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Morrisville’s New Chief Jenkins Returns to North Carolina To Take Local Fire Rescue Position M. Foy Jenkins II is the new Fire Chief for the Town of Morrisville. Previously the Special Operations Chief with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department in Florida, Jenkins was selected from a field of 30 candidates. “Chief Jenkins’ proven fire service leadership experience makes him the right person for this job,” said Morrisville Town Manager Martha Paige. “His forward thinking approach to address complex problems in the fire service and the positive impact he has had on improving firefighter safety convinced me that he was the right person to lead the Fire Department.” Jenkins, from New Bern, NC, started his fire service career as a volunteer firefighter at West New Bern Volunteer Fire Department while in high school. He brings 34 years of progressive fire service experience to the Morrisville, with certifications as a firefighter, paramedic, technical rescuer and hazmat technician.


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M. Foy Jenkins Profile POSITION: MFRD Chief (beginning May 8) PREVIOUS POSITION: Special Operations Chief, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Dept HOMETOWN: New Bern, NC EDUCATION: BS, Western Carolina University (Emergency Medical Care) SPECIAL TRAINING: FEMA/Department of Homeland Security Urban Search and Rescue Task Force Leader CERTIFICATIONS: Firefighter, paramedic, technical Rescuer, hazmat technician

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919 Magazine Mar/April 2017 Wakefield Wake Forest Rolesville