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Name-Baily Lyn Lancer

Age-17 Years Old




Likes-Flowers,Gum,Sugar,Outdoors,Water,Thunderstorms,Rain,Laying In The Grass,Being With Her Friends,The Color Blue,Standing Out,Music,Reading,Poetry,LoseClothing CauseIt Is Comfy,The Beach,Surfing,Bikes,Rollerblading,Skateboarding,Walking around,Getting Lost,Animals,Babysitting,The Color Purple.

Dis-Likes-Bullies,The Color Pink,Populars,Cliques,Being Bored,Being Cramped Inside,UnSugary Things,Blood,Scooters,Her Friends Father,Not Having Her Parents Around.

Family/Life-She has been raised by her older brother Ryan, Both her mother and father died in a car crash when she was 4 Years old. She got placed with her uncle along with her brother who at the time was 9 years old, There uncle treated them badly so he swore he would get them both out of there and that's exzactly what he did. at 5 years old she met Riley her known best friend whom she has been crushing on for years now...Sadly he's gay. But they both stand up for eachother and help one another when needed. She loves to read specially about things that most kids don't she loves to read about history and about things that most people don't believe in things like ghosts and spirits and things like that. She loves candles and insence and always has at least one of the two burning in her room and every where else around the house. She has a pretty hard life,but she does a good job taking all the good and getting rid of all the bad she has seen Which is why she is typically happy and not usually sad she also hates to cry in front of others specially those who care for her, She would rather cry in front of a million strangers then in front of someone who loves her simply becauseshe doesn't want to be seen as weak in there eyes. That sums her up until later she is a main character ^-^

Name-Riley Adam Barrly

Age-17 Years Old



Personality-Outgoing,Conservative,SpeaksHis Mind, Friendly, Loving, Protective,Gay,Spontanious,Random,Fun,Funky.

Likes-Colorful Things,Outdoors,The Sun,ThunderStorms,The Beach, Water, Swings,Skateboards,Motorcycle's,Swimming,Music,Writing,Reading,Dancing, Green Grass,Lollipops,Cotton Candy, Sunglasses,Piercings, Tatoos, Art, Drawing,Painting.

Dis-Likes-Dull Things,Indoors,School,Homework,Bullies,Populars,His Father,People Whom Fear Gays,Being At Home,Being Bored,Being Alone,Rain,Getting Lost,Girls Who Wear TO Much Make Up.

Family/Life-He became friends with Baily when they were both 5 years old,He is a Junior along with Baily in Lance High,He grew up with his father becausehe lost his mom when he was 7 years old,Baily was there for him the whole time unlike his drunk father who accused him of being her death and beats him,His life has been pretty tragic,but both Baily and her brother have been there to help,He would always be over there house sleeping over and what not cause they never wanted him to go home nor did he wanna go home either causethey knew his dad was waiting to hurt him again and unknowing how much more he could take of the abuse he wouldn't let anyone call the cops becausein his mind his father needs him. At 15 Both Baily and Riley met there newest friend Megan she found out not long after about his dad and tried to get him to call dss,but he refused and told her she better not or they might never see him again plus his dad needs him. The three have been friends ever since.

Name-Megan Marie Nomun

Age-17 Years Old




Likes-The Color Pink,Flowers,Make Up,Shoes,cloths,Hair Accesories, Jewlery, Gum,Music,Grass,Friends,Family,Meeting New People,Boys.

Dis-Likes-Rain,Going Out Without Make Up,Riley's Father,Acting Grown Up,Not Shopping,Wearing The SameCloths More Then 8 Times A Year,People Who Pick On Her Friends,Bullies,Jerks,Silence.

Family/Life-Her parents are always working which is why they try and buy her affection,The give her money and gifts attempting to make up for there absance as much as she hates not having them there she knows that it will never change so she takes the things to make them think that she is happy when honestly she isn't near that. She really wishes that Riley would come foward,but also knows that he wouldn't do that to his father. She hangs out with pretty much everyone and hates how the populars treat other people she is popular,but doesn't stick her nose in the air becauseof it. She has a rough life which her parents created by not actually being there for her,but she is glad that she has Riley and Baily to help her through,plus she has a crush on Baily's older brother Ryan she has for years. That sums her up.

