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The DREAM Program, Inc. P.O. Box 361 Winooski, VT 05404 (802) 338-8979 tel

Elm Street DREAM Monthly Snapshot March and April 2012 Program Happenings and Highlights Elm Street DREAM held their annual Spring Thing fundraiser, with great success! The event included a BBQ, hula hoop making, a deejay and dancing, and more! To help raise money for the party, mentors also spent some time ‘dorm storming,’ going from dorm to dorm asking for spare change. Elm Street DREAM teens attended a ‘Career Day’ planned by mentors. Folks from various careers came to campus to present on their career and answer questions from teens. Around 15 professionals from a variety of careers, from the military to farming to lobbying to firefighting, presented to the teens. The DREAM office put on our annual Teen Retreat, inviting teens from all Vermont DREAM Programs to the King Street Youth Center for a weekend of educational workshops, and, of course, plenty of fun! Teens attended workshops on appropriate use of social media, financial responsibility, and leadership styles. Additionally, a DREAM teen worked with an office staffer to help lead a fun and interactive workshop on finding your passion!

Participants Mentees Total: 36 Females: 21 Males: 17

Mentors Total: 52 Females: 41 Males: 11

Weekly Programming with Children DREAMers spent one Friday at Champlain Lanes bowling. To celebrate the advent of spring, mentors and mentees spent a Friday in March having a BBQ at Oakledge Park! One Friday was spent doing a scavenger hunt throughout the whole UVM campus, ending with a VERY energetic dance party in a lecture hall. Good think there weren’t any professors there trying to teach! An Elm Street DREAM mentor alum, Frieda Arehnos, gave a lively and interactive presentation to the DREAMers on the culture of Cameroon.

The DREAM Program, Inc. P.O. Box 361 Winooski, VT 05404 (802) 338-8979 tel

During the teen Career Day, younger mentee’s went to the BCA in downtown Burlington, doing art projects with the BCA staff. One Friday was spent with some quality one on one time! Thank you for your ongoing support of DREAM. If you would like additional or more detailed information, please contact me by email or by phone. DREAM big, Sarah Caliendo Program Empowerment Director 802.338.8979

The DREAM Program, Elm Street, March-April, 2012  

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