, see Adoptable animals through Paws for Seniors can be found at and on Facebook.

Aging in place is a good idea at any age, especially in homes visited by the youngest and oldest members of the family. by byYaron YaronLinnett Linett


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4 January 31, 2018

“Aging in place? But...that’s for my parents!” While it is true we often discuss aging in place only with the elderly in mind, the concepts of aging in place can do more than help you in the future. They add value to your home and make your life easier right now. If you have elderly parents or adult children and grandchildren, their visits will be far more comfortable, safer and less stressful for all concerned if your home has been updated with agingin-place features. At the same time, you will keep current with trends in the interior design industry, adding value to your home. Many of the safety and convenience concerns that we consider for those who are of advanced age also benefit those of us who have yet to get there. Adequate lighting, lower countertops and secure rug edges all make for a less stressful visit for the grands. Lever style handles are easier to grip, and handrails on both sides of stairs are just convenient. Non-slip flooring and contrasting

colors when there are changes in the floor level aid everyone regardless of age. Home automation is huge in the interior design industry. Temperature, lighting, music, and more can all be controlled remotely or be completely automated. Would you like the lights to turn on when you enter a room? How about coffee in the morning? Those are easy. Think bigger. We have the technology to have window treatments adjust themselves based on ambient light. The HVAC fan can be coordinated to function with the thermostat. Your phone can show you who is ringing at your door regardless of where you might be. Another trend in the industry is toward step-in showers with benches instead of tubs. How do you calculate the return on investment for peace of mind or hassles avoided? Everyone’s calculus is different, but let me leave you with the wisdom of Hillel the Elder. When contemplating making some of these changes in your life, things that you are considering deferring, ask yourself “If not now, when?”


And nd N now ow For or Something omething Completely ompletely D different iFFerent

After Hours After 50

in a Small Town

by Laura Lyster-Mensh Fauquier County is a great place to retire from your career, but what if you don’t want to retire your love life? Close connection and, ahem, sexual activity is known to correlate with overall health, according to Dr. Jane Fleishman, a sex educator and podcaster on the topic of sex in the “second half” of life. “Older adults are often seen as sexless or ‘all dried up.’ Yet sharing intimacy is an important part of life at any age and research has indicated that having sex later in life can help to prevent heart disease and dementia.” Fleishman admits that older bodies have their challenges. “When we’re older, sex doesn’t always come easily.” The solution? “Communication.” So for the over-50 singles in Fauquier, how does one find a date? Fauquier, for all its charms, is not known for its nightlife. A number of people interviewed for this story said church was the best bet for new introductions, but reported a limited pool of unattached older people. While in recent years the number of pubs and sports bars have increased, the singles scene leans toward younger folk, and they have mostly gone online for love connections. Those looking for love here say you can no longer avoid technology, even older folks who remember when you found Mr. or Ms. Right in person rather than by “swipe right.” One local lady, 55, is now “happily offline and in love” with a man she met on Plenty of Fish, a site that caters to the over-40 set. “Dating is tough. It’s almost impossible to meet a nice guy in the produce department, through friends, at church. And this isn’t the case just in Fauquier. It’s everywhere. If you want to meet someone, you have to go online. It ain’t pretty and you have to be careful. But there are some terrific men out there and you won’t find them if you’re not online.”

A 62-year old divorced gentleman from western Fauquier County calls the apps “abysmal.” He prefers being introduced by friends in common, and wishes for a really old school option: “a matchmaker.” He is on eHarmony, a popular romance-oriented dating app, but says “You feel like meat on a hook. You’re dealing with people who you don’t really know at all,” (PS I have his number, ladies, if you’re interested) Adivah Israel, who calls herself an “aspiring over 50,” writes a humorous column “Girlfriends Guide to Online Dating” for She! Magazine here in Fauquier and calls the singles scene here a “fishbowl.” “There are times where it seems everyone is keenly aware of your personal business. There are times where I refuse to meet someone in public places in Fauquier — especially for the first date.” For those keeping fires burning in committed relationships, the the quiet quiet of of committed relationships, country life can be a romantic choice, country life can be a romantic choice, as two two longtime longtime couples couples demonstrated demonstrated as by celebrating celebrating recent recent anniversaries anniversaries in in by real Fauquier Fauquier style. style. real Debbi and and Jack Jack live live in in Midland Midland and and Debbi just celebrated celebrated their their wedding wedding anniveranniverjust sary without without aa fancy fancy dinner, dinner, but but she she sary posted this on Facebook: “Our 36th posted this on Facebook: “Our 36th anniversary. And And still still as as much much fun fun as as anniversary. ever.” She adds “In many ways, we ever.” She adds “In many ways, we still feel feel like like we’re we’re in in the the exciting exciting datdatstill ing phase.” phase.” ing They don’t don’t crave crave luxury luxury or or fanfare. fanfare. They “Both my my husband husband and and II were were “Both raised in in small small towns, towns, so so the the ‘bright ‘bright raised lights, big big city’ city’ concept concept of of aa night night out out lights, is not our style. When we want a date is not our style. When we want a date night, we we frequently frequently have have steak steak and and night, seafood at American Legion Post 72 seafood at American Legion Post 72 in Warrenton. It’s open to everyone in Warrenton. It’s open to everyone on Friday Friday nights, nights, and and we we like like seeing seeing on familiar faces.” faces.” familiar Another married married couple couple with with aa Another recently empty empty nest nest share share their their date date recently nights attending attending Fauquier Fauquier Community Community nights Theatre performances, performances, local local concerts concerts Theatre

