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Central Office Fundraising 2002

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December Fundraising Campaign DREAM ran its first annual fundraising campaign during the month of December. Because of a generous donation of $10,000 to be used as a matching grant for any donations received between December 1 and 31st, DREAM was able to raise almost double what we might have raised otherwise. Brooke headed up the campaign, despite arriving a week before it began, and Jesse Foote handled the Alumni side of things, composing an alumni-specific letter. Brooke, with Jon’s help, gathered names of family and friends from current DREAM mentors, alumni and the staff and sent a letter to each, describing in some detail what the Central Office does, and how it starts and supports local DREAM programs.

Total Amount Raised, Dec 2002: Individual donors: $14, 115 Plus Matching Grant $10,000 Total: $ 24, 115 Alumni fund:


DREAM’s great success has created the potential for many opportunities. Very few non-profit organizations have such a generous and dedicated alumni organization and its existence encourages foundations to invest in DREAM because there are many other viable sources of income. Also encouraging is that every year there will be more Alumni, as mentors graduate and local programs come into being. The dedication of alumni and their friends and family is testament to the inspiring and life-changing work in which DREAM’s volunteers take part. For a complete list of donors, please see the inside front cover...Thank you!

Grants Secured for 2003 DREAM’s Summer Intern, Aaron Gaines UVM ’03, worked with Jon Potter to develop funding sources through grant writing. As a new grant writer, Aaron began by creating a database of private foundations that serve children in Vermont. He organized the database according to the compatibility of the foundations to DREAM. Variables such as the goals of the foundations, grants given in the past, the geographic area served, and limitations placed on grants all served as guides during his research. The production of this database proved to be a critical factor in the success of our grant writing efforts. Aaron completed three grant proposals during the summer. The first proposal, to The Windham Foundation of Grafton, Vermont, was turned down. The second, to The Donley Foundation in Philadelphia, was successful, resulting in a $10,000 grant for operating expenses. His third grant, a $13,000 proposal for DREAM’s High Adventure program, was funded by the Salmon Foundation of New York City. These grants will help to create many opportunities for DREAM. Additionally, the lessons we learned through the application process will be invaluable as DREAM continues to develop and diversify our funding base throughout 2003.


The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!