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Central Office Teacher Interviews Teacher Interviews: Mr. Ashley, the Principle of the White River Elementary School, helped us arrange interviews with teachers of the children from the TempletonDartmouth DREAM program, which ended up being a very worthwhile endeavor. We sat with the teachers of each of the children we had permission to talk about. Most teachers seemed very enthusiastic about DREAM and about what the mentors are doing with the children. Some common themes that came up in the interviews were that DREAM gives the kids more to talk about with other kids, more to share, and more to write about in class assignments. Most teachers did not know the specifics about how DREAM functions, but had heard about the big trips. Teachers seemed very interested in utilizing the mentors as a resource.

Section 3 Thank you to Chip Keinath Chip’s expertise in drug and alcohol issues has long been a resource for DREAM. When DREAM began to look at growing beyond its orignal program, Chip was an obvious ally. His enthusiasm for the program has been wonderful, as has his support through connecting DREAM with a variety of networks and conferences. Thank you Chip!

We were impressed with teachers’ depth of understanding of the DREAM program. We believe this example of the presence of DREAM in the children’s thoughts and interactions is a tribute to the program’s vital and supportive role in the children’s lives.

Teacher Comments from Interviews… Teachers of some of the Templeton DREAM children had wonderful things to say about DREAM, including... [I] hear about it (DREAM) all the time. If it’s Friday, they talk about it, they love it, they’re very excited about DREAM.” They’re very excited, they’re thrilled, they love to do it…and I know it’s dependable. There are other things they’re involved in that aren’t (dependable), and this is. They know it’s Friday. DREAM gives them more positive things to share and kind of expands their horizons ... I think it’s raising their self-esteem, helping them with social skills, giving them positive role models… I think it’s been a wonderful experience for these kids. They don’t get to go on trips, hiking [outside of DREAM]…even to have another person in their lives who’s a role model. It’s been great for homework support. I did see an increase in them getting homework done. For Michael, it’s developed a lot of self-confidence. Now he has something to share during sharing time. I think they get a sense of the value for school. Especially Mike, I think he’s become a better student.


The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!