with favorite favorite Fauquier Fauquier musicians, musicians, and and with sometimes even even going going out out to to whatever whatever sometimes is showing showing at at the the Theatre Theatre of of Little Little is Washington and Stillwaters in MarWashington and Stillwaters in Marshall. shall. Kathleen and and Dan Dan also also have have an an Kathleen annual romantic moment at First Night annual romantic moment at First Night Warrenton each Jan. 1 for a kiss at Warrenton each Jan. 1 for a kiss at midnight. midnight. Not all all couples couples in in the the area area restrict restrict Not their life life after after dark dark to to themselves. themselves. their There are are swingers, swingers, otherwise otherwise known known There as “ethically “ethically non-monogamous,” non-monogamous,” here here as in the the county county as as well well and and aa handful handful in are over over 50. 50. For For obvious obvious reasons, reasons, none none are wished to to be be interviewed. interviewed. This This rerewished porter declined declined an an invitation invitation to to aa party, party, porter but was honored to be asked. but was honored to be asked. And then then there there is is the the couple couple with with And property in Warrenton who took their property in Warrenton who took their

retirement romance romance on on the the road: road: Lisa Lisa retirement and Lee Lee now now live live on on aa boat boat travelling travelling and the world. world. His His dream dream of of early early retireretirethe ment lazing around the Caribbean was ment lazing around the Caribbean was delayed 20 years by falling in love delayed 20 years by falling in love with and and marrying marrying the the much much younger younger with Lisa and having a child together. As Lisa and having a child together. As soon as Freshman orientation at colsoon as Freshman orientation at college arrived, arrived, the the happy happy couple couple packed packed lege up the the house, house, gave gave things things away, away, sold sold up their furniture, furniture, and and moved moved into into aa 3838their foot catamaran. catamaran. Their Their daughter daughter calls calls foot them “homeless.” “homeless.” them “We are are happy happy together together out out here.” here.” “We Lisa says. says. “I “I had had lived lived my my dream dream for for Lisa 20 years. years. It It was was his his turn.” turn.” 20 “Perhaps that that is is aa key key element element of of “Perhaps love over 50. Doing it for your partlove over 50. Doing it for your partner and and understanding understanding that that this this isn’t isn’t ner forever makes it easier to do.” forever makes it easier to do.”


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a And nd n Now ow F For or S Something omething C Completely ompletely d DiFFerent ifferent


Old Age:

Exercise, Fall in Love and Leave a Light on in the Bathroom By By Christopher Christopher Burns Burns In In 2020 2020 America America will will have have nearly nearly as as many many people people over over the the age age of of 60 60 as as it has under the age of 20, not because we have learned to live longer it has under the age of 20, not because we have learned to live longer but but because because medical medical science science has has stopped stopped people people from from dying dying young. young. And all those people are not just smelling the roses. And all those people are not just smelling the roses. They They are are exercising, exercising, they they are are falling falling in in love, love, they they are are painting painting and and singing singing and and building building homes homes for for others. others. They They are are finding finding new new careers careers at at 75 75 and and teaching teaching yoga yoga at at 95. 95. They They are are aa new new demographic: demographic: active, active, healthy healthy and and full full of of beans, beans, aa new new movement movement coast coast to coast, not adding years to their life, adding life to their years. to coast, not adding years to their life, adding life to their years. The The new new old old age age is is aa sequence sequence of of challenges challenges carrying carrying us us into into aa season season of of growth, growth, accomaccom- ART ART BY BY A.J. R.J. MADSON MATSON plishment and joy. plishment and joy. Retirement: Retirement: The The balance balance we we struck struck as as young young employees employees between between what what is is good for us and what is good for the group now shifts surprisingly in good for us and what is good for the group now shifts surprisingly in our our favor, favor, if if we we can can remember remember what what it it is is we we used used to to want. want. Offering Non-Medical Support Care Love Love Again: Again: Often Often at at the the same same time, time, the the balance balance between between intimacy intimacy and and autonomy comes back into question. The children have left home, friends autonomy comes back into question. The children have left home, friends Grief Counseling & Durable Medical Equipment may may have have moved moved away away and and the the heart heart is is hungry. hungry. The The second second challenge challenge of of the the new new old old age age is is to to somehow somehow bring bring love love into into your your life life again. again. And And believe believe me, me, you will be just as moonstruck and silly and thrilled as you were you will be just as moonstruck and silly and thrilled as you were the the first first time time around. around. New New Tricks: Tricks: At At some some point point in in our our early early teens, teens, we we had had settled settled on on our our social social and and sexual sexual identity identity as as well well as as our our most most prominent prominent personal personal characteristics characteristics — — artsy, artsy, geeky, geeky, life life of of the the party, party, leader leader of of the the pack, pack, troublemaker. troublemaker. But But as as the the begins, we are faced opportunity to revisit those newnew old old age age begins, we are faced withwith the the opportunity to revisit those choicchoices, to revive old interest or a chase new We one.can Wedo can do what we es, to revive an oldaninterest or a chase new one. what we want. want. Friends: For the first decade or so of the new old age we adjust to retireFriends: For our the first decade orpassions, so of the we newfind oldaage adjust to ment, we open hearts to new newwepurpose in retirelife, and ment, we open our hearts to new passions, we find a new purpose in life, we accept the cognitive limitations of age. But those who study the process and we acceptaging the cognitive of age. But who study the “Have a Heart” …..please donate some time or of successful all point limitations without exception to a those surprising fifth challenge: process of successful aging all point withoutespecially exception old to aones. surprising fifth to discover again the importance of friends, equipment for your friends in the community… challenge: discover again the importance offacing friends, Staying to Alive: The all-absorbing challenge usespecially at the age old of three Alive:and Theexploit all-absorbing facing us wonders at the agecontained of three to fiveStaying is to inhabit our littlechallenge bodies and all the five is to inhabit and exploit our little bodies and all the wonders contained therein. Now, in the sixth challenge of the new old age, we have to be rectherein. Now, in the sixth of much the new age,iswe have toAtbeleast rec-30 onciled to limitations, the challenge antidote for of old which exercise. onciled to limitations, the antidote for much of which is exercise. At least minutes a day of walking, biking, swimming, or dancing goes a long way 30 to 42 N. 5th St. Warrenton, VA | Open M - F, 9am - 3:30pm minutes day of walking, biking, swimming, orofdancing goescells. a long way to keep the abody young and encourage the growth new brain keep thefirst body young encourage growth of new The task in lifeand is to figure outthe who we are. Nowbrain in thecells. new old age 540.347.5922 first task in life offering is to figure out who weofare. Now active in the new old age thatThe challenge returns, twenty years healthy, life with no that offering of healthy, active life the withperson no morechallenge meetings,returns, no more 9 to 5. twenty This canyears be our chance to become more meetings, more 9we tohave 5. This can bealways our chance become we really are, thenoperson secretly been. to It can be a the timeperand @HospiceSupportOfFauquierCounty son we really the person wewe have secretly been. Itourselves. can be a time do again whatare, we last did when were a yearalways old: become and do again what we last did when we were a year old: become ourselves.

