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Section 2 They Just Won’t Leave! The DREAM Alumni Organization Arrives... From KeepDREAMing, Fall 2002 by Jesse Foote Dartmouth ‘01

You didn’t really think that a couple silly graduations would rid DREAM of the 01s and 02s, did you? NO WAY! Though almost everyone except for me has left the Hanover area, I can confidently say that a huge number of us alums still want to stay involved with DREAM. We want to keep in touch with our former partners and their families; we want to keep in touch with the current DREAMers; and we want to keep in touch with each other. We think there are still lots of ways we can help DREAM, so it was just a matter of time until we formed… THE DREAM ALUMNI ORGANIZATION That’s right – it’s up an’ runnin’. We’ve got officers, we’ve had a reunion, and now we even have money! Our reunion during Homecoming was small but a lot of fun, complete with a BBQ at Templeton, a planning meeting, and a social gathering on Saturday night. Our first fundraiser ever was a big success – DREAM alums alone raised $3,400, and the DREAM Inc network (which includes a lot of our parents and friends) raised over $23,000. Now we’re working on next steps and we have a lot of good ideas. We’re looking into ways of keeping track of the kids that move away from Templeton, and

Three days after graduation, Sarah Siegel ’02 got on a plane to begin training for Teach for America. After a long hot summer "practicing" her teaching at an elementary school in Houston, TX, Sarah proceeded to her very own eighth grade English classroom at West Fulton Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia. Anyone who ever drove up to Templeton in Sarah's car knows what it is like to feel welcome, and now you could have a pretty similar experience in some of the developments where her new kids live. In October she had only left school alone in her car once, and now she has made her after-school involvement official by becoming a soccer coach. 24

how to keep alums in contact with all of them. We think it’d be great to spend some money to help the kids do some traveling, either by funding trips for kids to visit their former partners or by funding a culminating experience. With alums in cities all over the country (and world) we figure that wherever DREAM goes, we’ll have people there who can help them out with places to stay and planning details. Lauren Emerson is collecting information on where DREAM alums have worked, so we can help current students with internships and jobs when they graduate, and also so we can help out the kids with jobs/internships when they start getting to be that age (how crazy will that be!). Drew Sheriff is our treasurer, and he’s also working for an investment company that specializes in nonprofits, so he’s going to help us invest our cash. We’d like to set up a fund that DREAM can apply to when they want to do something special or when they get in a crunch. So the sky is the limit! I know this alumni org has a lot of potential to do some great stuff. If you’ve got any ideas, please send ‘em my way! At the end of this year, we’ll be inducting the ‘03s into our ranks, and also the first class of UVM DREAM alums. We’re gonna keep on growing, in numbers and in the spectacularness of the stuff we do, so heads up!

From Andrew Trief ‘01—I'm here in Chicago working for Quaker Foods and Beverages in brand management. I love my job, work with great people, and get to travel a fair amount which keeps me busy. I'm playing a lot of racquet sports and just enjoying myself as much as possible. DREAM was an awesome experience for me. I made some great friendships with Dartmouth kids that I never would have met otherwise, and mentored an amazing kid as well. I have a 5x 7 of me, Juan, Mike Foote, and (my partner) Wayne grinning like school-kids in front of President Bush last year. I see it everyday and it brings back fantastic memories.

The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!