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BAS NEWS 2012 Issue 2

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Moving Towards A Performance-Driven Company

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BAS Newsletter

Issue 02, 2012

inside this issue CEO’s Message BAS CEO George Saounatsos


Mission and Vision BAS Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives


News and Feature  Dilmun Lounge Wins Again!  Cargo Role in F1 Handling  New Airside Operations Centre  Award from Etihad Airways


BAS Training



 Management Development Programme  International Airside Safety Workshop  Stress Management Workshop BAS Training Massive Training Master Program for 2012 / 2013


News and Feature Moving towards a Performancebased Company


News and Feature


 World Health Day  BAETC Road Shows  BAETC Launches New Programme  BAS Careers Day Event BAS Interview






 Interview with Abdulla Ghuloom  Gulf Air OTP Award News Updates and Events


 Felix Airways Launch  BAS Sponsors Opera at Mövenpick  Events and participations  Safi Airways BAS Staff and Social News

12 - 13

 Heroic Rescue at Raft Race!  Employee of the Month Award  A Standing Applause for Esraa! BAS Ramadan Events As part of its Ramadan tradition, BAS held a number of events

14 - 15

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Issue 02, 2012


CEO Message engaging in business & community events in Bahrain and internationally. Consistent with our corporate strategy to diversify our range of services by exploiting our core expertise, the new opportunity given to BAS with the King Hamed University Hospital (KHUH) catering agreement affirms our commitment to maintaining high quality and industry standards. In fact, this is the first time that a modern “Cook & Chill” service approach will be used in the region for hospital catering. Back to the airport terminal, our elite Premium Passenger Services team made possible, for yet another year, the Priority Pass distinction of our Dilmun Lounge which was commended for its overall facilities and services.

Dear colleagues, During the second quarter of 2012 BAS enjoyed a number of achievements of which we are all proud and can be even more excited about the outlook for an equally promising second half of the year. This quarter has seen BAS signing new deals, receiving an award from Etihad for best OTP among all their outstations, laying the foundation for our national carrier’s best On Time Performance (OTP) award and

Among our most important assets is the extensive knowledge-base, professionalism and creativity of our staff. Training and continuous development of our human capital is the coner stone for becoming competitive and adding value to our products and services. Besides the implementation of the comprehensive training plan which is underway, departmental workshops and short courses have started as we implement our scheme to improve the way we serve our customers. The new Management Development Program, in cooperation with a leading international organization, was also kicked off to prepare the next generation of BAS leaders. In the meantime, driven by a new set of

strategic objectives towards a fresh vision and mission for our company, as formalized in the second quarter of 2012, an in-depth organizational and restructuring initiative is already underway starting from key divisions and departments in order to achieve better efficiencies, transparency, business and operational control. As part of these changes and as a first step towards an integrated operational control concept, BAS established a centralized Airside Operations Centre for ramp operations in order to achieve better communication and coordination of activities and streamline the way we operate. At the same time, cross-training of ramp staff on different functions is well on its way to correspond to the new more efficient operational structure which will see Traffic department undertaking the operation of all GSE by the end of this year. As we look to the future, many challenges lie ahead and BAS will need every bit of commitment from its people to make progress and set the bar for the highest quality of airport services. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all for your efforts and particularly those of you who were required to spend long hours on the ramp and outdoors during the summer heat and traffic peaks. I leave you with my sincere wishes for the holiday season and the quarter ahead.

George Saounatsos

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Issue 02, 2012




BAS Mission and Vision


ll companies change either proactively or reactively to the prevailing business climate. Following always a proactive and creative approach in order to respond to the changing nature of the business environment in Bahrain and beyond, as well as ensure a competitive edge, the management of the company has implemented a new mission and vision statements and defined strategic objectives. These objectives place emphasis on performance, accountability, sustained quality through development of our human capital and continuous improvement of our processes and procedures, as well as on measurement and reward of our staff and the establishment of a just culture.. As a service provider the quality of our main product is in the hands of our employees who serve the airline customers and passengers at Bahrain International Airport. Our roadmap of establishing a new, rejuvenated BAS with more international presence and exposure is summarized as follows:

MISSION (Our purpose as a Company) Offer safe and world class quality ground handling services to our customer airlines and provide an exemplary travelling experience to our passengers.

VISION (Framework for our Roadmap) Investing in our human capital and cultivating an environment of team work, trust and fairness, establish a performancebased benchmark organization offering competitive, value added products and services to all our customers driven by passion for excellence.