Let Us Lighten The Load

J January anuary 31, 31, 2018 2018 7 7



Booming Write on! By Nathaniel M. Cerf

Fountain pens are the hot “new” writing instrument for many millennials, and the generations before them know why. The good ones write better than any 99-cent Bic and they are environmentally friendly, easily refilled from a glass bottle. Perhaps a bit anachronistic, modern fountain pens — and fully restored vintage pens — are making a comeback. The feel of a buttery smooth gold nib and wet ink on paper is extremely satisfying. Unlike many computers, it seems to help ground you in the moment. Although these pens write faster than any oil-based ink ballpoint, they actually have a way of slowing you down to think more before you write. With a fountain pen in hand, the simple act of writing feels more important, and you really want to think through and express yourself better than you would with a hastily composed tweet or text message. There’s a romance to writing with a fountain pen.

Now For Something Completely d DiFFerent ifferent And n

Fountain Pen Trend Part of the big attraction to fountain pens is how well they express individuality. Old ones and new ones come in a rainbow of different colors and myriad sizes to fit all hands. Modern fountain pen inks are also extremely vibrant. More importantly, each nib writes a little differently. The right nib accentuates every facet of your own handwriting. With a “soft” gold nib, the nib will conform to your hand the more you write with it. That’s why people rarely share their favorite pens. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get started. You can find a brand-new Chinesemade TWSBI brand fountain pen, such as their Eco model, for under $15. Well-made German pens start a little higher at around $30 for a Lamy brand Safari fountain pen. Each brand uses steel nibs that sometimes write better than some much more expensive gold nibs. If you remember, and possibly still have, vintage fountain pens, these are nothing to sneer at. In fact, pens made during the golden era of fountain pens

probably still write better than most modern fountain pens. These pens were workhorses designed to be used all day. Their nibs were hand-finished, in spite of also being mass-produced. Repairmen and women still exist who can restore the inner workings of classic pens to their full glory. Most pen restoration experts only charge around $30 to bring a lever-filling fountain pen back to life. If you really want to indulge in the fountain pen experience, try some of the great pens of the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. It is easy to find fully restored vintage ’30s Sheaffer lever-filling pens in the $50 range. Colorful steel-nibbed Esterbrooks that once taught baby boomers how to write with an “ink pen” are some of the top sellers available today, and most can be found fully restored for $30 to $60. As with any hobby, you can lose yourself in the weeds of rare and expensive, but just getting started and exploring is very affordable and extremely satisfying. 5 Broadview Ave, Warrenton VA 20186 540.428.8526 Open Tues. – Thurs. 11-5 // Fri. 11-6 Sat. 11-5 // Closed Sun. & Mon.

Girls Night Out



• Enjoy new winter Fashions from The Rusty Willow owner Sonya • Tips for Winter Makeup Cosmetics by Younique Presenter Heather PLUS


MCCLANAHAN CAMERA 306 W. Lee Hwy, Warrenton, VA 540.347.2533 • 8 January 31, 2018

Hours: M-F: 9:30am - 6pm Sat: 9am to 5pm

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now For Something Completely D different iFFerent And N

Fair trade’s entrepreneurial social contract:

Everybody profits

Latitudes is where the values of millennials and baby boomers meet and do business that they know is helping to make the world a better place. The fair-trade shop on Warrenton’s Main Street is a perfect example of what owner Lee Owsley calls “a confluence of energy and interest that crosses generations.” She cites her own boomer generation’s can-do spirit and desire to make a difference in the world. She sees the same things in millenials. “Some of our most enthusiastic customers are our twenty- and thirty-year-olds. They totally get it. They want to buy something that’s fashion forward, of course, but it matters to them that their purchase helps the world.” Owsley started Latitudes after discovering fair trade programs on a visit to Guatemala, where she admired the work of women producing beautiful scarves there. An initial $500 investment created what is now a thriving three-store business connecting local consumers with a global network of artisans, mostly women, who are enabled by the social contract of fair trade to provide homes for their families, schooling for their children and much more that was never possible for them before. Lee Owsley studies the art of batik in Ghana with Mary of Global Mamas.

— Mara Seaforest

Owsley and a college student discuss the quill method of design in a line of greeting cards.


Regularly $19.80, now all four issues are just




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Get your groove on! Vinyl LPs are back By David M. Charvonia, DMA

There is nothing quite so evocative as hearing the music we grew up with in our younger years. Whether it was early Beatles, the Tijuana Brass (who can forget the cover of “Whipped Cream”?), Bon Jovi or that

PHOTO BY RANDY LITZINGER All these mint-condition classics were found in area thrift shops for pocket change.

first taste of Brahms’ First Symphony, rehearing the soundtrack of our youth can be almost a religious experience. Chances are you accessed your preferred sounds by placing a shiny vinyl disc on your — or your parents’ — phonograph. And how can you forget the crowded, noisy and colorful record store you used to haunt, with its noless-colorful clerks eager to pontificate on the latest hot releases? And then there was the ritual slicing open of the shrink-wrap, admiring the awesome cover art, devouring the liner notes, and finally that magic moment when the stylus first set down in that virgin groove! We have a news flash for you: vinyl is back! Sales of new vinyl records are soaring. More and more people — even young ones — are finding that music from an LP has the potential to sound more lifelike



