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Callahan Welcome

~Welcome to the world of Dream Magazine~ Where our dynasty has begun to unwind. We have taken the average men’s magazine to a new level with some new faces & a reinvention of PrettyGirlSwagg. This issue we wanted to show love to some of the most innovative photographers, MUA’s & Stylists that the world has to offer. As promised we have featured some of the most stunning woman from all over the globe U.K to the Carribeans. Inside you will find the true definition of “Beauty”, in the sexiest lingerie fitted to every curve these Goddesses have to offer. These tantalizing vixens will have you imaging the unimaginable & leave you dreaming about our next issue. 2



DREAM CEO & Publisher Ben Callahan Brittany Callahan Photography Kosher (Femelle Studios London) Terry Lewis DWimages Desi Adorn VXN Studios CClark Fotography Make Artist/Stylist Akunna JoJo Ramona Coleman Digital Imaging Ben Callahan Executive Editor Brittany Callahan Dream (ISSN, 2157-149X) September 2010 VOL. 1 is published quarterly by Dream Enterprises. Single copy price $8.99 in both US and Canada. Submissions of photographs, illustrations, and manuscripts are considered unsolicitated materials and the publisher assumes no responsibility for the sent items. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole without written consent of the publisher is strictly prohibited.

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Tana’ Allure



Definition of a Dream Vixen AKA PrettyGirlSwag

A smart, sexy, attractive woman, who walks with her head held high and knows what she wants in life and knows how to get it. Can often be mistaken for a hot bitch, but woman with “PrettyGirlSwag” have class and are not skanks by any means. We know how to get down and yet be a lady when we’re supposed to. *Courtesy of Urban Dictionary*

Interested in becoming a Dream Vixen? See if you have what it takes to be in the upcoming issue. Please submit all info. to the email address below to include a brief bio, upload of 3 photos * 2 full body & 1 head shot* We will be in touch!! Dreament20@ Mr. & Mrs. Callahan



Model: Sonya Dyer Photographer: Kosher (Femelle Studios London) Make Up: Sonya Dyer

6 sonya



DREAMV We want to welcome a special edition Vixen coming to us from U.K., London Sonya Dyer. Thank you Sonya for this exclusive behind the scenes interview! You have many fans internationally with so many questions in so little time, so would you grant us access to channel in on your internal beauty? S: Well thank you & yes access granted ;) D: We want to start off by asking you how you got your break into the modeling industry? S: I started modeling a few years ago while I was studying at University, it wasn’t really something that I thought that I could do, let alone be good at. Since I had very low confidence, super low. A friend picked up on this and pushed me to do a shoot for my university magazine, things got a little crazy and I ended up here! I’ve met some inspirational people a long the way and I have taken in so much knowledge about the industry. My journey has been such a blessing, and I’ve grown so much. D: Well kudos to your friend for the inspiration! So of course every guy wants to know, are you single? S: I am young free sassy and single and enjoying every minute of it! D: Now, have people changed their attitude towards you since you have become a successful model? S: God has blessed me with some loyal and honest people who really accept and love me no matter what. I have gained a ton of haters but that just lets me know that I am doing something right! D: Exactly, so is there someone in the industry that inspires you? 8 sonya



DREAMV S: I have a lot of respect for Melyssa Ford, I love watching and reading her interviews. She is a highly intelligent woman, with a load of charisma, unfortunately you don’t see that a lot in this industry. D: Ok good choice very intelligent & beautiful inspiration she is. Now being in the industry I’m sure people have approached you to do several different things, but have you ever been approached to do pornography? S: I always get offered porn! I don’t know why, maybe I just have that ‘“Look”, (not a compliment) I think I need a re-vamp lol! D: LOL, while on the touchy subject of sex. Let me ask you Is there something you wouldn’t do in the bedroom? S: I’m not sure, when it comes to being intimate with someone you love I guess your boundaries can be stretched to your comfort levels! I am yet to find that person so I’m not sure where my line would be drawn. D: Enough said, well lastly what project are you the most proud of as of today? S: My first Magazine cover (CandyUK) has to be my number one proud moment. It’s still quite strange to see! At the launch party everyone was posing with it, that was a surreal moment. Now Dream Magazine, thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Callahan for this lovely opportunity & wishing you well with the future of Dream. D: Your very welcome & we would be ecstatic to invite you back anytime, & make some public appearances here in the states. Please let your fans know where they can find Ms. Sonya Dyer an international beauty! S: Great! 10 sonya