Name-Ryan Micheal Lancer

Age-22 Years Old



Personality-Friendly, Protective, Caring, Cautious, Random, Honest, Tough, Smart,Outgoing.

Likes-Cars,Music,Motorcycles,Girls,The Beach,Partying,His Family, Friends, Animals,Outdoors,Water,Rain,Honesty.

Dis-Likes-Bullies,Boy's That His Sister Dates,Broken Cars,Liers,Death,Fire,Milk,People Who Are A Threat.

Family-Life-Pretty much the same as Baily's just from his point of view. Growing up taking care of his little sister was never easy he was the one who had to tell her that mom and dad were never coming back and through the years he's protected her as best as he could. Her being a teenager it's not easy causeshe likes her freedom,but still respects him and let's him know where she is. She doesn't hide things from him,but he does usually hate the boys she dates causethey hurt her and he dreads seeing her hurt,Specially when there is nothing he can do about it. He treats Riley and Megan like family,but he has a small thing for Megan, He wishes Riley would call the cops,but he still refuses,sohe does his best to keep him safe which usually means having him sleep over pretty much everyday which he doesn't mind becauseRiley is a good kid,plus he's gay, Even though it's easy to see Baily has developed feelings for him,which he doesn't return or so he thinks cause as far as he knows Riley has always been gay and has never had a girlfriend. That sums him up.

Not going to say much here,but this is Riley's father his name is Richard hes a real jerk he didn't use to be that way until his wife passed away he used to be a loving father to Riley,but now he abuseshim and honestly doesn't regret it causehe is always drinking when he does it.

Chapter 1 "Still listening to Lambert? Megan asked I grinned "You know it!"I said happily She laughed "Just remember,He's Gay."She teased "Yeah,If Only."I grummbled "Just remember Vin deasel is gay"I mocked she frowned "That man is FARto fine to be gay!"She complained I laughed and nodded my mind wondered to Riley I hoped he was in school today it usually sucked without him Or I'd leave early. "Sorry boys,Only one dude has Bails heart"Meg commented I sighed and nodded "Yeah,Riley"I mummbled sadly "To bad,He's gay"Meg said "I know"I said softly as we walked into homeroom "The best ones are"I stated as we sat down dropping our bags next to our seats as usual. I looked around my brows furrowed Riley usually met us out front I had hoped he was already in homeroom,but he was no where to be seen.... I got up and scurried up to the teachers desk and she looked up at me. "Where's Riley?"I asked slightly panicked I had a bad feeling and I hoped it wasn't real. "Home,Another accident"Mrs.Drew said shaking her head I frowned and sad down quickly taking out my phone I texted my brother thankfully since Meg's rents aren't ever around they made my brother a guardian over her. "Baily,Megan. You are both being released"Mr.Ballow called over the speaker we both grabbed our things and left no questions asked we went to my brothers car and got in. "Riley's place?"He asked starting the engine I nodded not a word needed as

he pulled out speeding slightly to Riley's My bad feelings were usually right and this one felt worse. We came to a quick stop in front of his house and I jumped out quickly getting to his door I banged calling his name,but I didn't get an answer. I paced slightly pulling up the mat on the ground before grabbing the spare key hidden underneath before unlocking the door, I pushed it open causing it to slam as I ran up the steps toward Riley's room I busted the door open to stop quickly my eyes went wide at the sight There he was the love of my life laying half dead in his own blood on his bed, I ran to his side and wrapped my body around his quickly finding a pulse. "He's breathing! Call 911!"I demanded and Ryan was quick to do just that. "PleaseRiles, I won't lose you! Not Now!"I begged tears falling burning my eyes and washing the blood from his body "Baily?"His voice was rough and weak I nodded "Yes Riles,I'm here"I soothed running my fingers through his tangled black hair. "PleaseDon't Leave"He begged "Never! I'll always be here!"I promised, Once the ambulence got there they lifted him in and I climbed in as well. "We'll meet you there"Meg promised I nodded and wrapped Riley's hand in mine as they worked in the ambulence everything blurred away but him laying there bleeding the thought of him dying killed me. Once we got there they rushed him into the E.RI paced around the waiting room until Meg and Ryan got there I didn't stop pacing instead I ran to the gift shop attempting to busy my mind his dad wasn't answering. I knew he didn't care,but he should know I sighed and grabbed a green fuzzy bear it was his favorite color I bought it and went back to his floor waiting before the docter came out. I watched him carefully hoping for no frown or bad look. "We got him stable,You may see him 1 at a time"The docter said with sympathy in his eyes Both Meg and Ryan urged me to go in so I stood outside his door slightly scared to seewhat they did to him,but I gathered my courage and lightly pushed open the door I walked in the dimly lit room and flicked on the light causing the bear trapped in my fingers to slip to the floor and a scream to push through my lips as everyone ran to my side..."He's Gone!"I cried Everyone looked shocked but I was crushed, Time seemed to slow down amazingly. I found myself pinning up missing fliers since his dad didn't care I called the police they locked down,but he was no where they figured

