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DREAMCATCHERS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN 2010 Report P.O. Box 142 Peck, MI 48466 Phone: (810) 275-0755

An official non-profit 501(c)3 child abuse & neglect awareness organization dedicated to educating the public on child abuse. (EIN# 35-2331592)

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to educate the public on the signs, symptoms, statistics, intervention, reporting and prevention of child abuse, as well as assisting victims and survivors in locating the proper resources necessary to achieve a full recovery. Our goal is to lower child abuse statistics by educating the public on every aspect of child abuse through successful campaigns that provide educational materials concerning child abuse & neglect, treatment for recovery, coping skills, family and peer support, prevention, communication skills and empowerment to families, victims and survivors.

Executive & Board Chair Message

Sandra Potter--CEO & Founder (left) Donna M. Kshir--President (right)

Dear Friends~ 2010 has been an amazing year for Dreamcatchers for Abused Children. We began the year with many hopes, plans and goals to do even more to serve the public, educate parents and caregivers, and support survivors of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. There are millions of children suffering in silence, living in shame, and fearing for their lives. We know firsthand, their pain is real. We believe all children were created to be happy, healthy and loved. It is our privilege at Dreamcatchers for Abused Children to protect and be a voice for World’s children. Through our highly dedicated team of Board of Directors, Regional Directors and Volunteers who unselfishly dedicate their time and energy, daily, to educate the public by hosting online seminars, posting child abuse headlines, BlogTalk Radio Shows, hosting a 24 hour hotline and 24 hour help service, and providing vital resources to enable a full recovery and rebuild the lives of those affected by abuse. Each program was made possible through the support of our amazing members, sponsors, supporters and partners. We thank each and everyone of you from the bottoms of our hearts, as without your support none of this would be possible. Our goal for 2011 is to continue to our mission through education and prevention, open a headquarters in Sanalic County, Michigan and shed light on the many faces of the children who have suffered in the darkness of silence. Thus, we are making a humble request by asking each parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother and sister to take a stand and support Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, and help us, protect the World’s children, and assure they, too, have a safe, happy and healthy childhood. The need for awareness education cannot be overstated. Sincerely,

Sandra Potter Donna Kshir

2010 Accomplishments Paso Robles Child Abuse Awareness Festival

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children representatives Sandra Dawn Potter (CEO & Founder), Donna Kshir (President) Laurie Ann Smith (Canadian Regional Director) and Elizabeth Brawley (Southern Regional Director) attended the third annual Paso Robles Film Festival and The State and Fate of Children in Paso Robles California, November 19, 2010 to November 23, 2010. The PDFF is a Salute To Children and Youth. Festival Producer, Benford Standley hosts the annual festival which is dedicated to the millions of homeless, runaway, missing, and abused children in our society. Dreamcatchers devised a National Awareness Campaign to create awareness for physical, emotional and sexual abuse, prevention of child abuse and neglect, as well as recovery and life after abuse. Laurie Ann Smith and Elizabeth Brawley helped put their plan into action. Dreamcatchers hosted a booth in six different locations at the Paso Robles Film Festival for four days that provided free educational materials, books, CD’s, DVD’s, pamphlets, flyers, brochures and other materials to the public. The final day of the festival was known as The State and Fate of Children. DFAC was given an hour time slot to make a public speech and present their film/slideshow presentation digitally worldwide via the internet which reached an audience of over 3 million viewers. DFAC made a vital impact on the public and provided outreach programs utilizing resources, education, leadership and strength through; parenting education, child abuse awareness & education, abduction prevention, anger management for parents, sexual abuse prevention, internet safety, child abuse signs & symptoms, reporting, intervention, prevention and recovery.

Community Outreach Programs

Family-To-Family - This online seminar is taught by DFAC mentors to give families information about child abuse & neglect, reporting, intervention, prevention and their treatment for recovery, coping skills, and the power of advocacy. Peer-To-Peer - This online seminar is taught by DFAC mentors. The class focuses on empowerment, prevention, family and peer support, prevention, communication skills, and recovery. Child Abuse Reporting Classes - This online seminar is taught by DFAC mentors for parents and caregivers. Use Your Voice - An hour-long online seminar by DFAC mentors sharing education on child abuse and prevention of child abuse, as well as the journey through HOPE and recovery. Project Education - Provide free educational books to the public, schools and libraries to create public awareness for teen dating violence, child abuse, neglect, reporting child abuse, intervention and recovery with the intent of reaching the most vulnerable; teens. These five community outreach programs are under the advisory of our newly elected Chief Communications Officer, Laurie Ann Smith. Ms. Smith shares vital child abuse education, provides free educational materials, answers questions presented to her, and provides resources to those in need.