Issue 02, 2012

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Continuously strive to: • Maintain the highest level of safety & security standards through the effective implementation of a Safety Management System across all functional departments. • Streamline our operational processes, procedures, communication and co-ordination to minimize the risk of faults and optimize the use of our human capital and available resources. • Provide supreme Level of Service (LoS) to airlines and a congenial traveling experience to our passengers based on customer-centric culture and a high, consistent and sustainable quality in all products and services at competitive prices. • Ensure an objective and impartial selection process of qualified candidates and the provision of adequate and effective continuous training throughout their career to exercise their duties successfully under all anticipated conditions and contingencies. • Promote an invigorating and rewarding work environment founded on a just culture, equitable treatment, ethics, accountability and competence. • Achieve effective control, transparency and speed in all our internal administrative processes as to promote professional excellence and expedite the customer. • Anticipate and respond to a rapidly changing business environment and identify new viable business opportunities within the framework of our core competencies or in other diversified areas as to mitigate commercial risks associated with aviation business seasonality and periodical downturns.

BAS News Traffic Performance Improvement and

New Airside Operations Centre Our Traffic Division is well into its “process re-engineering” and performance improvement programme launched at the beginning of the year as part of our Corporate objectives for streamlining and optimizing the way we operate. Being an integral element of this, a new Airside Operations Centre (AOC) was established as a first step towards an integrated operations control concept to achieve better coordination, communication and response in day-to-day operations offering better quality of services.

Dilmun Lounge Wins Again! Dilmun Lounge has made us all proud by winning two awards for 2012. The Priority Pass Lounge of the Year awards are designed to recognise the lounges that deliver exceptional service. The Dilmun Lounge has won the “Highly Commended” and “Best Refreshments” awards. Dilmun Lounge has won the Best Refreshments Award for the seventh year distinguished among 700 other lounges. This is a reflection of the quality of the refreshments and overall service they feel that the Dilmun Lounge, Bahrain offers. The lounge has also been highly commended for its overall facilities and service. “We only achieved the award by a complete team effort in enabling our passengers to feel welcome and satisfy their needs whilst visiting the Dilmun Lounge in Bahrain,” said Abdulla Ghuloom, Senior Manager Passenger Services at BAS. Even under the difficult circumstances during the past year, the staff still managed to be recognised for their high level of service. The entire team constantly strives to care for the guests and the venue. The catering department is to be especially congratulated for delivering such a high standard menu to guests. The awards also reflect the support and commitment from other BAS departments.

This also brings along many changes in our internal processes, like the new staff allocation procedure for ramp control team members, replacing the old pen & paper based procedure, direct and efficient interaction between all key functions, an internet-based radar image for easy monitoring of the flight activity within the TMA, a centralized vehicle key control procedure, a co-located office for the Ramp Duty Officer and much more... The Centre will be equipped in the coming months with a state-ofthe-art Resource Management System (RMS) for the effective monitoring and allocation of all resources. This is a significant advancement in operations as for the first time we will have the ability to control, coordinate and communicate all airside activities from a single location where decision making and response will become more efficient, faster and precise.

BAS receives “Line Maintenance On-Time Performance” award from Etihad Airways

Bahrain Airport Services have proven their technical responsiveness, troubleshooting capabilities and efficiency in Line Maintenance by receiving the “On-Time Performance Award” from Etihad Airways as there was not a single delay in departure times and technical handling. In recognition of the efforts of BAS, Etihad Airways’s Mike Graydon, Manager Line Maintenance International and the Station Manager in Bahrain Ms Marie Laou presented the award to the CEO and the Senior Line Maintenance Manager of BAS. Abdulla Ahmed Al-Mahmood, Senior Manager Line Maintenance, stated that he was really proud of the team effort which is behind this achievement.

