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Thank you to Richard Williams

Thank you to Susan Kuegel

Richard Williams has been a great supporter of DREAM since the beginning. His support has come even more to the fore since the inception of The DREAM Program, Inc. The Vermont State Housing Authority, and Richard personally, took the young nonprofit under its wing and created a wide range of networking opportunities for its founders. Richard spoke many times on DREAM’s behalf to a variety of audiences in Vermont’s public housing arena and beyond. Additionally, Richard went out of his way to secure $10,000 in seed money from VSHA’s board to support DREAM’s organizational start-up. DREAM has also had the in-kind support of VSHA in the form of office space and utilities at the community apartment at Templeton. Richard has quietly and consistently played an integral role in DREAM’s success. Thank you Richard!

For years, Susan has been the go-to woman for DREAM within the Montpelier office of the Vermont State Housing Authority. She has helped the Templeton DREAM program with countless grants for trips and activities—primarily through her role as the coordinator of Templeton’s Drug Elimination Grant. In 2002, Susan also helped to direct more than $14,000 from the Drug Elimination Grant to support The DREAM Program’s start-up. She has also steadily provided support in other ways, such as forwarding relevant grant opportunities to DREAM when they come across her desk and coordinating a brief QuickBooks tutorial when DREAM was first getting its accounting systems underway. Thank you Susan!

Thank you to Debbie Violette Debbie Violette has been instrumental in the DREAM program at Templeton. Most mentors aren’t even aware of what she has done for the program, but her behind the scenes contributions have been enormous. Her work at Templeton has extended far beyond her job description as property manager, and all of the residents there can speak to how much her presence has meant to the community. She has served as a mentor and role model for many of the Dartmouth students in the program and has been an invaluable bridge between mentors and families in the program. When DREAM began to assemble its board of directors, she was an obvious choice to sit on the board. She currently sits as Board President. In the coming months, Debbie is leaving her position at VSHA, and her presence at Templeton will be sorely missed. Her impact on DREAM will continue on, as will her impact on children and families throughout Vermont.


The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!