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High Adventure 2002 Section 2 Planning for the High Adventure From KeepDREAMing, Spring 2002 by Betsy Hart D’05

Plans for the trip to Colorado this summer are well underway! Liza Cowan has been diligently planning an itinerary for an amazing experience and the excitement can be felt among the kids as well as the mentors. In order for the kids to earn this DREAM trip to Colorado, the kids and mentors have been working mainly on fundraising. In order to kick-off fundraising, the group elected two treasurers. Tashia was elected to represent the kids going over 11 while Nedra was elected to represent the 10 and 11 year olds. Jesse Foote serves as the treasurer advisor. The kids are responsible for accumulating a certain number of points by fundraising. All are responsible for selling DREAM greeting cards and t-shirts in order to raise the required 300 points. In addition to kids selling door to door, Zach Berke organized a chili-cook off at which kids were responsible for helping set up and sell tickets. Everyone enjoyed listening to great bands and sampling the delicious and not-so delicious chili. Thanks to all for making the cook-off such a huge success! Community service is another component for DREAMers to earn a trip to Colorado. Erica Mintzer has been taking kids to the Brookside Nursing home to help them earn their ten hours of community service. In addition, kids have been working on their own by reading to younger children, helping out around Templeton and many other projects.

Colorado and Utah: DREAM Style! From KeepDREAMing, Summer 2002 by Erica Mintzer, D’02 and Nedra Keenan, Age 12

Ten kids and eight mentors from DREAM wandered through Colorado and Utah for two weeks in June and July. We did a lot of fundraising before we left in order to raise $300 per kid. Our hard work paid off because we had an amazing trip. Within the first five days we went white water rafting on the Arkansas River. We were guided by kids from inner-city Denver in a program called CityWild. Some kids ended up flipping over in the river but everyone was fine and we all had a great time. We spent many nights camping out but we think everybody’s favorite campsite was at Arches National Park because it had an amazing view of the sunset. The arches made out of sandstone were beautiful and right near our campsite. At Arches it was really hot and we could see forest fires in the distance. Another highlight of the trip was horseback riding. Some people were nervous because we each had our own horse and it was the first time for many of us. We rode up to a mountain ridge with a spectacular view. On the way back down though it was scary. We all made it back with smiles on our faces. We had three community service projects during the trip. Our favorite was hanging out with kids from the Southern Colorado AIDS Project (S-CAP). We learned what it means to be HIV positive and we made new friends. The last thing we did before heading home was go to a Colorado Rapids soccer game. We celebrated the fourth of July with fireworks after the Colorado Rapids won. That was the best thing we did the entire trip (at least we think so). THANK YOU! To the following for making High Adventure 2002 a resounding success!! St. Thomas Church; St. Barnabas Church; Gnoman Copies; Rhea Powell, Marisa Jupiter, Luisa Capasso; Elitch Gardens (Kathy); Acclaim Car Rental ; Game/Fireworks—Linda Kaboth; Rocky Mountain YMCA-Snow Mountain Ranch; Headwaters Trails Alliance (Lauren); Glenwood Caves High Mountain Institute; CityWILD; Community Church (Moab, Utah); Canyonlands Field Institute (John, Brock); Fiery Furnace Ranger Over the Hill Outfitters; Meg Stern; The Hart Family; S-CAP (DawnAnn); All Souls Unitarian Church Members of the 2002 High Adventure: Mentors: Jesse Foote, Laura Burt, Betsy Hart, Nicole Lobkowicz, Greg Hill, Erica Mintzer, Lu Neuse-Braunlich, Beth Huston Children: Chris Hicks, Nikki Salls, Dakota Salls, Terra Hadcock, Casey Hadcock, Barbara Dionne, Tina Dionne, Caitlin Day, Nedra Keenan, Alan Dunn 20

The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!