Cargo Role in F1 Handling BAS Cargo Department is responsible for providing cargo handling of all chartered flights transporting F1 cars and equipment. This usually happens three to four days prior to the event date. Likewise the departure of cars and other equipment commences on the final day of F1, and lasts for a couple of days. “After nine years of handling F1, BAS has become an integral part of the event’s elements of success and its role is acknowledged by all stakeholders. This recognition certainly adds to our reputation and experience in providing world class efficient Cargo Handling Services at Bahrain International Airport. The Cargo team in particular and BAS team in general are very delighted to share the credit of making every year’s F1 event successful and feel very proud to be part of the team,” said Senior Manager Cargo Services, Murtada Shubbar Al-Gassab. BAS Cargo Airside Operations team plans ahead of time for this important event which includes, but is not limited to, arrival timings with the Airlines, preparations with Logistics partners i.e. Customs, Security Clearance, Transportation and Trucking. The team consists of certified and well qualified staff in handling large freighters and also in handling expensive and delicate cargo including cars and equipment. In total, the team has handled 15 Chartered Flights (747-Freighters) with a total of 1,550 tonnes of cargo.

Issue 02, 2012




Management Development Programme

International Airside

Safety Workshop In line with our Corporate objective for continuous improvement and the development of our human capital and the future leadership of BAS, a Management Development Programme was launched in September and will run until December 2012. This programme aims at providing uniform, professional management training delivered to selected senior and junior staff from all five divisions of our company who are presently engaged in different capacities and functions. The programme is run in collaboration with a specialized and internationally recognized organization. The syllabus addresses different aspects of management as well as finance and aims at enhancing the managerial knowledge and soft skills of staff for developing a performance-driven culture and cultivating qualities essential for the future leadership of our company. It is designed to enhance trainees’ reasoning, judgment and clarity of expression, while real and work related scenarios will be used together with multiple assessment methods. Moreover, the programme will support a sustainable succession plan with structured training at all levels. The content was established based on “job analysis” and individual pre-programme assessments of all participating staff. This approach ensures that individual capabilities and needs are matched to organizational requirements. The individual courses are based on a recognized Edexcel structure and include:

As part of our company’s commitment to continuous improvement, training and staff development, three senior staff of our BAS Traffic Division management team attended the International Airside Safety Worksop “Safe Turn Around’’ in Dubai on 20th March. The workshop was organised by IATA Airside Safety Group (ASG) and Emirates Airline. “It was very helpful, we got the opportunity to go through all the new issues related to airside safety. It was a very good experience and we also brought home some ideas to improve the services at BAS - which we are working on right now,” said Duaij Al Thawadi. This safety workshop brought together all ground safety stakeholders working towards a common goal: “Safe Turn Around”. The one-day interactive workshop included ground safety topics like Hazard and Risk Management, Safety Management Systems, Infrastructure Interface and the Human Factors in Ground Handling.

• Management Skills • Problem Solving & Decision Making • Finance for Non-Finance Managers • Effective Negotiation Skills • Presentation Skills The programme’s duration is 120 learning hours followed by an on-the-job review & evaluation and will be delivered in two separate sessions throughout a 3-month period.

Stress Management Workshop Renowned specialist, Sami Al Buarki, General Manager of Investment for Training and Development, conducted a workshop on strategies to deal with stress management for Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) senior operations and management staff. The workshop analyzed the root causes and symptoms of stress and trained staff on practical ways to deal with challenging situations arising daily at work which relate to stress and if not addressed, could possibly have serious health repercussions. Given the nature of BAS 24-hour operations which is focused on delivering timely, safe and efficient service to passengers, frequently inconvenienced by flight delays, late arrival of aircraft, technical or operational problems, put staff under enormous pressure at times. Commenting on the importance of such programme to BAS staff welfare, Salman Al Mahmeed, Deputy CEO, highlighted that the objective of the course was “to train staff to work calmly and consistently, while under pressure”. He also stated that the inability to deal with job related stress often results in higher staff absenteeism and sick leaves.


Issue 02, 2012

The workshop also covered ways to eliminate stress causing factors such as sleep deprivation, poor communication, and conflicting priorities. NLP techniques were introduced as solutions in dealing with stressful situations. These include creative thinking, mobilizing team dynamics and taking charge of situations without letting others adversely influence decisions. Attendees also learned how to effectively use personal resources, most important being time management, to meet work and social demands. Feedback from attendees was positive and BAS staff particularly appreciated the creative solutions presented during the workshop in dealing with stressful situations in a calm, rational and controlled manner.

BAS Training Massive Training Master Program for 2012 / 2013 Commenting on the significance of training, Deputy CEO Salman Al Mahmeed said: “The massive training program aims at enhancing staff knowledge and performance thus enabling them to serve our customers in a more professional, reliable and efficient way. Such training forms an integral part of BAS’ transformed organizational DNA.”