Additional Programs

24-hour Online Help: Available to men, women, teens and children in need of assistance, resources, emergency or crisis help through email reaching 35-100 people per day. 24-hour Crisis Hotline: Phone assistance service available to men, women, teens, children and the elderly in need of assistance, resources, emergency or crisis assisting 25-50 callers a day. Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio: A free public online awareness radio show hosted by DFAC mentors airing five days a week, Monday through Friday (10-11P.M. EST). This program has been extremely successful, hosting 15-25 guests per night, and hundreds of archived plays. 15 DFAC Networking Sites: DFAC websites provide vital child abuse education, posting national child abuse headlines to create awareness with the overall goal of prevention of child abuse.



DFAC is the heart of Michigan, reaching out to all 83 counties in Michigan. Sanilac County, Michigan serves the community of 44,547; 35% whom are children. Through this headquarters we hope to rebuild lives through recovery, leadership, advocacy and empowerment, as well as assisting those in need by locating low cost housing, therapy, ongoing education, training and employment and, in so doing, will effect positive change in their lives. All of DFAC programs are free of charge to participants. By allowing our programs to be free of charge to the public it allows more people to attend, regardless of their financial state or current situation and encourages them to educate themselves and their children against abusers and pedophiles, as well as provide resources during their time of need. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

- Approved for the MI NOW Capacity Building Grant - Accepted into the National Association of Professional Women - Successfully launched our BlogTalk Radio Show--5 days/week - Keynote speaker at The Friendship Tree--Binghamton, New York - Wrote and published 4 more child abuse educational books - Nominated "Top 50" Early Childhood Blogs--Children's Rights - JP MORGAN CHASE Charity Winner - Attended The Paso Robles Film Festival - Keynote speaker at The State and Fate of Children - Nominated for the Rare Life Award - Laurie Ann Smith (DFAC Regional Director) awarded TOP Child Abuse Blog

Dreamcatchers Educational Awareness Book Series

A Child Abuse Educational Series *The Child Abuse Survivor Project *Unnecessary Roughness: Til death do us part... *Extraordinary Confessions of Child Abuse *One Step Ahead of Fate *A Story of Survival (to be released 1/1/2011) *Breaking the Silence: One girl's story of surviving teen violence *I Was A Teen Abuser: One Boy’s Struggle to Gain Self-Control

Books Are Available At: AMAZON BARNES & NOBLE


REVENUE: Contributions 2017.30 Grants 20000.00 In-Kind Donations 72.70 _______________________________ 22090.00

EXPENSES: Office Supplies 1480.94 Office Equipment 389.86 Phone/Internet 839.24 Printing 736.64 Postage 577.82 Advertising 299.43 Programs 4713.00 Fundraising 482.00 Administration 2910.00 Web Development 200.00 _______________________________ $ 12628.00 Year End Net Asset:

$ 9462.00


BOARD OF DIRECTORS: CEO & Founder: Sandra Potter Co-Founder: Philip Potter President: Donna Kshir Vice-President: Roger Larson PR & Marketing Director: Angela Roy

REGIONAL DIRECTORS: Canada Regional Director: Laurie Ann Smith Northern Regional Director: Sandra McLeish Southern Regional Director: Elizabeth Brawley Western Regional Director: Tammy Tanko Eastern Regional Director: LaQuisha Hall

VOLUNTEER DREAMCATCHERS: Amber Boyd Star S. Myers Sue Ann Evans Skip Davidson Amanda House Brenda Peck Jennifer Toothman Rebecca Westgate Susan Jeavons Lisa Marie Floch

Hannah Bias Kristin Hartway Trina Davidson Susan Dobbins Betty Carr Eileen Shea Jennifer Pelletier Robert Seaton Zofia Blaisdell Kristin Maasch Lisa Ann DeSherlia


Dreamcatchers 2010 Annual Report  

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children 2010 Annual Report/Financial Statement