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Monthly Newsletter October 2013

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Volume 1, Issue 2

Back to School The school year has started again and so have tobacco prevention classes! We’ve had the chance to visit many of our schools already and will be visiting several more this month. Pictured above is a student at Kiddie Kollege Child Care in Forest, MS. The students created a poster with the reasons why they want to have healthy lungs and stay smoke-free! To the right are students at Lake High School exploring the dangers of tobacco use through CSI: Cigarette Smoking Investigation!

The Sale of Tobacco: FDA Here are just a few of the regulations of tobacco sale established by the FDA. The FDA was given authority to regulate tobacco in 2010 when the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act was enacted.

-The minimum age to purchase tobacco is 18.

-Cigarettes must be sold in a package of at least 20.

-Flavored cigarettes, with the exception of menthol, may not be sold.

-Tobacco products may not be sold in vending machines or given away for free, with the exception of in establishments where all patrons are over 18.

-Individual cigarettes, or “loosies,,” may not be sold.

MTFC Rankin, Scott and Simpson Monthly Newsletter

October 2013

Below is an example of how we set up our tables at school, health fairs, and other events.

The children at YMCA Reservoir were excited to share why they think it is important to have healthy lungs!

Students at Magee High School check out the dangerous chemicals found in tobacco!

Tobacco Terminology The current smoking rate for youth in Mississippi is 17.9%.

Addiction: repetitious use and craving for a certain behavior, despite any negative consequences; also referred to as dependence Carcinogen: any substance that causes cancer Food and Drug Administration (FDA): the US government

agency responsible for regulating tobacco products Nicotine: the poisonous chemical found in tobacco that makes it addicting Secondhand Smoke: smoke inhaled from the environment; can refer to the smoke exhaled by a smoker or the smoke

released as the tobacco product burns Smokeless tobacco: product that consist of cut, ground, powdered, or leaf tobacco intended for placement in the oral or nasal cavity Teratogen: any substance that can interfere with the

Mental Illness and Smoking Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the U.S. Despite overall declines in smoking, a higher percentage of people with mental illness smoke than those without mental illness. Some mental health providers and facilities have made progress in assisting individuals with mental illness in quitting. Mental health facilities can help by making campuses 100% smoke-free, providing smoking cessation programs, and incorporating help with quitting into their client’s treatment plan. It is critical that people with mental illness get the mental health services that they need and that they have access to cessation assistance to improve their overall health and wellness. Original Source: Center for Disease Control. Reprinted: “IN THE KNOW In the News� Dateline DREAM July 2013. Used with permission.

MTFC Rankin, Scott and Simpson Monthly Newsletter

October 2013

Find the hidden words in the puzzle! Words can be up, down, forward, backward, or diagonal!














Ordinance Update Magee: Business owners have been surveyed about their opinions of a smokefree ordinance. There will be a public town hall meeting on Tuesday, October 8th at 6:30. Come support Magee in their next step toward a healthier city!

Richland: After a Secondhand Smoke Presentation at their August meeting, the Exchange Club has decided to partner with us and petition for smokefree legislation in their community! Thanks for your support!

Tobacco Trivia: If you or your organization would like to help advocate for smoke-free policies in any of the following areas, let us know! Florence, Lake, Mendenhall, Morton, Puckett, Sebastopol

What is “snus”? Send your answer to to be entered into the monthly drawing! Winners will be notified by email.

Quitter’s Corner: FREE Smartphone Apps! NCI QuitPal - Great tracking systems, including total money saved and packs not smoked - Provides cravings tips to keep you motivated - Includes a video diary and ability to received video messages from supporters

Quit Guide - Sharing capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, and email - Includes interactive tips for quitting - Describes potential challenges and provides information on how to best handle them

QuitSTART - Tracks cravings, moods, and progress toward goals - Helps you to identify your smoking triggers - Ability to upload personal “pick me ups” for support during rough times.

Original source: “A few of our FAVORITE things,” Dateline DREAM July 2013. Used with permission.

MTFC Rankin, Scott and Simpson Monthly Newsletter

October 2013

Red Ribbon Week Monday: Always Slip Away from Drugs - Bring a pair of slippers to wear in class! Tuesday: Looking Toward a Bright Future Free from Drugs - Wear bright colors! Wednesday: Dress for Success - Wear school-appropriate career attire! Thursday: I’m Proud to be Drug-Free - Dress in RED from head to toe! Friday: Stay in the Game and Stay Away from Drugs -Wear your favorite sports jersey!

Red Ribbon Pledge Take the Red Ribbon Pledge at and be a part of the creation of a drug free America. What's the Pledge about? - As parents and citizens, we will talk to our children and the children in our lives about the dangers of drug abuse. - We will set clear rules for our children about not using drugs. - We will set a good example for our children by not using illegal drugs or medicine without a prescription. - We will monitor our children's behavior and enforce appropriate consequences, so that our rules are respected. - We will encourage family and friends to follow the same guidelines to keep children safe from substance abuse. I pledge to set guidelines to help children grow up safe, healthy and drug-free. Original source:

Youth Team Registration: Still Open! We are still accepting registration for Generation FREE and RAT Youth Teams. A monthly activity guide will be sent to you and participants earn prizes for completing activities. Complete the form below to register your team today! MAIL: Attn: MTFC-RSS 310 Airport Road Pearl, MS 39208 FAX: 601.933.1138 EMAIL:

Youth Team Registration Form Organization Name_________________________________________________________________________ Team Name_______________________________________________________________________________ Sponsor’s Name____________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address____________________________________________________________________________ City____________________________State______Zip__________________County_____________________ Sponsor’s E-mail____________________________Sponsor’s Daytime Phone___________________________ Co-Sponsor’s Name_________________________________________________________________________ Please circle all that apply Sponsor is a: Community Leader

School Counselor

School Nurse

Coalition Member


Targeted Program (Please specify)___________________

Member of a Faith-Based Organization

Other (Please specify)_____________________________

Team Roster Parent/Guardian’s Full Name

Student’s Full Name


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Please add any additional members to a separate sheet!



October 2013 This Month’s Events - Secondhand Smoke Presentations October 21 6:00pm; October 21 9:30am Hinds Community College - RAT Programs October 2 3:30pm Crude-Up Ward Child Care Center, Forest October 7 9:00am Simpson Achievement Center, Mendenhall October 9 8:45 am—RAT on the Road Highland Bluff Elementary School October 21 3:30pm Kiddie Kollege Child Care Center, Forest October 29 4:00pm Reservoir YMCA - Generation FREE Programs October 8-9 10:00am Simpson Central School, Pinola October 17 8:00am L.E.A.D. Conference, Jackson - Other Community Events October 4 7:30am Trustmark Health Fair, Brandon October 5 8:00am Chasing Tail 5K for RideABILITY, Pearl October 8 6:30pm Magee Town Hall Meeting: Smoke-Free Ordinance, Magee

Coming Up Soon... -November 5: Fall Business Expo-Pearl -November 14: Creative Christmas -November 21: Great American Smokeout If you know of any health fairs or other events in our communities, let us know! We’d love to participate!

October 23-31 Red Ribbon Week October 30 National Lung Health Day For more information about October’s events, please email Brianna at

Sources: Dateline DREAM July 2013, Center for Disease Control,, Food and Drug Administration

MTFC-RSS Newsletter October 2013  

The newsletter for the Mississippi Tobacco Coalition for Rankin, Scott, and Simpson Counties

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