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Starting out as a self-funded project in Sigtuna, Sweden the Dreampack live and workshop events have steadily grown to being a project supported by the local Sigtuna municipality, local radio stations, the media house UNT as well as local businesses. Currently, DreamPack is supported as an European Commission project through Upplandsbygd Leader and is proud to have received an Ullbagge nomination as one of the four top Swedish youth projects for a Ullbagge Award at the end of 2011.

Dreampack in brief

In short is a music, entertainment & media venture a 'stop-gap', that takes the time to find new young talented artist and creative youth through auditions. We nurture, guide, train and produce them. This is followed by a series of live performances throughout the year through our ''DreamPack Live'' tour and then we test the market with their promotional singles through local &  some major radio stations and promo videos. - DreamPack intro - YO! Mashup ‘A Story of the Streets’ Future Projects : Dreampack youth musical live event DOVE and workshop made for young vocal performers from schools and youth associations. The event is supported by performances from known industry artists. The DreamPack competition ‘T R D (The Real DRMPK) between solo, group and choir performers. The implementation of live latter stage voting from the audience will chose our live winner. DreamPack Live Festival 2013, will be apart of the rebranding of the former Tingvalla Rock Festival based at Tingvalla, Märsta. DreamPack will be bringing a broader music spectrum with live international headline acts, mainstream Swedish acts, local artists and bands on 3 stages DRMPK Radio - T4TNB Show. The show will be based and aired from aired and filmed live for podcast from Radio Sigtuna 88,2 MHz over two nights focusing on DreamPack artist music, unsigned artist and bands. The show will also broadcast live from next years Tingvalla Festival DreamPack to Malawi, Africa. teaming up with Shortcut TV Stockholm, Sweden (IDOL Sweden), to film & create the television documentary for Swedish & UK television and Moray Leader in Scotland who have been running educational & help programs in Malawi for many years.

LETTING YOU ALL KNOW DreamPack Creative Industry has found itโ€™s very personal and vibrant style of promoting the workshops, summer camps PR & live events

Fรถr dig som gillar RAP โ€ข RNB โ€ข HIP-HOP โ€ข DANCE โ€ข URBAN POP





the house of

KTTM DreamPack T4TNB Project Accredited training for young people in music, dance, film, media, event PR management, production, and artist management. Basic overview, skills development through study groups, workshops and summer camps. Complemented with industry work experience programs mentored by signed music industry artist, managers, actors, dancers, choreographers and record label executives

XPLSV Records An industry, community and funded partnership supporting the Swedish and international music scene from the development stages to all aspects of taking product to the market place. The guiding principles of the in-house production teams XPLSV, Daddy Tee Productions, TMK and TNT Xplosive are to provide support and opportunities to young people from all walks of life especially socially excluded communities and to provide progression routes through the creative industries.   To meet these aims, XPLSV Records includes a portfolio of complementary projects through DreamPack Creative Industries (DCI), throughout the

Uppslandsbgyd and Stockholm Län areas.

Publishing Providing a range of services to ensure that writers are in a position to access their creative rights.

XPLSV Publishing offers royalty collection, administration support, creative publishing services including licensing, synchronizations and catalogue exploitation as well as artist & writer development.

Events & Television A team of innovative young events managers, based within Uppslandsbgyd and Stockholm Län, guided under the DreamPack Training System (DTS). This is the support team and system behind our community-based showcases and the DreamPack Live shows. Promotional work includes the DreamPack finalist at a fresh & funky talent showcase within the DreamPack Creative Industries (DTI).

KTTM Events works hand in hand with local and national media as well as film documentaries for the internet and television networks, capturing the growth and successes of these events. The footage is made up from the various groups with the assistance of the schools and youth associations within the kommuns. They document all the inner projects based on the DreamPack template. All performers create, stage, practice routines and songs, then all these initial creative ideas our events managers and their team of handlers document the footage and with the assistance of DreamPack film crew they edit a short docu-video to be shown on internet, television networks or DVD and DreamPack Live   The prestige is immense for all involved.  

