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hope is the substance of things unseen...

Year after year, people all over the world come together at Christmas time to celebrate a miracle...the rebirth of hope in a darkening world. Your support for our Child of Hope missions, over the years, has made our world a brighter place. It has given children here in the United States and in Latin America hope for a better future.

What began as a simple project to assist an under-served elementary school in our neighborhood, over a decade ago, has become an international labor of love. It is remarkable what your ďŹ nancial contributions and your volunteer support have accomplished this year, right in our own backyard!

NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH Our Annual Health Fair provides free medical services to our lowincome neighbors. In October, more than 60 CoH volunteers provided basic health services to over 360 people including u shots for 190 children and 110 adults.

NEIGHBORHOOD EDUCATION In 2008, Child of Hope also provided twelve volunteers and additional support for tutors teaching “English as a Second Language” classes that are offered through Project LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas).

NEIGHBORHOOD EDUCATION Our popular Crayola Crusade collects school supplies and pays for uniforms and other necessities for low-income children in our four adopted schools. In 2008, the Cathedral of Hope congregation donated well over 140,000 school supplies to these schools.

NEIGHBORHOOD FOOD DRIVES Three times a year, our Holiday Benevolence drives collect baskets of food, and toys at Christmas, for low-income families in our neighborhood. At this year’s Easter Wall of Food event, our congregation donated over one and a half tons of nonperishable food.


In the past year, we’ve built three new school buildings in Reynosa, Mexico. The cost for each building was $4000. Over 150 poor children now a safe place to learn. With your help, we will build three more classrooms in the nearby community of La Union in the coming year.


With Child of Hope funds, a 500 gallon water tank was purchased for the San Pablo Orphanage in Guadalajara, Mexico. We hope to continue working to secure clean water and an irrigation system for gardens for the Orphanage and the AIDS Hospice for Children in Guadalajara.


A five-member mission team spent one week in Honduras building the foundation for a children’s clinic and two mission teams went to Biloxi, Mississippi to help the Back Bay Mission continue its efforts to rebuild Biloxi after Hurricane Katrina.

GIVE THEM THE GIFT OF HOPE The Nativity Story teaches us that great and beautiful things can come from the humblest of beginnings. Your generous donation will go a long way toward making the world a more hopeful place for the children and families touched by our Child of Hope campaign.

THANK YOU For your donation of $25.00 or more, we will send you this beautiful amber glass star, crafted from recycled glass. Made by artisans of Dan Beaded Handicraft, based in DumasiKrobo, Ghana. Add it to your Child of Hope star ornament collection!


If you want to honor friends or family members when giving to Child of Hope We would be happy to send them a special gift card on your behalf. Simply provide their name and address when you make your donation.

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