Course Title

BAS considers the initial and recurrent training of our staff across the full spectrum of our business a top priority. It is of immense importance in order to improve the level of service to our passengers and airlines and advance as a company. Training is also an integral part of our human capital development strategy, setting out the value added benefits that customers will gain when selecting and working with BAS. Recognizing the immense importance of training in the daily performance of staff, a Training Masterplan was produced and put in action a massive initial and recurrent training program. A total of 2179 attendees are planned to go though 272 courses on top of other scheduled basic training modules. Emphasis is given on additional customer services training for Passenger Services staff. Additional workshops, driven by senior management, are systematically implemented focusing on key operational issues. Training also extends to subcontractors’ workers, who are trained to enhance their skills, capabilities and qualifies them to perform assigned duties safely, timely and effectively. Training is being delivered in-house by BAS Training & Development Dept. while coordination with prestigious organizations like IATA is taking place for specialized courses or train-the-trainer schemes. Managers are also encouraged to foster a value-based culture, promoting and providing guidance on ethical business practices and professional conduct with all our stakeholders such as passengers, airlines, authorities, suppliers and of course employees.

Number of Anticipated No. of Courses Trainees

ACSI Training 26 254 Aviation Security 8 50 Avitation Security (Foundation) 42 313 Avitation Security for Cargo 11 110 Turnaround Coordination 5 50 Customer Service Training 19 304 Ramp Safety 10 100 Baggage Handling 11 165 Load Control One 9 90 English Language 17 195 Wide-Body Ramp Conversion 3 47 Swift2check 4 27 Baggage Tracking 1 11 Cargo Service Level 1 3 45 Cargo Service Level 2 4 60 Live Animals Regulations 3 20 Perishable Handling 5 30 Special Load Handling 4 49 Ramp Handling 4 41 ULD Handling 3 27 DGR CAT 6,7,8,12 6 6 DGR for Passenger Handling 15 150 DGR Acceptance and Handling 2 20 DGR Awareness (ERP) 3 15 Total 272 2179

Issue 02, 2012




Moving towards a Performance-based Company BAS, in line with our strategic objective to advance into a performance-based organization, has taken the lead in implementing a corporatewide BAS Performance Measurement System (BPMS). The system was developed internally by our IT senior experts based on a concept and under the directions of our Executive Management. BPMS is a powerful tool to effect and drive change in the organization. The objective is to achieve systematic monitoring and benchmarking of our performance through a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined for the complete range of our business activities and services. Such a tool provides executives and senior management with a high-level, realtime view of the progress of our organization, facilitates, expedites and substantiates the decision making process and any actions to be taken in response to specific drawbacks, enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of our business, while more precise goals and objectives can be set for the future. The foundation of the user friendly Oracle-based application is the new Business Unit structure of our Company. This structure is mainly driven by the corporate setup, the revenue-generating units (external or internal revenues), as well as the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that management deems appropriate to monitor separately. There are more than 550 defined measures (KPIs) for all key divisions and departments which are recorded and monitored systematically. The system provides unified data storage of business information that assists data collection, instant analysis and reporting. It provides data visualization by a combination of reports, charts and screen displays in an intuitive and insightful format. BAS CEO, George Saounatsos, who personally oversaw the internal development of the system stated: “BAS is moving into a new era of a performance-based culture, shared responsibility and accountability as each General Manager, Senior Manager or Manager undertakes the leadership of its own Business Unit based on a clearly defined set of objectives and KPIs and commits to continuous improvement and enhancement of efficiencies�.


Issue 02, 2012

BAS News BAETC Road Shows

Our BAS Aircraft Engineering Training Centre (BAETC) carried out a series of road shows across Bahrain public and private schools to promote its various aeronautical engineering training programmes. The road shows, which were well attended, aimed at creating awareness and stimulating interest from tomorrow’s engineers and business leaders on higher education opportunities available in Bahrain. Courses offered included the four years EASA Part-66 programme, HND and various type of courses, thus enabling young students to make informed decisions about their future studies and career plans. The road shows were conducted during the months of April and May in 2012 while a new series of presentations are scheduled for the coming months, both in Bahrain as well as within the GCC, to boost awareness of the products and capabilities of BAETC as one of the first EASA-approved Part-147 training organizations outside the European continent.

