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Below is a Free Printable Child ID, Fingerprint & DNA Kit. It is simple and easy to use, just print it out and follow the directions. This kit records vital medical, identification, and contact information including fingerprint samples that can be instantly provided to law enforcement agencies. This kit allows parents and caregivers to have vital information available on hand should their child ever become lost, abducted or injured.

Child ID, Fingerprint & DNA Kit Attach Child’s Current Photo

Child Identification

Please remember to have photographs of your children taken three to four times a year.

First Name:__________________________________ Middle Name:________________________________ Last Name:__________________________________ Nickname(s):_________________________________ Current Address:______________________________ City, State, Zip:_______________________________ Home Phone Number:_________________________ Alternative Phone Number:_____________________ Date of Birth:_______________ Gender:__________ Ethnicity:____________________________________ Height:_______________ Weight:________________ Hair Color:_____________ Eye Color:_____________ Other Recognizable Features:____________________ ____________________________________________

Place a sample of your child's hair here. Include 25 - 50 strands with root attached. Collect them using a clean hairbrush. Seal them in a plastic baggie and tape them here.

____________________________________________ (Such as birthmarks, glasses, moles, etc.)

Medical Information Current Medications:___________________________ ____________________________________________ Blood Type:__________________________________

FREE Printable Child ID Card  

This FREE printable Child ID card provides parents and law enforcement with crucial information should your child ever become lost or missin...