YO! Mashup Our exciting innovative way of creating theatre based stage productions. A place where the kids make up the whole production company

From the ground Up

DRMPK LIVE Has become a place of true talent discovery and a place where unsigned young artists and bands can

dpGrass roots training Our simple personal way to nurture the kids no matter their ages in their chosen creative fields. A endless training ground where all inhibitions are left at the front door. A place of no ego’s and full support from their peers. A great place to be a true family member and friend.


dpWorkshop Through our workshops and summer camps, students receive access to our innovative training. Our tutors are all working professionals within the creative industries. Group studies have become a success template for DreamPack with living proof of acts Urban Lady, Part Funk and SPS (Smart Pop Society)



September 15th 2012 Live from Uppsala UKK starring



DOVE 15th September 2012


Ullbagge Award nominated DreamPack was created just under two years, as a local youth music, entertainment and media project insight to the music and entertainment industry by KTT Management’s Terry McLeod a British director, music producer & songwriter, had moved to Sweden’s first city Sigtuna for what he describes as ‘a better way of life for his family’. The project DreamPack ‘Time 4Tha New Breed’ was inspired by his daughter Taylor an aspiring singer songwriter and his son Tyson who wanted to learn how to produce music.

entrepreneurs and performers, king of voice and gospel choirmaster Körslaget star Gabriel Forss and the King of Piano and Rhapsody in Rock creator Robert Wells. They will be joined by a host of special guests who will perform alongside DreamPack artist and the many young voices of the school’s and their choirs. A very special night not to be missed as it will be in support of some of Sweden's main children charities that include Friends and Barncanerföreningen.

That was then and this is now!



Hello and welcome to DreamPack One Voice Experience, known as D O V E, we are very excited that you are ready to become part of this amazing experience. In brief we will cover all the logistics you the participating school teachers, mentors and us the production team will give all the children, families, friends, supporting charities and supporting audience involved. Our sole key is to give you the participating schools enough time to prepare your children’s Dove one voice choir


Simply how we see this working, we supply you with the songs that will be performed on the night, you and your children will have our personal assistance through a couple of monitory days, where we will be on hand, to talk, guide and encourage the children. Then on a night full of fun and laughter we all sing our hearts out

DreamPack has expanded into a lot of the schools and youth systems within the Upplandsbygd region and gently over spilling into Stockholm through the ‘DreamPack Live’ shows which showcases new upcoming singers, songwriters, producers and performers. And now with Terry’s latest concept DOVE looked upon as a major children’s event, strengthening the cause of DreamPack Creative Industries.

15 - 09 - 2012

DOVE simply unites as many young voices from schools, local youth choirs and performers in dance for a spectacular gala night of entertainment. The first ever DOVE Gala night amazingly will be headed up by two of Sweden’s most influential international

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We want to know about all your amazing characters within your choirs, as well as you the teachers and mentors. Document all the ins and outs, then tell us about your amazing choir, talk to you kids, let them talk back to us. Let us see and hear their voices by filming on DVD cameras, smart phones etc, we need all your preparation footage for the DOVE event. Summit the footage to our film production team who will then edit all the film for the ‘Making of Some say little competition doesn’t DOVE’ movie and for highlight’s harm anyone, does it now? on the night of the show. We will supply you with a general consent / release form for your schools and parents who’s children are involved in the 2012 DOVE event

DreamPack One Voice Experience

We are very proud to say through our DOVE (DreamPack One Voice) project that DreamPack Collective’s

Robert Wells

journey from the grass routes training stage, has steadily moved onto the stages alongside some of Sweden's most influential international artist

“DreamPack’s ‘Time 4Tha New Breed Project’ has become real a way of life’’Terry McLeod

• KTT Management our proud to present DOVE a very special children’s gala night of voice and live entertainment not to be missed • Supported by two of Sweden’s most influential international performers • Gabriel Forss & Robert Wells • In support of Swedish children’s charities

Gabriel Forss & Hannah Graaf

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Gabriel Forss & Anna Book

Gabriel Forss

Gabriel Forss & Andreas Weise Gabriel Forss & Pernilla Wahlgren

DreamPack Way of Life A few captured moments of our year!