12 sonya




14 nikki

Photography: Terry Lewis Make Up: Ramona Coleman



16 nikki



DREAMV So we have Ms. Nikki Sparkz gracing the pages of Dream Magazine! If the name is not ringing a bell to some of you Ms. Sparkz is well known in the Industry for her many talents & cameo appearances in several music videos featuring some of today’s heavy hitters including Remy Ma, Jim Jones, Pharrell Williams, Daddy Yankee, and Flip Mode just to name a few. Not to mention her many movie roles as an upcoming actress. D: Welcome Nikki it’s a pleasure having the opportunity to speak with you, your fans want to get more in depth about the world of Nikki Sparkz. Would you do us the honor with an exclusive? NS: You most certainly can, let’s go......... D: Ok let’s start off by asking the question that everyone has been asking! Due to your exotic features, inquiring minds want to know your ethnicity? NS: LOL ok well I am Hispanic, Black, Irish, German, Italian, and Taino Cherokee Indian. D: Well alright that explains it all! So what do you plan to accomplish as a model? NS: Becoming a leader and teaching our kids to be more giving, and have an optimistic perspective on life. It takes hard work to get to where your going, so don’t take advantage of it! Also to live my dream of becoming a mogul in the industry by owning Real Estate, Writing books, most importantly giving back to those in need. D: What are some things you would consider trying in your journey of becoming a Mogul? NS: I would love to own a few clubs/restaurants, produce fashion shows, and also doing animated voice overs. All in all I’m known as the FEMALE DIDDY lol. D: What have you done to take the steps to accomplish that goal?

18 nikki



DREAMV NS: I’ve done several modeling gigs and fashion shows for hair such as fashion week for Milky Way Hair, Positive MoveMent, Hair Dreams, and Ed Hardy, just to name a few. I have also done several music videos for Mr. Cheeks, Rampage, Busta Rhymes, SkullGang with Juelz Santana, Pharrell and many more. A paid 10 movie deal with York Entertainment in association with Snoop Dog, ,Rza, Remy Ma ,Q -tip and several others. As of today I just got a call from Director Joshua Coates to be in his film (INIQUITY) and Paramount to be casted for a main roll in an upcoming film ( DEEP) with Eminem and Jessica Connelly so I’m sooo excited!! Being a singer I have had the opportunity to work with well know producers such as Rodney Jerkins, Shamone Styles, Roy Hamilton, Ron Browze, Kanye West, Sonaro, and soon Sean Kingston who is a very good friend of mine. Now “Dream Magazine” much love to Mr. & Mrs. Callahan, So as you can see I’m laying down my YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO STARDOM! D: What project are you the most proud of as of today? NS: I would have to say I love helping the radio station around this time of year with the children food/clothing drives & I’m on Kanye West an 88 Keys album (The Death Of Adam) that was my first Official deal that I will remember forever:) D: Your very productive I see. So beyond your business woman side, How much of a sexual being are you? NS: I can be very sexual, especially when I want something lol D : Ok on that note, How do you feel about oral sex? NS: I LOVE IT LIKE I LOVE A FULL BODY MASSAGE!!!!!! D: How good are you at oral sex? NS: I ALWAYS HEAR I’M THE BEST so in other words “NIKKI YOU THEEEEE BESTESTTTT “Courtesy of Nikki Minaj” HAHAHAHA D: Well we appreciate your time Nikki, tell your fans where they can find you? NS: EVERYWHERE LOL! NikkiSparkz: MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, ModelMayhem

20 nikki




Model: Nina Santiago Photography: DWimages Make Up: Akunna

22 20


Who is Nina Santiago? Nina Santiago was born in the enchanting island of Puerto Rico. Soon after she moved to the United States. She grew up living in many different states, but settled down in Boston, Massachusetts until the age of 19. At 19 Nina began to model but just as a favor for a friend. She discovered afterwards that she could actually pursue modeling as a career, and so she did. She has been published in many publications and various music videos. Although modeling is a part time job for her, she puts in substantial work making her the successful Phenom she is today!