BAETC Launches New Programme BAS CARES FOR ITS HUMAN CAPITAL Staff Medical Check up on World Health Day To commemorate World Health Day, BAS arranged for all staff to get free medical check-ups, which included blood test, BMI (Obesity), Blood Pressure (HTN), Blood Sugar (Diabetics), Total Cholesterol, Serum Creatinine (Kidney), and SGPT/ALT (Liver). These were followed by two lectures, one on Prostate Cancer (for men) and the other on Breast Cancer (for ladies). Staff were given their full medical reports as well as preventive and lifestyle counselling.

BAS Aircraft Engineering Training Centre has commenced the BAETC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Aeronautical Engineering. This is the latest addition to its collection of internationally accredited and recognised programmes, and also the first of its kind in the Middle East. Nine students - who graduated from the EASA Part 66 B1/B2 Programme - were present at the first batch of HND induction held on 8th April in Al Barsha’a Building. Consultants from Edexcel, Dr. Jaleel Talaq and Mahmood Al Saeed, were present to give details about the qualification and its advantages. This qualification adds extra value to those who have already graduated from a Part 66 Basic Course. This will also help their aptitude to be recognized at international level and provide varied career opportunities. This advancement reflects BAETC’s collective efforts to contribute significantly in improving higher and further education in our country. Khalid Al Bastaki, Senior Manager BAETC, emphasised the value of this qualification to meet local and international standards. For more information visit:

BAS Careers Day Event Bahrain Airport Services participated in the “Careers Day” of the University of Bahrain from 5th to 7th March 2012. The Careers Day typically attracts more than 3,000 students from all majors and disciplines looking to explore the wide range of career options. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet prospective candidates from the University of Bahrain, share information about BAS and network with them.

Issue 02, 2012


BAS Interview

Abdulla Ghuloom Senior Manager Passenger Services


bdulla Ghuloom started with BAS back in 1996 as a Customer Service Agent and served for nearly four years in the position. Then he moved to various other jobs, even switched countries, but now he is back at BAS as Senior Manager for Passenger

Services. He has a long and commendable career of 17 years in the aviation industry. In this interview, he shares his passions and the secret to his success!

me back to my days behind the desk.

How did you get to where you are after starting as a Customer Service Agent? I always had a plan and set targets for myself. I am a very organized and focused person. Today, I am sitting in the same office that my boss used to sit in back in the nineties.

I love challenges. For me, my passion has always been in airport ground services. Since I started my career, I have taken every day as a challenge - from the moment I switch on my car to get to work, I start planning in my head how to take on all the challenges that lay ahead in the day.

What would you say to BAS employees who are striving to achieve more in their career?

As a person, what have you considered as your core values in your professional life?

If you are looking to achieve more success in your career, try to find a good balance between work and family life. In order to get ahead, you have to spend valuable time at work. Plan for the future and set targets for yourself. But you must include your family’s aspirations in your career plan.

As I said, challenges drive me. If I don’t see my work as a challenge, then it seems futile to me. Also I think the most important principle I have is pre-planning. I plan ahead for everything, and this has helped me come so far in my career.

Do not think that work is over once you leave the office. In the evenings, after I have spent time with my family, I always get back to my work, check my emails and plan for the next day.

Also, teamwork is the core of anyone’s success. Listening to others, no matter which position you are in, is the key to teamwork. As a leader, you have to counsel your team, you have to give them direction and coaching to get the best out of everyone. Your staff are the essence and you have to care for them. I have an open door policy here at BAS and my staff can walk in or call me anytime. My team’s success is my success and vice versa.

Share with us the most memorable moments from your career? Some of the most memorable time in my career was the time I started at BAS, back in 1996 when I used to sit behind the desk. I loved being behind the counter and directly interacting with passengers. Being a customer service agent, I was able to assist people first hand and that really gave me satisfaction. Now, when I step out of the office and see the new generation behind the counters, I observe them and then coach and advise them on how to serve. It takes

What was the most challenging time in your career?

What are your goals for the future? BAS is my favourite place to work, and I want to focus on improving the ground services offered here and to constantly enhance the quality of services. I want to focus on good people and great training!

