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Dream Pac Machines

Dream Pac Machines

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Dream Pac Machines – We- 641023. are the wellCoimbatore

established manufacturer of Paper cup, Paper Tamilnadu, India.

Plate making Machines, bag M o h a m m Nonwoven ed Asif making machines, Printing machines in Coimbatore

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Dream Pac Machines Our various types of Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machines are listed below: 1 .Semi- Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine We carry for our customers an extremely unrivaled extent of Semi-automatic paper plate forming machines that need least human endeavors. The aforementioned semiautomatic paper plate forming machines are simple to manage, can run on most extreme limit, are extremely tough. We accord our clients both standard and tweaked alternatives in this reach. 2. Medium Speed Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine This medium-speed automatic paper plate making machine has proficient pressurizing air chamber, for the purpose that the Max. Force can arrive at to 5T. Contrasted and the oil force one, this reach of machines has the profits of fast, nature insurance and for the most part adequate outlines.

The medium speed mechanical paper plate machine is greatly fitting to produce paper plate (or aluminum foil overlaid paper plate) in round (rectangle, square, round, or sporadic) shape. Machine speed updates opposite the material (paper) thickness and the plate size. 3. High Speed Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine High automatic paper plate forming machines that are produced utilizing above all progressed innovation and precise plan parameters. Producers create the reach utilizing pneumatic and the repairman innovations, which make the high velocity automatic Latest Engineering Product

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Dream Pac Machines paper plate forming machine quicker in working speed security-exhibition, safer operation and more straightforward support.

ZDJ-500 Paper Plate Machine

Model ZDJ-500 Intelligent medium-speed paper plate machine embraces elevated powerful pressurizing air barrel, with the goal that the Maximum force can arrive at up to 5T, Compared with the oil force chamber, it has the favorable circumstances of fast and nature security. Standard ZDJ-500 Paper plate machine has two working station, every station is commissioned with one situated of mold and every station has a disconnected PLC computerized control and electric control. It is considerably connected with make paper plate or aluminum foil covered paper plate in round, rectangle, square, or of any shape. Machine speed contrasts opposite the material (paper) thickness and the plate size.

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Dream Pac Machines Pressurizing Air Cylinder Technical Specification • Air flow volume: 0.8 cubic/min • Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa • Air cylinder stroke: 150mm Technical Specifications of ZDJ-500 Paper Plate Machine

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Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine  

Dreampac machines is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Paper plate machine with Semi Automatic paper Plate, Medium Speed Au...

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