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A Letter from our Chairwoman… On behalf of The DREAM Program, Inc. (DREAM) I have the honor of welcoming you to our 2002 year in review. Throughout my time with DREAM, I have seen the program expand from a handful of Dartmouth students to a statewide non-profit. In particular, its growth in this past year has been remarkable. As a property manager working on site, I have personally witnessed the positive effects that DREAM’s one on one mentoring has had on the 70+ children who reside at the Templeton Court Apartments. Most of these children have been paired with a DREAM mentor for four or more years. The love, affection and positive role modeling from mentor to child has given these children the ability to realize their individual dreams, and has helped the children make better life choices on a day to day basis. DREAM has profoundly affected the college students in the program as well, providing them with endless opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. The children’s parents have also been affected. In fact, the entire community has been impacted by DREAM’s spirit. The DREAM Program, Inc. is growing in exciting ways. DREAM has five full-time staff members, three local programs up and running, plans for two of its programs to undertake 16-day adventure trips in the coming summer, and it will be expanding to three new sites in 2003. Whether you are new to DREAM or an experienced DREAMer, I think you will find it to be a revolutionary and inspirational organization: one that continually pushes itself, always improving its values, philosophies, and actions; one that has already positively changed the lives of hundreds of students, children, and other community members; and one that is reshaping the landscape of poverty in New England. Dream,

Debbie Violette Chair, Board of Directors


The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!