On-time, every time- Gulf Air makes a mark in flight punctuality Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, has been ranked among top five airlines in the world and the only airline from the Middle East for best on-time punctuality of its flights in the last annual FlightStats On-time Performance Service Awards. Gulf Air has also been ranked No. 1 full service airline in the Middle East for on time performance for three quarters in a row this year with its punctuality reaching 89.16% for July-Sept 12 quarter. Gulf Air Chief Executive Officer, Samer Majali said “making it into the top five globally and number one position in the region is a true achievement and testament to the sustained efforts of the entire Gulf Air team both in the air and our partners on the ground BAS, to ensuring the best possible flight experience and operational excellence to our passengers.” “On-time performance is integral to our success and to ensuring a positive experience for all our passengers – a reflection of Gulf Air’s commitment to meet and surpass customer expectations. The past year saw our average On Time Performance at 75%, well above the industry standard, with our under-15 minute On Time Performance at 88%. We see this as a marker of our continued achievements and positive differentiation within the industry,” he added. Commenting on this occasion, BAS CEO George Saounatsos stated “We strive to deliver consistent, high quality, safe and

10 Issue 02, 2012

on-time services to all our customer airlines to help them achieve superior customer experience. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely congratulate our national carrier Gulf Air on this remarkable achievement, which is a tribute to the commitment and hard work of all BAS operational staff. We look forward to continue supporting Gulf Air maintain this excellent record and deliver a congenial traveling experience to all passengers.” FlightStats, the industry leader in flight information services, holds the OPS Awards in recognition of airlines that deliver the highest percentage of flights to their arrival gates within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time. The annual FlightStats Awards are well respected among the aviation industry as recognition of airlines’ operational strength, tracking on-time performance since 2004, of over 150,000 flights per day (nearly 80% of all scheduled passenger flights globally).

BAS News Felix Airways Launch

BAS participate in Routes Conference BAS took part along with CAA, BAC and other strategic partners in World Routes Conference in Abu Dhabi, which is the largest global forum of its kind, determining the future of air service developments, bringing together both airlines and airports under one roof to discuss and negotiate deals and long term partnerships, and to promote market opportunities.

Events and participations Bahrain Airport Services participated in various international events. BAS exhibited at the Airport Show in Dubai, which was held from 22nd to 24th May. Benchmarked as one of the world’s leading specialised airport suppliers event and the vital link to the airport industry in the Middle East, the Airport Shows’ 12th edition provided key industry insights and expertise covering all aspects of airport operations, technology, safety, security and services. The show was good opportunity to show case BAS services to the regional aviation community, which generated good leads. BAS also took part in Ground Handling International Conference in Prague. The company was also represented at the 25th IGHC Ground Handling Conference in Bangkok, which was attended by some 650 delegates. Issues addressed ranged from the use and development of the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA), to airlines/airport security, impact of deregulation on ground handling, automation, cost management and airside safety. BAS sponsored the AVSEC Conference in Bahrain, organized by the CAA. Directors General of Civil Aviation and other senior officials of 13 States of the Middle East region, the Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and others attended. It was held on 10th and 11th April, 2012. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Office held its Safety & Security Forum at in Bahrain, from 21st to 22nd May, hosted by the Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs. BAS was represented at the forum.

BAS Sponsors Opera at Mövenpick

As part of the commitment to worthy community causes including Arts and Culture, Sports, Health, and Social Developments, BAS sponsored Opera evening at Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain. The event was well attended by locals & expats alike, where the connoisseurs of opera got the chance to enjoy some of the world’s greatest voices at the Al Murjan ballroom.

It is always with great pleasure that we welcome additions of new airlines to the ones already operating at Bahrain International Airport. The latest addition to this array of carriers is Felix Airways. On the 2nd of March, the first Felix Airways flight landed at Bahrain International Airport. The direct twice weekly flights to and from Aden and Sana’a will give Bahrain residents and regional passengers more choices and flexibility to meet their travel needs, as well as boost trade and tourism between the two countries. The inauguration ceremony for Felix Airways flight was held at Bahrain International Airport, which was attended by Felix Air’s Chief Executive Graham Henderson, Vice Ambassador of Yemen and CEO of Al Murshed Travel, Felix Air’s agents in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and a number of officials from Bahrain Airport Company, CAA, BAS in addition to a number of aviation and travel officials.