DREAM 21 23


We have the infamous Nina Santiago blessing “Dream” with her feature. For those of you who have yet to be formerly introduced here is your chance! Wow, what a woman! Well would you allow us to get a bit more in detail about Nina? N: Sure, why not! D: So we see that modeling is only part time for you, what occupies you full time? N: Well it surprises people when I tell them that I am not only just a pretty face, but I am currently a full time student at The Art Institute pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Photography. D: Ok, that’s great so why the interest in photography? N: Well I have always been interested in stepping on the other side of the camera to capture the beauty of others. Photography is a passion of mine and my creative ideas are always being explored. D: We have seen you featured in several publications meaning you have had the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers in the industry. Who would you say has been one of your favorite thus far? N: Shout out to Patrick Adams from 2 Starz Studio, he is amazing. Let’s not forget my favorite makeup artist Sheika Daley, she definitely comes highly recommended!

24 santiago



DREAMV D: So what is the biggest misconception people have of Nina Santiago? N: Many think pretty girls have bad attitudes but the truth is I’m a major goof ball. D: We like a beauty with a sense of humor, how would you describe yourself in 3 words? N: Super* Dominating* Diva!!!!!!!! D: Now that’s a personality to look out for! Now with so much talent & beauty out there, what sets you apart from other models in the industry? N: I keep my legs closed, my work is only business never personal. D: Can’t argue with that! Well let’s get personal. What about a man or woman turns you on? N: I love when my partner is fresh out of a shower. That is so sexy D: What would be your ultimate Unfulfilled fantasy? N: I would love to have sex with a stranger. D: If you could have a one night stand with a female celebrity who would it be & Why? N: Janet Jackson. She is so much of everything. She seems very humble. D: Interesting! Lastly to keep your fans in awe, when in the bedroom are you the one in charge or do you prefer to be dominated? N: I take it both ways. But I like to dominate. 26 24 santiago




Well it has been a pleasure meeting you Nina, I’m certain your following just got larger so let your fans know where they can stay updated on appearances & features..... The pleasure was all mine, shout out to Dream Mag. Thanks a million Mr. & Mrs. Callahan! Follow me on my website: XOXOXOXO

28 santiago

29 27



Model: Tana Allure Photography: Desi Adorn Make Up: JoJo DREAM2931

DREAMV Who is Tana’ Allure? Tana’ is my name.....Charismatic, outgoing, and always full of energy! I’m 23yrs young, most might know me as Tana Xotica but I have evolved into Tana’ Allure. The name change suites me better and was for the better of my career. I love to work out and I’m very health conscious. I’ve been modeling almost a year now and have become more serious in the industry within the last couple of months. Very happy to be a part of it and most importantly glad of the team behind me supporting me through it all the way. Special shout out to my manager Desi Adorn! D: So let’s welcome Tana’ Allure, we love the name change! Would you give us the opportunity to properly introduce Tana’ Allure to the world? T: Most definitely! D: So I’m sure you get a lot of attention daily, but what would a guy or girl have to do to get your attention? T: To get my attention you would have to be extremely creative without trying so hard. It has to be in a way where you genuinely want to get to know me because trust me, I can tell pretty fast what your intentions really are off bat. D: Ok with that being said, What is the most creative thing a guy has said or done to approach you? T: Sadly enough, there hasn’t been anything that has stood out that much for me to remember. Dudes nowadays have NO game but at the same time I’m not easily impressed by the things most females are easily attracted to like bling, rims, cars, etc. blah blah blah, I can get that myself! D: LOL so speaking of attraction, what body part of yours attracts most? 32 30tana