Live in Stockholm ‘Trasdockan’

Allsäng with Gabriel Forss

Deraan ‘Change the World video shoot’

DRMPK Movie with Dimitri ‘True Talent’

Inbjudan till LANDSBYGDSGALAN 2011 I Blå hallen, Stadshuset, Stockholm den 9 november 18.30

Utdelning av landsbygdspriser, Ull-baggar i följande klasser: Årets Årets Årets Årets

Landsbygdsprojekt Landsbygdsföretagare Landsbygdsinnovation (Ny) Leader

Samt följande satsningar som berör landsbygden: Årets Miljösatsning Årets Ungdomssatsning Årets Integrationssatsning Årets Jämställdhetssatsning Babben Larsson AKonferencier: great honor for DreamPack Musik: Kingen

DRMPK Collective Live at Uppsala UKK

Utdelare av Ull-baggar: Bl.a: Landsbygdsminister Eskil Erlandsson och Soeren Kissmeyer Nielsen, DG Agri

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Our Story some of our proudest moments so far From our humble beginning in my daughter Taylor’s bedroom, where her and a few friends regular came together to sing. It made up my mind to do something about it. A lot of door knocking, a lot of no’s has slowly become the greatest of experiences anyone can have We have have been recognized by the Ullbagge Award as one of Sweden's best youth projects, we have seen our unsigned artist that we have helped with our DreamPack Live like Mimi Oh take part in Eurovision and enter the Swedish charts. Troy Jamz recently signed to a major

record deal after consecutive successful radio releases. Paulina Sayen become one of the newest top international Latin artist, Karima Holm signing to a major deal in the states. Maria Broberg representing Sweden in the World Performing Arts competition 2012. Gabriel Haddad and Charlie Ebert making it through to the band camp on X-Factor 2012, Sweden and the smiles on the faces of all the kids when they appeared with Papa Dee DreamPack Live 2012, at the UKK, Uppsala

And not forgetting that special moment for my family and DreamPack when I received this years ‘profile of the Year Award from Sigtunabygden and UNT Terry McLeod Recongnition Slowly we are making a difference for the youth NOMINATED FOR YOUTH EFFORT OF THE YEAR

Photo:Dreampack 55

Terry with Eskil Erlandsson Minister of Agriculture Sweden

WEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;RE HAVING A GO!

DREAMPACK The operations home behind all youth, music, media, PR, film, theatre projects

DRMPK URBAN DreamPack inner educational projects

TIME 4THA NEW BREED Youth music project and production house

XPLOSIVE RECORDS The community based record label

TRU MAN KING Music production company

XPLSV ONE Heat 2DA Beat music production project

DOVE DreamPack One Voice Mixed Choir based projects working alongside youth associations and schools

YO! MASHUP Youth Opera based theatre production company

S.U.P.P.A Our performing arts academy that unifies all DreamPack Creative across the Nordic regions

We are having a go!

with their aspirations for a career of some sort within the music and entertainment business

Yes, we feel that we are having a good go, giving something back to the youth with every move we make, our way of offering a safe and friendly envoirment through our music, dance, film, theatre, PR media and many more projects Our aim has always been to offer an easy access and insight to the entertainment and media business through our workshop, camps and events We strive forward to unify as many inner communal areas as we can across Upplandsbygd, Stockholm and Stockholm Lan, Sweden to help to strengthen the voice and creative energy of the next generation

We are very grateful for all the support we have received up to now from Upplandsbygden Leader, Sigtuna Kommun, Sigtuna Hem, Sigtunabygden, Mediehuset UNT, Destination Sigtuna, Studie Fräjandet, BA Consultants and more Who have all recognized our mission of giving a creative platform to the youth and as we continue to broaden our goals into other communities across Sweden, we look forward in being a part of many, many more

Starting out in such a humble beginning within my daughter Taylorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s small bedroom, we have been truly blessed to have helped and continue to help a lot of kids

young voices

Terry McLeod

KTT MANAGEMENT Agneta Ross Gata 12 193 34 SIGTUNA


00 46 72 283 08 38

'This is DreamPack'  

The short story so far of youth project DreamPack

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