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10 January 31, 2018

now For Something Completely D different iFFerent And N and dynamic than anything coming out of a digital device or even the now-obsolete CDs you might still be playing. Unfortunately, new LPs are expensive, variable in quality and somewhat limited in repertoire. The good news is there is a treasure-trove of vintage vinyl ripe for the picking in a wide variety of places. With a little time and luck you should be able to find excellent copies of most anything you might want — often at rock-bottom cost. Get into the groove Being close to a major metropolitan center, we are fortunate in having a rich variety of sources for vintage vinyl within a short drive. For actual brick-and-mortar you have three options: antique shops, thrift stores and dedicated used-record dealers. Thrift shops and flea markets offer the greatest potential for scoring amazing finds, usually for mere pocket change, although you may have to sift through pounds of junk to find that four ounces of treasure. Keep an eye out for garage and estate sales too. Finally, if you are willing to take the risks, eBay is the ultimate flea market for records; check out a seller’s feedback before shelling out big bucks. There are currently hundreds of LPs at Foxes Den in Warrenton, the Strasburg Antique Mall and Flea Market, and Slindy’s in Culpeper. For used-record dealers you will have to travel a bit farther, but there are excellent shops in Richmond, Charlottesville, Falls Church and Annandale. A quick Google search will ferret them out. Scoring tunes Your first clue is the cover. Is it clean and sharp or does it look like it did extra duty as a beer mat or pizza server? Next, look inside. Is the record in its original paper or plastic inner sleeve? That’s a clue that the owner took some care to protect it from damage. Now, gently pull out the disc (by label and edges only) and have a look. Is the surface clean and shiny or does it look trashed? You can remove dust and fingerprints but detritus like candle-wax drippings (from those all-night “parties”) is harder to deal with. Any marks or scratches that you can feel with your fingernail (be gentle) are likely to mar your listening pleasure with

a loud crunch every time the record goes around, and can even damage your stylus. Finally, take a look at the label around the center hole. Is it clean or populated with a network of squiggly lines, known as spindlemarks? The more of these there are, the more you know the record was played — a red flag. If it looks pretty good and the price is right — $1.50 is average — grab it with glee. Hardware You can find vintage turntables online and occasionally in thrift stores. Or you might still have your trusty old table gathering dust somewhere. Unless you are technically minded, the best advice is to replace it with a new one. An older unit might not run at the correct speed, the bearings might be worn and the stylus reduced to a record-chewing chisel. Luckily, demand and innovations like 3D printing have brought high-quality turntables within reach of almost any budget. Check out entry-level decks from U-Turn, ProJect, VPI, Rega and others on the internet. These machines achieve a cost-to-performance ratio that was simply unavailable before. If you plan to be serious about your collection, you might want a dedicated record-cleaning machine (or a friend with one). Spend some time online — start with for more in-depth information. Above all, have fun and keep the music spinning! A well-cared-for LP will last for generations. How long do you suppose all those hip tunes on this year’s smart phone are going to last?

PHOTO BY RANDY LITZINGER The author plays his collection on systems he built inexpensively from scavenged parts.


with soul

Auto restoration builds a bridge between generations

By Alissa Jones

Car restoration enthusiast Brad Mantz moved to Virginia from Canton, Ohio, in 1974. His father introduced him to the art of restoring cars and became his mentor. “My dad took me to a lot of car shows and I’ve been working on cars with him since the late 1970s.” His father’s love of restoring old cars sparked his passion to preserve something that defined a piece of his own generation: the muscle car. At 15, Brad Mantz bought his first car, a 1968 Rally Sport Camaro. “Of course, I hot-rodded it, put three engines and three transmissions in it — and then wrecked it, like every kid does.” When he was college bound, Mantz says he traded that ’68 Camaro for a ’78 Camaro. “I wanted a car that drove better and had air conditioning. The older guy who bought my ’68 Camaro said he wanted an older car to toy with.” The two men understood each other perfectly despite their age difference. For more than 100 years, blue-collar workers packed their lunches and went to work in factories

like Ford and General Motors. “They put their heart and soul into building cars,” Mantz says. “Restoring them preserves a little of that. It’s like keeping a soul alive and saving a piece of time.” Mantz is a long-time member of the AACA, the Antique Automobile Club of America, an organization of automobile enthusiasts. The club exists to further interest in and preserve antique automobiles. “In this club, the car is expected to be restored as if it came off the company showroom.” He has shown his cars all over the country. His 1968 Camaro won a Senior Grand National, the highest award given by the AACA. His 1969 SS Chevelle was awarded the Junior Grand National by the AACA, and was also selected by the National judging awards committee, which selects 40-50 winners out of 400 cars once a year. It was nominated for a national award. It will contend next year for its Senior Grand National. “The internet has changed how parts are found,” says Mantz. “It used to be you walked swap meets and went into junkyards to find the parts you needed, now you hit a button and see all your choices.” Mantz says he really does enjoy the hunt of finding

now For Something Completely D different iFFerent And N and gathering parts. Mantz considers himself semi-retired. “It’s nice to have the freedom to work on the cars when I want to. I never want my hobby to start feeling like a job.” Looking back over his years of vintage car restorations, he sees his weakness as not always having had the patience to complete a difficult task. His strength has balanced that: the ability to push past that weakness and keep persevering until the job is finished. He has no idea when he will stop restoring cars, “I do this for myself and it’s something to leave my family, they can sell all this when I’m gone.” It’s nice to know that years from now, some young person with good taste in wheels will spot one of the muscle cars Mantz restored and will have to compete with another interested buyer three times older for ownership of it. That’s one cool way to bridge the generation gap. PHOTO BY LISA RITTER Brad Mantz devotes himself to restoring the defining cars of his generation.