33 DREAM31


T: Because I have a Very curvy body, its hard to not be noticed even in baggy clothes so I would have to say my hips and booty. D: Booty is a man’s fantasy, What is your ultimate fantasy you have yet to fulfill? T: Imagine a secluded pathway on a beautiful and enchanting tropical island like Aruba and being pushed up against a tree then having hot steamy . . . . well, you know the rest ;) I drew you into my fantasy didn’t I? lol D: So Inquiring minds what to know do you have a special sexual skill or talent? T: For all those inquiring minds, I would only say that I’m Very open to new things D: Open minded huh? So if the opportunity presented itself what Female celebrity would you love to have a one night stand with & why? T: One night stand with a female. . . .Funny one. Christina Millian is extremely gorgeous! D: Let’s think fast! Sleep or Sex? T: This is a really tough one to answer, but Come on now, definitely sex. lol, You can always sleep for hours and wake up for some action and go back to bed. ;) It’s that simple D: Awesome job Tana’ what a pleasure it was to work with you! Is there anything you want to say to your fans and supporters? T: Definitely do, I am extremely grateful and appreciative of them all. They push me to continue and help give me the drive to come harder with more creativity with my work. Special Thanks to Dream Magazine for giving me this opportunity, much love to Mr. & Mrs. Callahan!! Thanks to you all & keep a look out for Tana’ Allure coming to a city near you!!!! 34 tana




36 30tana


37 DREAM 31



Model: Cori Be Photography: VXN Studios

Introducing Cori Be.........

I am an aspiring model, stylist, event planner, and entrepreneur. With an interest in jewelry, fashion, horseback riding and community work. I was born in Texas and raised outside of Philly, PA, with native German roots, I consider myself to have a diversified background. I started an interest in modeling at 15yrs old and redeveloped the interest again as an adult in 2010. I have learned and had the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of this industry in spring “09� from working with Big Gates records, JAJ Media, Bonitamor models, and recently with VXNStudios. Now Dream Magazine, Special Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Callahan! They all have given me the insight and a growing interest to pursue my modeling dreams and ambitions head on. I have already worked with numerous photographers and been featured in several online sites and magazines. Although I am only 4’11, it does not stop me from getting to the top inch by inch. I plan on finishing school in Event Management and to continue to grow and gain experience in the modeling field. I also look forward to working with a variety of wonderful individuals, which thus far, have been. Booking Inquiries/Fans? 39 DREAM33


40 cori




42 cori


44 mallissa


Model: Mallissa Photography: CClark Fotography


46 mallissa



Hometown: Orlando,FL Measurements: 34C-26-39 Sign: Libra Introducing Mallissa....... Ms. Mallissa Faustin was born on the Caribbean Island of Haiti. She moved to the United States at the tender age of 6. She’s lived in New York and is currently residing in Florida. Mallissa went on to pursue a career in modeling /acting in 2008. Since then she has been featured as a model on numerous websites along with a few print Magazines (look for her in the upcoming NFL issue of STUNNAZ Magazine 2010). She’s also had major roles in two films and is currently working on her third movie titled “Zanmi the movie” which is scheduled to be released on DVD Thanksgiving Day 2010. Mallissa is also scheduled to play in a new National sitcome titled “ReaLove” which will be premiering on cable television early 2011. In her sparetime she enjoys singing, dancing, reading, writing poetry,and spending time with family and friends. Mallissa not only has the looks and intelligence to become a successful model/actress but is also very ambitious and not to mention her high level of discipline which it takes to make it to the top. Hard work and dedication comes second nature to her, with all of Mallissa’s great qualities and her down to earth personality it’s hard not to fall in love with this Caribbean beauty. Special Thank You to Mr. & Mrs. Callahan “Dream Magazine”for the opportunity!!! 48 mallissa



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