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Add Some Splash to Your Next Event Hire a Pirate! And not just any ole pirate, but the Notorious Captain Jack himself - exact look, speech and mannerisms! Any type of event is enlivened by an appearance by the Notorious Jack; corporate parties, conventions, promotions, private events, parades, city festivals, charity events, club appearances, entertainment industry premiere/wrap parties, awards shows and after parties, gallery openings, holiday parties, over-the-top adult and kids parties for any occasion. We do it all!

MIX AND MINGLE A h u m o ro u s, i m p rov i s at i o na l interaction with your guests or clients of all ages will leave them with a fun, memorable experience that they'll be talking about long after the event. The Captain's personal photographer is also available as an add on to capture piratical moments of importance.

PIRATE CREW N o to r i o u s Jack and his p ro fe s s i o n a l l y t ra i n e d p i rate c re w o f s c a l l y wa g s, s c u r v y d o g s a n d n e 'e r- d o -we l l s a re at yo u r s e r v i ce to p e r fo r m skits, custom plays, i nte ra c t i ve i m p rov co m e d y w i t h c rowd s, s wo rd fig ht i n g, m i x a n d m i n g l e, p h o to s e s s i o n s a n d a c t i v i t i e s.

GREEN SCREEN PHOTO SESSION A fully interac tive pirate p h o to session complete wit h re p l icas of screen used prop s a n d pirate themed digita l b a c kgrounds. Captain Jack ' s p h o tographer offers pr inte d p h o to copies instantly i n g u e sts hands, digital copie s on storage media or d ownload-able copies online.


Swo rd lesson, balloon s wo rd b at t l e, tattoos and pirate th e m e d g a m es such a s tug- of-war and J a c k s ays. Have CINDERELLA attend your event and cater to little princesses with a princess lesson, face-painting or make-up and dancing.


Ca p t ure the attention of at te n dees with Notor ious J a c k and crew on foot or a flo at !

Captain Jack Sparrow Impersonator  

Any type of event is enlivened by an appearance by the Notorious Jack and his pirate crew; corporate parties, conventions, promotions, priva...