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Father and son transform scrap metal in to popular works of art BySkylar SkylarSwain Swain By

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anuary 31, 2018 12 January

Whatdo doaabrake brakerotor, rotor,plow plowblade bladeand andold old What pipeorgan organparts partshave haveinincommon? common?To ToRick Rick pipe Page,they’re they’reall allart. art. Page, Forthe thepast pasttwo twoyears, years,Rick Rickand andhis hisson sonMatFor Matthew collaborating on thew Page Page have have been been collaborating on customcustom-welded functional art. The majority welded functional art. The majority of their of their creations are lamps novel lamps that combine creations are novel that combine rusted rustedweathered metal, weathered wood, carsaw parts, saw metal, wood, car parts, parts parts and anypiece otherof piece of inspiration they and any other inspiration they can can find. also work together on decofind. TheyThey also work together on decorative rative sculptures that theofform fish, sculptures that take thetake form fish, of cows, cows, bugs and more. bugs and more. Thefather/son father/sonduo’s duo’sartistic artisticjourney journey The beganwith withaagift. gift.Andy AndyPage, Page,Rick’s Rick’seldest eldest began son,gave gavehim himaabox boxofofrusty rustyitems itemsthat thathad had son, beenfound foundininaabarn. barn.ItIttook tookonly onlyaasmall smallspark spark been inspirationfor forhim himtotomake makethe theleap leaptotoseeing seeing ofofinspiration artisticmetal metalwork workininthe thebox boxofofparts. parts.Matthew’s Matthew’s artistic newlygained gainedwelding weldingskills skillscould couldmake make newly happen.AAnew newhobby hobbyand andartistic artisticpur- A lamp made from parts of a pipe itithappen. pursuit forpair the pair suit for the was was born.born. organ, brake rotor, bucket and Neatlyorganized organizedboxes boxesofofmetal metal Neatly other various materials adorns the scrapsline lineRick Rickand andMatthew’s Matthew’swork work scraps window display of a local store. area,which whichincludes includesaaMig Migwelder, welder,work work area, benchand andaavariety varietyofoftools. tools.Autobody Autobodyshops, shops,transmission transmissionshops, shops,hobby hobby bench storesand andeven evenestate estateauctions auctionshave haveproven proventotobe begood goodsupplies suppliesofofunwantunwantstores edbut butusable usablepieces. pieces.Rick Ricktries triestotopick pickup upmost mostpieces piecesfor forfree, free,but butwill willpay ed a small an that itemstrikes that strikes him as interesting. apay small price price for anfor item him as interesting. Fromtheir theirfirst firstforay forayinto intometal metalsculpture, sculpture,Rick Rickand andMatthew Matthewhave havecolcolFrom laborativelycreated createdmore morethan than50 50pieces piecesofofart artininthe thelast lasttwo twoyears years––the the laboratively majorityofofwhich whichhave havealready alreadybeen beensold. sold.Some Someartists artistscreate createaabody bodyofof majority workthat thatisisappealing appealingbut butlacks lacksaamarketplace marketplaceand anddemand. demand.Not Notso sofor forRick work Rick and Matthew. A simple sign seeking new artists for Local Thirty-a and Matthew. A simple sign seeking new artists for Local Thirty-Five, Five, store a retail local artisans, offered and Matthew the opporperfect retail forstore localfor artisans, offered Rick andRick Matthew the perfect opportunity to present their unique, hand-crafted art to consumers. tunity to present their unique, hand-crafted art to consumers. “I’malways alwayspleasantly pleasantlysurprised surprisedtotosee seewhat whatnew newpiece pieceofofart artRick Rickwill will “I’m bringin,” in,”says saysJennifer JenniferDavidson, Davidson,owner ownerofofLocal LocalThirty-Five. Thirty-Five.“Rick “Rickand and bring Matthew’sartwork artworkininthe thewindow windowdisplay displayalways alwaysdraws drawsaacrowd. crowd.I Isee see Matthew’s peoplestop stoptotopoint pointand andcall callattention attentiontototheir theircreations creationsall allthe thetime.” time.” people Commentingon onthe the Commenting successofofhis hisartwork, artwork, success Ricksays, says,“I’m “I’mhumbled humbled Rick andsurprised surprisedby bythe theposiposiand tiveresponse responsethat thatI’ve I’vehad had tive fromso somany manycustomers. customers. from I’mso sohonored honoredthat thatthis this I’m pastime,which whichhas hasallowed alpastime, lowed me totime spend time me to spend with with myhas son, has turned my son, turned into a into a marketable hobby marketable hobby that has that has been shared with been shared with so many so many people.” people.” Scrap-metal artist Rick Page goes fishing.