he went through the window..but how? I sighed and pinned up my last poster on a tree at the park the very one we met at I took in the fresh air I felt like I had run out of tears as I approached the swings we met at I sat down on one and looked down letting my hair fall over my face as more tears fell ones I thought were gone....AsI remembered how we met.


A younger 5 year old me, was swinging on my favorite swing when Marcus and his pals came over an evil smirk lit up his face I feared him he was never nice always said mean things and made me cry today I figured was no different. I stood from my spot about to walk away,but they stopped me. "Hey there nerd"Marcus teased I frowned "I'm not a nerd!"I complained he laughed "Your right even nerds are cuter then you!"He stated harshly I felt tears brim my eyes "You guys are jerks!"I heard a small voice growl I looked next to me to see a young Riley. "Leave her alone!"He demanded taking my small hand in his my eyes lit up and I smiled at him someone finally stood up for me I was amazed. "What you gonna do about it fag"Marcus teased my eyes went slightly wide "Thats a bad word!"I demanded he laughed "So?"He stated "Don't call him that!"I growled finally gaining courage for my new found friend. "A nerd and a fag perfect couple"He teased I blushed slightly causing him to bust out laughing I glared as he poked my now pink cheek I bit his finger causing him to scream in pain "What the frik you dog!"He snapped and Riley kicked him "She's not a dog! Your a jerk now go away!"He growled and Marcus limped away babying his finger I turned to Riley with a smile which he returned "Thanks"I said "Notta problem"He said sticking out his small hand which once held mine "I'm Riley"He said happily "I'm Baily"I replied shaking his hand..From then on we were best friends.

End FlashBack

We had been best friends..And now he was missing I could still feel tears pouring like rain it felt as though I was literally being torn I felt like I had to hold my body together. Just the thought of him made my heart break into small parts breaking more each moment that passed that he was gone. I didn't know weather I should stay here or go home,but it seemsthat choice was obvious as I sank to the ground curling into a ball on the green grass. This was Riley's and my favorite place to go just to remember all the good times we had. My eyes suddenlt felt heavy I could hear a muffled voice call my name,but sleep consumed me to quickly.

Cameron's Pov

It had been hours since you'd heard from Baily and both you and Megan were worried so you decided to look for her,You had told Megan to go home and that you would find her and have her call later. You were worried you knew how she felt about Riley and couldn't even imagine how much this must hurt her. No one understood how he dissapeared like that since he was passedout from the drugs, They figure to put it as a kidnapping since someone had to have taken him,but it made no senseno one other then the docters had been in there other then nurses,sothey had been eliminated,when he had dissapeared no one was in the room....Or so they had though,but there was no evidence of foul play..Nothing had been found. You sighed finally figuring out where she would most likely be...The park you thought to yourself running there you quickly looked around,and spotted her near the swings "Baily"You called,but she didn't move so you ran to her side and let out a deep breath when you saw that she was just sleeping. You gently picked her up and brought her back home before tucking her in,you kissed her head and frowned even asleep

she looked pained so broken. This was when you felt weak all you could do was search and keep up hope for her sake....

