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Co-Chairs 2002 Summer 2002—Brad Bate ‘04, Ben Mustin ‘04 Fall 2002—Brad Bate ‘04, Ben Mustin ‘04

Dartmouth DREAM 2: Armory Square KeepDREAMing Article Summer 2002 by Ben Mustin D‘04

The first functional term of the DREAM program at Armory Square was an astounding success. Organized and run entirely by members of the 2004 sophomore class, the program grew to include almost all of the Armory Square kids between the ages of 5 and 14. Although the drive from Hanover to Windsor, VT was a 50 minute round trip undertaking, the positive attitude and un-jaded enthusiasm of the participating kids made the experience worthwhile. Driving was the issue with which we struggled the most – discipline and enthusiasm problems were essentially nonexistent, much to the credit of the Armory Square v o l u n t e e r coordinator Alicia and the motivated parents. The concept of a fresh start fired up everyone involved, and, while we dealt with some i n i t i a l communication issues (between the organizers and mentors, mentors and parents and so on), the vast majority of the kinks got worked out. We started the term with a mentor-family barbeque at Armory Square. This gave new mentors and parents a chance to meet each other and understand the nature of their different communities. Along with regular Friday happenings, we were also able to arrange three other major activities. The first, a trip to the Montshire Science Museum in Norwich was sponsored by the museum entirely and proved a major success. The bubble blowing and animal exhibits were notable highlights.

In order to raise money for our culminating trip to Six Flags, we also arranged a car wash and bake sale on the lawn of a sponsoring fraternity. Organized by the mentors and the DREAM luminary Kristina Hoglund and run by the mentors and kids, the event was successful, fun, and if it had been two hours longer, might have earned a hefty contribution to the cause. As it was, time constraints limited the events fiscal success. Regardless, the kids had a great time, got to work towards their trip to Six Flags, and the event also allowed us to generate interest among some community and faculty members who might help us out. The Six Flags trip was mostly organized by Melissa Sheiko and David Anderson and was a stunning success. Everyone had fun and no one got lost, which was above and beyond what we might have asked for. Next term we’ll be trying to work out a more efficient transportation system between Dartmouth and Armory Square, possible with the parents or administrators at Armory Square adopting responsibility for one direction. We will also hopefully be working with the Templeton DREAM coordinators to decide on and possibly arrange some sort of interaction between the programs. This summer the two programs remained very separated. We are not yet sure whether or not we will change this policy, but it seems likely that we will be looking to share some activities with the Templeton program. All in all, a great start to another great program. 17

The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!