Hop Madness

Homebrewing offers tasty and creative outlet for boomers

By By John John Hagarty Hagarty There’s never been a better time to hoist flavorful brews that are the polar opposite of the watery libations that have dominated our domestic beer world for decades. There are now 1.2 million homebrewers scattered across all 50 states, with new adherents joining the hop army daily. A growing number of hobby brewers are baby boomers looking for a creative outlet for their newly The author’s home brews attract friends. available spare time. It also offers the sociability inherent Midwest Supplies: One of the largin a local community of homebrewers. est largest homebrew winemaking homebrew and and winemaking supply A double your pleasure, double your supplyinshops in the nation. Its website shops the nation. Its website is a fun success story. is a cornucopia all things brewing cornucopia of allofthings brewing with with competitive and educacompetitive pricesprices and educational Getting started tionaltolinks to satisfy any newbie links satisfy any newbie brewer. Open a bottle of today’s craft beer brewer. Visit them at midwestsupVisit them at and the furthest thing from most folks’ Northern Brewer: Another leading mind is, “I bet I could make something supply Northern Another leadhouse Brewer: that is equally good at this tasty.” Well here’s a shocker. You ing supplyequipment, house that is equally providing recipe kitsgood and can. at providing equipment, kits guidance as you learn therecipe brewer’s Homebrewing has advanced to the and guidance as you learn the brewcraft. degree that producing a beer that will er’sJay’s craft.Brewing: Located in Manaswin friends and influence people is not sasJay’s Brewing:the Located in Manasand affording opportunity to only easy but fun and rewarding. As sas and affording the opportunity look before you brew. It’s the oldestto you launch your career as a brewmaslook before It’s the oldest brew shop inyou thebrew. area with a knowlter, be sure to sip before you guzzle. brew shopstaff in the with a knowledgeable andarea large selection of In the beginning, it’s recommended edgeable staff large selection of equipment andand ingredients. Visit them you start with easy extract malt kits equipment and ingredients. them at or 9790 Visit Center St., and later migrate to all-grain brewat or 9790 Center Manassas, VA. 703 361-2908. ing. These initial recipes are stovetop St.,My Manassas, VA. 703 361-2908. Local Home Brew Shop: Anrenditions made with syrup-like malt Mylocal Local Homefor Brew Shop:and other resource all wineextract rather than barley. Another localsupplies. resourceDrop for allinwinebeer-making on them As with any endeavor, the complex- at and beer-making Drop in or supplies. at 6201 Leesburg ity of brewing at home ranges from on them at Church, Pike, Falls VA. or at 6201 easy to complex. At the high end of the 703 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA. 241-3874. game, expensive equipment and per703Downright 241-3874. Obsessed Homebrews: sonally created recipes come into play. A local Downright Homeclub of Obsessed homebrewers located But your basic equipment kit and brews: A local club of brings homebrewers in Manassas. The club together ingredients can cost less than a $150. located inand Manassas. The club brings both new experienced home This will include a brew pot, fermentogether sharing both new and and experienced brewers beers recipes in ter, tools, bottling gear and ingredients. ahome brewers sharing beers collegial atmosphere. Visit and themreciat After producing extract beers you’ll be pes in a collegial atmosphere. Visit tempted to branch out to partial-grain them at American Homebrewers Associaand then all-grain brewing. American Homebrewers Association: The granddaddy of educational Your beer career will likely start at tion: Thethat granddaddy of educational websites offers information on a your keyboard. Google “homebrewwebsites that offers information on a large number of recipes, events and ing,” then stand back and watch the large number of events competitions. Itsrecipes, members total and over hops fly. Your choices for equipment competitions. over 4,100 brewers.Its Itsmembers charter istotal to promote and ready-to-make kits is seemingly 4,100protect brewers. Its charter is brewers. to promote and American craft and protect craft brewers. endless. Here are few digital and brick- Learn moreAmerican at homebrewersLearn more at homebrewersand-mortar options to help you achieve successful lift-off.


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nd N now ow F For or S Something omething C Completely ompletely D different iFFerent Aand

Ask a millennial By Karen Karen Hopper Hopper Usher Usher By taff M Millennial illennial SStaff

A boomer boomer business business owner owner asks: asks: A am aa baby baby boomer boomer and and II find find itit II am incredibly frustrating frustrating when when dealing dealing incredibly with millennials who automatically with millennials who automatically assume they they are are more more intelligent, intelligent, assume more qualified, qualified, more more informed, informed, more more more capable and and more more entitled entitled to to large large capable amounts of of money money two two steps steps out out of of amounts college than than people people of of my my generation. generation. college Why? Beyond Beyond their their skill skill at at gaming gaming Why? systems, tiny tiny texting texting keykeysystems, boards and some some boards and computcomputer skills, skills, er everyeverything else else thing in the the real real world world are are in things that my generathings that my generation has has been been successsuccesstion fully navigating navigating fully for decades. decades. Do Do for millennials millennials

actually think think we we have have been been standing standing actually perfectly still still for for 60 60 years years waiting waiting for for perfectly them to arrive and save us all from them to arrive and save us all from aa world without without Keurig Keurig machines? machines? world Our staff staff millennial millennial answers: answers: Our Dear Keurig Keurig — — may may II call call you you Dear Keurig? — — Yes, Yes, there’s there’s aa good good chance chance Keurig? the millennial millennial in in your your life life thinks thinks the you’re not not intellectually intellectually curious curious and and you’re aren’t staying staying abreast abreast of of best best practices practices aren’t and the the latest latest developments developments in in your your and field. You’ve been communicating field. You’ve been communicating that to to them them every every time time you you complain complain that about the the internet internet and and say say you you just just about don’t get get smartphones.  smartphones. don’t Sure, sometimes sometimes millennials millennials are are Sure, looking at at cat cat videos videos on on their their smartsmartlooking phones. But But we we also also use use the the internet internet phones. to research research facts facts and and learn learn about about our our to industries. We We join join Facebook Facebook groups groups industries. and follow follow Reddit Reddit threads threads to to figure figure and out what what other other people people are are doing doing in in our our out

Why does your generation always try to teach me things I already know?

field and and to to troubleshoot troubleshoot problems problems field we’re having. we’re having. Everybody who who has has read read the the stats stats Everybody knows that that aa young young person person likely likely knows has many many more more jobs jobs ahead ahead of of them, them, has even when when the the current current job job is is going going even well. If your your business business isn’t isn’t using using the the well. If latest technology technology or or engaging engaging with with latest new ideas, ideas, your your young young employee employee may may new be concerned concerned that that working working for for you you be will mean mean their their skills skills won’t won’t be be staying staying will fresh and and current. current. fresh And let’s let’s talk talk about about salary. salary. What What you you And perceive as delusional entitlement perceive as delusional entitlement may, for for them, them, be be an an actual actual need. Stuneed. Stumay, dent loans, unaffordable housing, dent loans, unaffordable housing, health insurance insurance and and high high transportatransportahealth tion costs are all factors. Making low tion costs are all factors. Making aa low wage for a year may be feasible if they wage for a year may be feasible if they know they’re they’re getting getting the the skills skills and and know experience they need to command experience they need to command aa $10k bump bump the the following following year. year. But But ifif $10k

you’re telling telling them them “Oh, “Oh, ideally, ideally, you’d you’d you’re stay forever,” forever,” don’t don’t be be surprised surprised when when stay they ask ask for for aa forever forever salary! salary! they Editor’s note: note: In In our our next next issue, issue, aa Editor’s boomer tears into millennials about boomer tears into millennials about some misunderstandings misunderstandings that that seem seem to to some separate these these key key generations. generations. MeanMeanseparate while, you you can can read read elsewhere elsewhere in in this this while, issue of BOOM about the fundamental issue of BOOM about the fundamental ways in in which which they they actually actually mirror mirror ways each other. other. each