Safi Airways

Commences Flights between Bahrain and Kabul Safi Airways, the National Carrier of Afghanistan, commenced flights to Bahrain from 24th June 2012. The new route is part of a code-share agreement with Bahrain’s flag carrier Gulf Air, and will operate an additional three flights per week, increasing its Middle East Destinations to three. Safi Airways will also place its flight number on the three flights operated by Gulf Air from Bahrain to Kabul, offering customers a choice of six flights a week to and from the Kingdom. “Introduction of services to Bahrain, the Pearl of the Gulf, and our code-share agreement with Bahrain’s national carrier, Gulf Air, will provide a choice of six weekly services between Kabul and the island state,” said Lloyd Carswell, Chief Commercial Officer of Safi Airways. “Access to Gulf Air’s European network offers passengers in Afghanistan even more choice when planning to fly from Kabul.” He added. Commenting on the code-share agreement with Safi Airways, Gulf Air Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Karim Makhlouf said, “The expansion of our operations to Kabul through the code-share agreement reinforces our commitment to strengthening our regional network and connecting regional markets. With a total of six weekly flights now between Bahrain and Kabul, travelers can take advantage of our fast and easy connections via Bahrain to fly to any of the 50 destinations across Gulf Air’s network.” The service will operate every Monday, Tuesday and Sunday from Kabul using the A320 with 12 seats in Business Class and 132 seats in Economy.

Issue 02, 2012



&Social News

Heroic Rescue at Raft Race 2012 The BAS Raft Race Team has made us all very proud! On 13th April, twelve BAS staff members took part in the Raft Race and all departments were represented. A total of 32 teams competed in the exciting challenge. The team’s shining moment came when - as the race took place - a member from a competing team fell into the water. Setting aside their goal to win the race, the BAS team stepped in to save him, not caring about the precious time lost. “This rescue is what I consider our true achievement,” said Yousif Faraj, the team’s captain. BAS have been the Raft Race Champions for the past four years, with the team clinching the second spot this year, in view of their heroic rescue efforts – an integral part of BAS core values .

Employee of the Month

12 Issue 02, 2012

BAS Events

A Standing Applause for Esraa! BAS honours the integrity of its employees like Esraa, who truly put in practice the core values of our company and our work ethics. Esraa found USD15,000 at the check-in desk. The money belonged to a GCC passenger who had already travelled to Colombo. She handed over the money to her supervisor and with the help of the Police, they managed to contact the passenger and forward the money to him. Esraa has made us all proud with her personal honesty and integrity.

Issue 02, 2012




BAS Ramadan Events As part of BAS Ramadan tradition, the company held number of events to celebrate the holy month spirit of giving and sharing.

‫فعاليات باس الرمضانية‬

‫كجزء من تقاليدها الرم�ضانية؛ �أقامت با�س جمموعة‬ ‫من الفعاليات لالحتفال بروح العطاء وامل�شاركة يف ال�شهر‬ :‫الف�ضيل‬

‫�أقامت ال�شركة غبقة رم�ضانية لل�شركات وال�شركاء اال�سرتاجتيني ؛ ح�ضرها كبار‬ Bahrain Airport Services held a corporate Ghabga, which was ‫موظفي ال�شركة وممثلني عن �شركات الطريان و�شئون الطريان املدين والأمن‬ attended by Senior Management of Airlines, Civil Aviation Authority and Bahrain Airport Company. The event was held at Mövenpick Hotel. .‫ وقد �أقيمت امل�أدبة يف فندق املوفنبيك‬، ‫والهجرة واجلوازات و�شركة مطار البحرين‬

Bahrain Airport Services held a Ghabga for their management team at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bahrain.

14 Issue 02, 2012

‫�أقامت ال�شركة غبقة �أخرى للمدراء يف‬ .‫فندق انرتكونتيننتال ريجن�سي البحرين‬


BAS held a Ghabga get-together for media representatives at Mövenpick Hotel. It was attended by representatives from across the spectrum of media companies in Bahrain.

The Mid-Ramadan Girgaoun event was held for all staff at Bahrain Airport Services and their families. It was an evening of fun and entertainment for all, including cultural activities.

‫�أقامت ال�شركة غبقة �أخرى ملمثلي و�سائل الإعالم يف فندق املوفنبيك؛‬ .‫ح�ضرها ممثلون من خمتلف و�سائل و�شركات الإعالم يف البحرين‬

‫احيت ال�شركة وجريا على عادتها احتفاال ثقافيا‬ ‫ترفيهيا مبنا�سبة االحتفال مبنت�صف �شهر‬ ‫رم�ضان الف�ضيل (القرقاعون) جلميع املوظفني‬ ‫ وقد كانت �أم�سية مليئة باملرح والت�سلية‬،‫وعائالتهم‬ ‫للجميع؛ ت�ضمنتها العديد من الفعاليات الثقافية‬

Issue 02, 2012



Newsletter Dec 2012

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