Chapter 2

My Pov

I opened my eyes and felt a soft bed beneath me,Before I realized I was in my room I was guessing it was My brother I heard calling my name last night which would explain me being home. I tossed my legs over the side of the bed and slowly got up before taking a long hot shower,Yet even the heat didn't sooth the aching pain that spread to my whole body. I got out after and got dressed quickly.


shoesand pants

Once I was dressed I felt like crying simply becausethoughts of Riley kept popping into my head and it was hard to ignore them. I slowly walked down the steps Ryan was already gone,but there was a note in his place. *Went to work Meg is at school waiting for you,She called. I love you sis <3 Ryan.* I sighed and ditched breakfest and left for school. When I got there I met up with Megan and we walked in together, All I could hear were whispers about Riley and how he had gone missing and about myself... I stopped in my tracks and everyones attention turned to me "You really wanna know don't you? Just so you can all gossip more! Well fine Truth is..I'm in love with Riley Barrly and now hes missing And it KILLSme!"I screamed and stormed into homeroom I went to my seat quickly seeing the empty one next to mine where Riley usually sat I felt tears burn my eyes. So I went to the teachers desk and she looked up she frowned at the sight of the tears and smiled sympathedically "Can I use the bathroom?"I asked she nodded and let me go The second I got into the bathroom I slid to the floor and started balling the tears just wouldn't end. It broke me that he was gone and there was nothing I could do about it nobody knew where else to look not even me I looked everywhere....I had no idea how I could live without him My life revolved around him..I dragged myself back to classand slugged slowly through the dreary whisper filled day and went to my locked and grabbed my things before emptying Riley's I knew I was the only other person who knew his combination. After that I said a quick goodbye to Megan and headed to my brothers car I got it and it was silent for most of the ride..Until we almost passedRiley's house when I saw that his dad had put everything in boxes and put it outside I almost freaked,but Ryan and I got them into the car and took them home where we brought them to my room and stacked them after that he went to make something for us to eat and I sat on my bed and began looking through them slowly and carefully.

Riley's Pov

You took a deep breath before tending to your many bruises once again you could hear your dad on the phone with the school the usual lame excuse that you fell before he left for work. You didn't know how much more of this you could take,There was only one reason you hadn't done anything drastic yet. You thought to yourself as you ran your fingers over the old pictures "Baily"You whispered her name to yourself she was the only reason you were alive,but she would never be yours since she thought you were gay...But that's becauseyou told her that. You figured she'd be better withouth you as you took the razor to your wrist making deep cuts each worse then the other,Until you got dizzy from blood loss you laid down waiting for death...Until you heard someone bust in your room and heard a very familier voice. You felt her small body wrap around yours "Ryan call 911!"her helpless voice demanded, You took in her scent. "PleaseRiley! I won't lose you! Not now!"She cried pleading her voice filled with pain "Baily?"Your voice was rough and weak. You could feel her tears hit you as she nodded "Yes Riles,I'm Here"She soother running her gentle fingers through your tangled black hair "Pleasedon't leave"You begged your throat hurt and your body was numb, "Never! I will always be here!"She promised you knew she wasn't lying she always kept her promices...Shedidn't talk after that all you could hear was her crying plus Ryan and Megan in the background as Baily held you,You could hear an ambulence it was close. But when they hit your house things went by fast like a blurr to you, Baily was with you holding your hand the whole time trying to keep you awake,Until they got you to the E.Rwhere they brought you into surgery and placed a mask over your face your last thought before you fell into darknesswas Baily I love you.......You had no idea how long it had been when you woke up,but you also weirdly couldn't remember where you had gone in the first place,You opened your eyes letting them adjust to the new found like compaired to the darknessyou saw before. You looked around to see you were on a grassy field,but you had no idea

where you were exzactly,but it somehow felt familier when you saw a man he was tall and had dark brown hair and hazel eyes he looked to be mid 4o's late 30's. "Hello Riley"His deep voice spoke "Hello where am I?"You questioned "You are in my world now"He stated "But why can't I remember anything?"You asked "You will my son in due time"He said before dissapearing. You were lost in confusion which only seemed to heighten as the years went by you'd have randome clips of your past,some of a girl,but none of them made any sence except that there was a girl in all of them you just had no clue who she was,but you knew she needed you and you had to find her.....

Chasing Silence  

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