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14 JJanuary anuary 31, 31,2018 2018 14


‘When life hands you lemons…

make lemon soufflé crêpes! ’ By By Mara Mara Seaforest Seaforest

Lora Gookin’s story is both typical of many boomers on the entry level of of the birth-date spectrum also quite exception. Where she’s among the birth-date spectrum andand also quite thethe exception. Where she’s among milmillions of compatriots in launching a daring career in midlife. Where lions of compatriots is inislaunching a daring newnew career in midlife. Where she she parts the pack in doing it parts fromfrom the pack is inisdoing it with with exquisitely Her café, new exquisitely good good taste.taste. Her new café, Gâteau, theoftop of Culpeper Gâteau, at theattop Culpeper Street in Street in Old Town Warrenton, is new Old Town Warrenton, is new must-do must-do place to dine. place to dine. Before all this, Gookin, a civil engi Before neer by training, living in Arizona. “It engineer by training, living in Arizona. waswas mymy midlife crisis. I woke up one “It midlife crisis. I woke up one day and said ‘I will make cakes for a living, but will do it right.’” By the next week, she was registered to begin study at the Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale. “It was an intense program! I studied everything baking: breads, pastries, cakes, pies, tarts. I liked it!” Upon graduation, she had business cards made up and was ready to launch herself into a new career as a pâtissier — a professional pastry chef. The economy burst that bubble. Her The husband, also a civil engineer, found himself suddenly without a job. Within a relatively short time, he was hired by PHOTO BY MARA SEAFOREST a new firm in this region, sight unseen. They had to move fast. The baking Pâtissier Lora Gookin at Gâteau business went on the back burner. Having lived a somewhat nomadic life to that point, Gookin had long wanted a more stable life. Once her family was here, she realized Fauquier County was the ideal place to stay. She obtained all the needed licenses and HOA approval to run her Gâteau Distinctive Cakes business from her home in Brookside. She perfected her baking arts as the business took off. When the idea of opening a café in Warrenton came to her, she found the vacant space at 10 Culpeper St. and worked with architect David Norden, who gutted the interior to create the perfect cooking and dining environment while preserving as much of the building’s historic character as possible. The result was beautiful. In addition to pastries, Gookin serves breakfasts and luncheons with a touch of elegance. It is a new social experience for Warrenton. It’s been hard but rewarding work. Gookin laughs. “In the beginning, I was fearless. I figured, when life hands you lemons, make lemon soufflé crêpes! And now I know this shop will be here when the little kids coming this year have kids of their own. This is the anchor I have PHOTO PHOTOBY BYRANDY RANDYLITZINGER LITZINGER been waiting for.”

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And Now For Something Completely Different

The ‘do it all’ generation

Boomers find play balances, enhances work By Patty Hardee Often the activities we enjoyed as kids — music, acting, art, writing, sports, science — become touchstones of our lives as we grow. Four Fauquier boomers — a doctor, a speech pathologist, a retired foreign service administrator, and a county government official — are just a few examples of our contemporaries whose creative endeavors continue to enrich and balance their lives. Music is a ‘huge stress reliever’ Ross D’Urso, 63, Fauquier County’s Commissioner of the Revenue for the past 24 years, enjoys playing his guitar and performing in public. “It’s a huge stress reliever,” he says, “and I like the positive reinforcement when people say they love my playing. Not many people say ‘I

PHOTO BY WENDY MARTIN-SHUMA When not being a financial wizard, Russ D’Urso plays jazz guitar with the SilverTones.

love the way you did my tax assessment.’” In college he performed as a pastime, “and then life came along.” He was in his 50s when he picked up the guitar again. In 2015, The SilverTones, a Warrenton-based swing band, asked if he would sit in with them. “So I bought a jazz guitar and taught myself how to play flats and sharps.” D’Urso is also half of two performing duos. He performs with Michele Glascock under the name of MnR Tunes, and with another government official, Page Johnson, Commissioner of the Revenue for Fairfax City. D’Urso and Johnson call themselves The Electeds. Theatre skills help at work Stephanie Mastri, 65, a speech pathologist in the Warrenton public school system, finds that her theatre training is vital in her work with kids. In theatre, says Mastri, “you need to understand the behaviors and psychology of your character and learn to work with other people” to create a successful production. She uses those same skills in her professional work to help kids progress. Originally a New Yorker, Mastri later moved to Warrenton with her family. She began acting in local community theatre. She was cast in Fauquier Community Theatre productions of “Much Ado About

Nothing” and “The Crucible” (as the lead, this time). And she has acted and directed at the Rappahannock Association for Arts and Community (RAAC) Theatre in Washington. Being involved in the theatre is “always in the middle of my mind,” she says. “Theatre is a healthy distraction for me.” Escaping monotony “I have always wanted to play the dead body [in the opening sequence] on ‘Law & Order’,” says Peggy Emmling, 73, who lives outside Warrenton. “It’s my dream job.” She’s only partly kidding. Maybe she’ll get her wish someday; she knows her way around television production. Emmling was a background player — “they don’t call us extras anymore” — on five seasons of the popular TV crime drama “The Wire,” based in Baltimore. In 1966, she joined the Foreign Service as an administrative assistant and took her love of dance and theatre with her. In Malawi, her first assignment, she performed in a Music Theatre Review at the British Club. For over 30 years, she sang and performed

16 January 31, 2018

Dermatologist finds ‘sheer joy’ “Listening and speaking comfortably with a give and take makes for good acting and it’s part of what makes for being a good doctor,” says Warrenton-based dermatologist Lawrence Finkel. “[In acting], if you stand up there

COURTESY PHOTO Alice’s White Rabbit is none other than Dr. Lawrence Finkel.

PHOTO BY RAY BOC Foreign service retiree Peggy Emmling in a recent perfomance of “Saint George and the Dragon” at the RACC Theatre.

