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Local Programs Alumni Organization From Devon Green ‘02—I'm living outside of Boston and working in a Greek restaurant. My life is like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and then some. I'm also volunteering at the Legal Advocacy Resource Center in Boston, and I'm training for a marathon that will raise money for the American Stroke Association (it’s this May, in Burlington!). Most of the time, I'm just taking it easy and enjoying things. Hopefully, I will be going to law school (someplace warm) or teaching in the fall so I can start working for or with children instead of big fat Greeks (note: if you're Greek, I was just kidding). I thought a lot about DREAM while doing my law school essay (probably because DREAM was the main topic of my essay!). DREAM was one of the essential parts of my college experience, and I'm amazed at how it continues to shape my thinking today.

From Leah Threatte ‘01—I'm in my second year at Columbia Law School, and I'm enjoying it. Though you don't really pick a 'major' I've been doing a lot of coursework in Civil Rights and race/gender issues. On Fridays I work as a volunteer for the Legal Aid Society Education Advocacy Project- I carry a caseload of children in foster care and advocate for them to get the special education services they are guaranteed by law. I really miss teen DREAM and had a great time meeting up with Extreme DREAM when they came down to New York last spring. You'd be amazed at how many common concerns I've seen between the urban kids I work with now and the DREAM kids. For me, I think DREAM taught me that for my own happiness, no matter what I do with this law degree, I always want to be working with young people in some way.

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Nahoko Kawakyu ‘99 and Kathryn Ross ‘95, were the first two AmeriCorps members to work with Templeton. Kathryn worked with Mike Foote and Judy Huang ‘01s to start the original DREAM.

At the last minute, Shuja Khan ‘02 passed his swim test and managed to join the 2002 class on the stage last June. This requirement turned out to come in handy for the Queens native later in the month, when he found himself underneath a river raft in Montana during his first ever trip out west. In July, Shuja and fellow 02 Dreamer Juan Vasquez moved into an apartment in Queens, bought nice clothes, and began their new jobs as software programmers for a Manhattan investment firm. Now, feeling that he has conquered Wall Street and at least a good chunk of his student loans, Shuja is closing in on a job teaching at a private school in San Francisco for next year, and hopes to get his masters in education and public teaching credentials the year after. 25

The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!