PHOTO BY RAY BOC Stephanie Mastri (far right) and fellow cast members in a performance of The Good Doctor by Neil Simon at the RAAC Theatre.

call comes? Yep, the ring tone on her phone is the “Law & Order” theme song. Chung-chung!

as her assignments took her around the world. “I loved doing theatre overseas,” she says. “It was a way to escape the monotony and routine of my work.” But for now, she hopes for the call for her dream job. And when that

and all you’re thinking of is ‘Seven lines from now I have to say my line,’ you’re not in the moment. And if you’re with a patient and all you’re thinking is what you’re going to tell them when they are telling you they were in the emergency room the night before, you’re going to miss important information.” When asked if he finds performing a stress reliever from a busy medical practice, he says, “No, I didn’t come to [performing] for that reason. I came to acting and singing for the sheer joy of it.” Besides acting, Finkel, 58, also sings with the Warrenton-based barbershop quartet, Mint Condition. Finkel is open with his staff about his performing life. “It is a little challenging to tell them their boss is playing the White Rabbit in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ But they have come to accept it. I get them good ticket prices.”


These jewels are hot!

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Vintage costume jewelry catches eyes of all ages On any given day, customers of all ages — including men in search of unique gifts — arrive at Vallie’s Vintage Jewelry, the historic store on South Third Street in Old Town, and rarely stay less than an hour. There is so much to see, often with memories attached. “Oh, my mom had a bracelet just like that!” Often, someone will remark that costume jewelry today just isn’t made as well, doesn’t look as beautiful. That’s a cue for shop owner Cynthia Salamone to point out the trademark of the designer whose work they’re admiring, and some of the techniques that were used in the creation of the piece. It’s clear she knows her “jewels,” as she calls them. Most are not pure gold or fitted with precious gemstones, though she has some fine vintage estate pieces. No, these are wearable works of art dating mostly from the 1920s to the 1970s, using techniques and materials unique to those bygone times. Like many of her generation, Salamone opened her vintage jewelry shop as a second full-time career. She retired in 2014 from a high-pressure

government job that she can’t tell you about. “I was too young to really retire. I had been trading in high-end costume jewelry for decades as an avocation and loved it. I saw an opportunity to start a new business based on my love.” She inherited that love from the donor of the first, and most beloved jewelry in her personal collection (never to be sold), her grandmother Vallie Johnson. The shop in Old Town has become a destination for discerning customers far and wide. She is always happy to hear from one of them in particular, Monte Durham from the television program “Say Yes to the Dress” and its spin-offs. They met when Salamone traveled to Staunton, where she also has a shop in the Staunton Antiques Center. His personal fashion signature is wearing interesting jewelry on the lapels of his finely tailored suits. He wears cameos from her finds. It has been a revelation to Salamone how similar her customers are in their love of good workmanship and unusual styling, no matter their generation. “Girls and women love the drama and glamour of

PHOTO BY RANDY LITZINGER Our model, Lyndsey Fox of Warrenton, is one of many women who have discovered the romance of vintage jewelry. wearing jewelry that is so beautiful and well-made. There’s nothing else like it. Savvy boomer ladies recognize the quality they grew up with and are so happy to see it available again. The young ladies see right away how different and special vintage jewelry is and they absolutely love it!” —Mara Seaforest

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• Gentle Senior Yoga a gentle format for older students which focuses on healthy aging.This format moves from all standing poses to all floor poses. Wednesdays 10:30am atThe Tribute Gainesville

• Private Yoga Therapy is for anyone with an imbalance or condition, that impacts their daily living. • Slow Flow Yoga a standard format which flows through poses at a slower pace and gives various modifications for all ability levels. Mondays 9:00am and Wednesdays 6:30pm Home Studio Gainesville

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A key to happiness

Making music makes life better By Janet Evans-Heisrath Looking for a key to happiness? Try picking up an instrument. Whether pressing down piano keys, pulling back a trombone slide, or strumming a guitar, playing an instrument uniquely engages the entire brain. The benefits from a fully engaged brain include improved problem solving, improved memory and creativity, stress reduction, blood pressure reduction, and even decreased insomnia. All that sounds great, but how do you get started or pick up an old instrument you haven’t played in 20 years? Choosing an instrument depends on the type of music you enjoy and want to play. Still not sure? No problem. Many music stores have rental programs, including rent to own, which allow you to try out an instrument before committing to a purchase. Our own local music store Drum and Strum

on Main Street in Old Town Warrenton is an excellent source for instruments, rentals, lessons, instrument repair and accessories. Owner Tim Dingus has seen an increase in instrument purchases and lessons, including from the boomer generation, where they either refresh their skills on an instrument they still own or learn a new instrument for the first time. Tim says that they mainly teach voice, piano and guitar, but also offer lessons for other instruments to students of all age ranges. To learn more, contact Drum & Strum at 540-3477484 or Allegro Community School of the Arts is a local non-profit organization on Main Street that offers private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, orchestral and band instruments to students of all ages. Initially focused on youth, Sam Yoder of

the school states that the school is starting up a Creative Aging program designed to get instruments into the hands of older individuals. For more information, contact Allegro CSA at 540349-5088 or visit If your desire lies with the piano’s ivory keys, Jordan Kitts Music is a great source for piano purchase, rentals, upgrades, lessons, repairs, and tuning. Located in Fairfax just outside the Beltway, Jordan Kitts Music has many customers from the Warrenton area. A lot of older customers are buying pianos because they are just learning or getting back into playing again. “Adult students can achieve a level of competence to enjoy music with friends and family,” says David Charvonia of Jordan Kitts. “Adult beginners arrange recitals, which become a social event,” says David of students taking lessons at their music store. Closer to home, many church organists give piano lessons or can refer you to a teacher. For returning musicians or new players, the Fauquier Community Band is a fantastic organization where musicians of all skill levels can play an instrument and perform in concerts. The band’s website invitation to ‘Come play with us!’ reflects their stress-free, open, and warm atmosphere. Visit the site at No matter your ability, playing an instrument is fun and a key to lifelong happiness and well-being.

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BOOM is a magazine geared to the baby boom generation.


BOOM is a magazine geared to the baby boom generation.